Disclaimer: I own NOTHING.

This has been stuck in my head all day. (; First freeverse I've done in ages, and I hope it's not too horrible! It's dangerously short and kind of haunting to me, but I like it quite a bit.


mascara teardrops
-Like tears shed for blue-haired boys.

the ice was getting thinner
under you and me

(Death Cab for Cutie)

stupid, naive girl, you should've known.

you should've known that he was no prince in shining armour;

should've realized that you were nothing like his /princess/.

(you were more like the little mermaid, sea foam and resisting bloodshed.)

-drip, drip, mascara teardrops make t r a i l s down porcelain cheeks-


broken promises litter the floor as you step across the burning rubble, trying to find your heart among all this a s h.

(did you really believe he would love you?)

eleven years.


& everything.

-pitter, patter, raindrops on your windowpane like t e a r s shed for blue-haired boys-


!marching! down the wedding aisle in your perfect white dress, off to the PICKET FENCE and ROSEBUSHES you swore to him you'd never ever want.

(every single eye on you like daggers piercing; open lips accusing, "you don't love him! you don't love him! you love the boy with the changing hair standing by the doorway, losing the forever he promised you.)

& for a second you blink and this b l o n d hair, b l u e eyes piece of /perfection/ looks like scars and shattered pieces, royal blue hair and golden eyes.

(you've always been the best at pretending, right, fire?)

-ring, ring, wedding bells in the air; tears in your eyes but no one knows the real reason w h y-


"i love you," you whisper in empty air and he stares back at you, blank beauty.

"we can't," he breathes back, and it's like your heart is breaking but then you remember, WHAT HEART?

(let's play your little game of pretend now.)