Flowers of Life

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Warning: The first chapter is Fem!EdxRoy! Sorry if this story a bit weird. ^^;;;; Every chapter also has different setting and timeline.

Chapter 01: White Rose's Purity

In one grace morning, at the church in Central, Amestris.


She is.


She can feel it.


She almost can't believe it.

She's already waiting for this day, and her wish became reality. Now she's stand in here, looking at the mirror, admiring her appearance. She's wearing beautiful and elegant white dress. Covering her automail and now two normal legs. Yep, she regained her leg and Alphonse body back. Shame her automail still same, yet she's glad she's made it. And the good news is not only that.

Today is the biggest day not only for Edeline Elric, but also for his little brother, Alphonse Elric, who now regain his body, along with Winry Rockbell, Aunt Pinako, and everyone else who know her.

This is her most important day with the one she's love, after all.

She's a bad lying if she's not nervous and giddy. But she can't refuse in the fact she's also very happy.

A soft knock echoed from outside, snapping her. "Come in." she answered. The door opened, revealing two girls whose Ed quickly recognized.

"Good morning." greeted one from them shyly, followed by her company. "Good morning, Edeline."

Ed facing them, she's can't hide her surprise. "Seed! Irks!" Ed called when they approached her. "It's been a while! How are you?" she asked as she managed to hug each girl, which they returned.

"We're fine. Thank you." Seed answered. "We just arrived in Central this early morning. Glad we still have time to bath and eat."

"You are? Wow, it's must be tired. How about you're doing in Resembool? Is there any difficult?"

She's watching Seed bright green hair swinging each time she shook her head.

Wait. Green hair? Yep, Seed and Irks are not ordinary teenagers. They were known as 'Advent Children'. Ed and the others had just told by them not long ago. About what are they, Ed not really knows that far. Judging from their story, they're the children who can go through dimension and have some amazing abilities. Apparently, they came from alter dimension to do a job, almost half a year ago. What kind of job, they never told her specifically. But from what Ed see, it's always insane and difficult job, at least odd.

Seed is 17 years old, normal height, creamy skin, bright green eyes, and same color hair that reach her shoulders.

Irks is also 17 years old, a bit short for her age, light tan skin, dark brown eyes and low tailed, although bit messy, hair below her shoulders. Both of them are wearing their formal uniform school. Their white collar shirts are covering by deep indigo necktie and white blazer. Their plaid skirt almost reach knee with mixture deep indigo and sky blue above white. Their black shoes are matching the under knee white socks.

"You're beautiful in those uniforms." Ed praised.

Seed look embarrassed, while Irks scratching her nose. "We aren't. We only have these clothes for formal event. You're the one who looks beautiful, Edeline."

Ed chuckled. "Thank you, Seed." she then moved a bit, giving a room for the girls. "Let's sit. I bet you tired from rode train too long."

"Ergh..." Irks stole a glance to Seed, who stare back with little doubt. Irks letting out deep breath and nod slowly. She can't deny she's really tired after rode that damned thing for night. Not after what they did while they're in train.


The three of them then sit on table. They're sitting not far from Edeline.

"You're earlier than I expected." Ed said.

"Thanks to Bayu, we managed to arrive here earlier." Seed replied. "He's playing along with Elycia, Al and Winry, I guess."

"Yes, thanks to him, or we'll distinguish because the job that 'Your Majesty' gave." Irks said bitterly.

Ed confused. But she knows what Irks mean. "Did Kixhe offer something odd to you again?"

Irks twitched. "He was."

Ed resists the urge to laugh as Irks showing sour face. Kixheiopha, usually called Kixhe, is Seed and Irks superiors, while Bayu is their friend. They're also 'Advent Children', came from same dimension as the girls. She has met those two; she even saw the 'cruelness' of Kixhe with her own eyes. Well, not cruelness in fact. Ed can't really explain it. Only, she had to admit that he's far bossier and dominate than Roy.

"What did he do this time?" Ed interested. The teenagers looked at each other. Seed turned to Ed and answered, "He made us to search something while we rode train from Resembool."

Edeline is nodding thoughtful. "And that was?" Ed asked. Irks went frowned for few seconds.

"You don't want to know." Irks fast replied. She threat Ed who gave her a Cheshire cat smile, in low voice. "Don't you dare to laugh, Lieutenant Colonel Edeline Elric. Please change the topic or I'll be doomed til Last Day."

Ed tried hard not to laugh at her. In her mind, Ed a bit disappointed, but she does understand their feeling so she changes the subject. "Glad both of you comes today. I don't want to miss my little friends when event like this was held. Thank you for coming here." Ed thanked them.

Irks waved her hand. "No problem, Ed. We're really happy to come here and see you in beautiful dress." Irks told her. "I almost thought you couldn't make it, back there few weeks ago."

"Well, I already guess you'll do it. I never think it will be this soon, however." Seed claimed. "You're already 20 years old since few months ago. And not for long, you got a confession from him. You're so lucky, Edeline."

"I don't know I must happy or not, because you're love the biggest womanizer in Central, aka Brigadier General Roy Mustang." Irks letting out deep breath. This made Seed elbowed Irks guts.

"That's not nice, Irks," advice Seed, "Even he's –cough- a womanizer, he's still has a right to love Edeline. He's now Lieutenant General and this is their biggest day, the reason we come here."

"Sorry." Irks apologize. "AHA! Speaking of reason," Irks suddenly speak loudly, startled both Ed and Seed. "We also come to see him. Where's that lucky guy, huh?"

"She's right," Seed turned around. "Where's Mr. Mustang? Isn't he going to meet you?"

"He is. I think he'll be in here a moment once he's done."

Seed is puzzled. "Done? I thought he's finished his clothes already. I just gave him something in his room, before I go to yours."

"He's done already, but he has thing to talk to Mrs. Hughes. I wonder what it is."

"Talk to…Mrs. Hughes? Don't tell me he's very nervous right now and ask some advice to her." Irks guess and got 'Hush!' from Seed.

"No, I'm not nervous, Irks. And no, I just talk a bit to her." A deep yet amused voice breaking their chat. They stare at the door, to see Roy figure in black tie aka tuxedo.

Ed's smile widely as she spotted him. "Hi, Roy…"

"A…! Mr. Mustang, hello!" Seed stood and greeted him.

He smirks and touched her head, "Hello there, Seed. It seems you're fine." Roy then glances to Irks.

"And it seems you're still short as dwarf, Irks."

"Stop calling me dwarf, Roy Mustang. I have taller 2 cm." Irks respond, follow by warning tone. Roy chuckled and his hand now ruffled her hair. "HEY! Don't mess my hair! Ijime*! Ijime!" she yelled and tries to get away from him. Roy responded by laughing.

"You two look healthier than I guess." Roy said, he's let go Irks. "I've heard from Bayu. It's hard to do an odd job, isn't it?"

"You don't have idea." Irks answered. "Kixhe is far more cruel and hard than you in few matters."

"He's nice actually. People just not use to face him." Seed defending.

Irks nodded. "He is. Too bad he's quiet and didn't open his mind to everyone."

"Roy." Edeline approached him. "Edeline." Roy faces her, smiling. "You look beautiful in that dress." he said with soft voice. Blush appears on her cheeks. "Thank you. You too..." she answered slowly.

Seed and Irks grinning. They're like to seeing this two, as they look adorable. But both of girls knew they must leave the couple alone, for now.

"Excuse Ed, but I think we should meet Al and Winry. We haven't talk to them." Seed excuse.

"Already?" Ed a bit frowned.

"Why you not stay a little longer?" asked Roy.

"Wish we can. We remembered something and we want to say hi. It'll be rude if we not greet Al and Winry, right, Seed?" explained Irks. Seed nodding.

"See you later, Ed, Mr. Mustang. We'll talk again later." Seed gave her goodbye. "Let's go, Irks."

"'kay." Irks waved to Roy, an evil grin plastered across her face. "Bye, Ed. Bye, General Horse. See you." She then laughing and quickly shoved the surprise Seed out from room.

Roy is frozen as he heard this tease.

Ed snickered, amused. It's the way Irks teasing Roy. She was told by Irks, Mustang is a name of wild horse from one of a country back in their world, while the name of Roy –again, according Irks- has meaning 'King'. In others words, if his name is translated, his name will means 'King of Wild Horse'. At their first meeting, Irks laughing hysterically as Roy introduced himself and tease him with that nickname. Since Roy is a Lieutenant General, she then teases him 'General Horse', until now.

After they disappeared, Roy, who still frozen then turned his head to Ed. "How can she's mostly call me like that, while she call the others with normal name?"

Ed burst into laughing and held her stomach. Roy only stared to her, annoyed. "Because you're always call her dwarf. She didn't like it." she said between her laugh.

It's true. Irks height is 'only' 154 cm when she's already 17 (As comparison, Seed is 158 cm). Shorter than any kids in her age. Even she said she's short cause by lineage, Roy found tease her height is funnier than tease Ed, who has become taller than before, finally. The result? Roy nicknames her as 'Dwarf'.

"Because she's funny, Ed. Especially when she yells 'Ijime' over and over again." he coughed and changes the subject. "Now, because I'm already in here, there's something I need to give for you. You mustn't forget it, Edeline."

Ed looked curious. "And that is?"

Her question replied immediately as he shows a wedding bouquet to Ed. Roy smile meaningful.


Ed frowned.

She didn't realize his right hand until he shoved the bouquet. He's hiding it since he entered her room. She's look at the bouquet, then to Roy, then back to the bouquet. No, don't think wrong. She's really fine with the bouquet. There's one thing intrigued her however, and that was…

"White rose?" Ed asked to Roy, who still holding the bouquet. "I thought you'll bring me the red one."

Roy smiled meaningful. "I was, Ed." he answered. "But Seed told me that white rose is better. And Gracia agreed when I asked her opinion."

This made Ed slightly confuse. "Is that you talked with Mrs. Hughes? Why?"

Roy's smile went wide. "It's secret." Ed gave him a quizzically stare.

"Why white rose?"

His eyes gleamed. "I don't know. Maybe because it's reminds me of your naivety?"

"….You being asshole again, aren't you?"

"At least I'm not extreme as Kixheiopha."

"Still traumatized because he's beaten you like a crap, last time?" Ed smirks. Her smirks widened as his face change completely.

"Don't remind me, Ed. Don't. I must agree to Irks that he's …cruel." he groaned. "I can't believe he's their friend since little. He's more like a demon emperor than childhood friend."

"Hasn't Irks told you if he has high pride? Besides it's your fault, you've pissed him off without realize it." Ed pointed.

"How even I know when he's always wearing his cold and blank face, as nothing has happen? Uh, never mind." Roy gave up to arguing.

He then gives the bouquet to Ed. "Here. I hope you like it. I deliberately choose the one with fragrant smell, as Seed recommended. She's really helped me." he said.

Ed looked hesitated at him, which Roy gave her an assuring nod, before she accepted it. She holding it careful, taking look at the bouquet. He is right. She can smell the fragrance even her face doesn't near the bouquet. The roses are big and have incredible white color. A few baby's breaths and two long stem acacia convenyi** decorate the bouquet, made them more magnificent. The bouquet is tied by golden ribbon.

Her lips curved into small smile. "It's pretty…" she murmured.

"Glad you like it." he relieved. "To be honest, the yellow one is hard to find. Thank goodness Seed has it. She even arranged it before she went to this room."

Ed looked at him. "Arrange? She didn't tell..." suddenly she remembered Seed word when she looked for him. "You asked her?"

"No, she volunteered herself." Roy found it amusing. "She's enthusiasm. I was asked her which flower I should give to you as a bouquet from phone. She's still in Resembool yesterday, so she gave me the list of flowers and ribbon I must buy. After they're arrived this early morning, Seed's quickly walked to my room, brought the yellow flowers, and arranged them while Irks waiting in outside."

Ed can imagine it. The green haired girl is always nice to people. Sometimes Ed thinks she's too naive. Still, she did respect Seed's great kindness.

"You owe her so much. She's a nice girl."

Roy smirked. "Like we didn't know her." he leaned closer to her and stopped an inch from her face. "After all, that bouquet is fitting you, Edeline. Not mention your dress."

He's bowing and brushed her lips with his. After they parted, he's finding a blushed Edeline. Her cheeks went deep pink.

"Bastard..." she grumped. "I can't believe I love a man like you."

"Oh, but you are, Edeline. You are." he said with tease tone.

Her whole face is deep red, blushing madly. "Can you stop tease me...?"

Roy chuckled. "Oh, come on Edeline. It's just a bouquet."

Ed narrows her eyes. "'Just'? Then why a lazy man and hater paperwork like you so care about which flower you should made into a bouquet?"

He's laughing quietly, placing his hand to his mouth, amused with Edeline antics. "I told you it's secret." he took a step to move closer. "But I promised I'll tell you, why I chose white rose instead of red. Not now, maybe later. Deal?"

Edeline show a curious stare, she trying to search a hint of lying or joke in his eyes, and failed. He's telling the truth. She's very curious now, however she know it'll be useless to ask him. She finally decided to trust his promise.

"Okay. Promise you'll tell me, or you'll see my fist hit you, Roy Mustang." she half threatened.

Roy smirks grow and he gets closer to her, until their distance finally gone. "Since when I broke my promise, Edeline?"

As Roy leaned to her, he's slide a small note between her white roses bouquet, without drawing her attention. He kisses her forehead, gently. When he pulled back, he sees a pair of very golden eyes, full happiness. He couldn't help, but smiling to her. This made Edeline smiling back to him.

A knock behind the door have got their attention. "It's time." a voice, who they recognized as Al, accompanied the knock. The couple then looked each other, still have their smile.

"Now," Roy took her hand, holding it carefully as if her hand was made from expensive crystal from Drachma. "Shall we?"

Edeline nodded her beautiful golden head, her left hand holding the bucket while the right is holding his hand. "Yes."

He can't wait until she found out about that note. Roy wondered how Ed will react when she already read those note. He's grateful to Seed, who has told him the true meaning of the flower. To be truth, he more than owes the green haired girl. He has a debt to Seed. If she's not telling him the rose's meaning, probably he'll end up with wrong flower. Back there, Gracia even said he has chosen the wise choice to has Seed help, once she was told about the meaning of the white rose.

He still remembered clearly what Seed has said from the phone yesterday. He has the reason why he chose white rose, not red or other flowers.

'White rose has many beautiful meanings. Many of them are meaningful, just like the flower. For examples, innocence, purity, friendship, truth, virtue, girlhood, charm, and happy love. '

'However, white rose has special meaning for those who become bride. Do you know why?'

They begin to walking together, toward the door. Holding each other hand.

'Because it's a prove love for their couple. A prove that they're love him or her; pure and simple like the color of the white rose. A proves that they deserves to be in their lover side. That's why white rose has meaning as…'

This will be the happiest time for both of them. They knew it, since they're bride couple today. Here they are, Ed wearing a wedding dress, and Roy is wearing his black tie suit.

'I am worthy of you.'

They're going to marry today.


*Bullying in Japanese language.

** Name of rare flowers, one family with acacia and mimosa. Usually call 'Blue Bush' in Southern New South Wales.

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