Quetzal: hello! for all those who want to strangle me for making them wait with Storm Front chapter three is written and being edited at the moment. And i just finished reading The Last Olympian and this popped into my head if anyone wants to take this in whole or in part please do so im not sure if ill have time between Storm Front and Back in Action to update this thing regularly but i think its got potential!

Title. A Second Chance is Worth More then anything

Author. Quetzalcoatls

Fandoms- harry potter, Percy jackson and the Olympians after TLO

Prologue- A day to Remember


It kind of interesting really to find out the answer to that old "what the hell did i do in a past life to deserve this?" Question its even more interesting to find out that yes you do indeed deserve your current life, so what are you going to do about it? Me? Well im doing the best i can with what iv got hopefully ill earn the chance to go back and apologize to my friends for what i did. But until then iv got a Dark sorcerer to kill and after dealing with Gods and Titans this should be a walk in the park...or not.

Luke Castellan AKA Harry Potter


Harry stared somewhat blankly at the hospital wing ceiling thinking over the events of the last three days and their ramification. After the incident at the ministry when Tom had tried to posses him he had been trying to draw on more power to force Voldamort out of his mind he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was capable of doing this, that he could and would win. It was then he had felt something break in his mind the backlash of raw power had forced Tom out of his mind and dropped him screaming in pain to the floor. But the things he had remembered along with the power had almost broken him as nothing else in this life ever had. He had dropped unconscious on the spot his mind shutting down to protect him from the shock, but now he was awake again, and had to deal with it as he hadn't really had a chance to before. At least no one asked him why he was crying what with sirus's death, just one more this to add to the rather long list of his screw ups he thought sourly.

But with the life he had lived family now meant more to him then anything else which just added to his determination to set things right as best he could. he took a deep breath his eyes hardening in determination with all of his other memories had also come the one of the deal he had made with Hades and the death god of the world he was currently in, a deal he had every intention of completing. The reward was far too great for him to fail, no, he would see them all again no matter what got in his way! He got up hunting around for his cloths even as Poppy walked over looking at him intensely. "Its good to see you up mister Potter I was beginning to worry, back to your old self yet?" She asked he glance over his shoulder at her as walked to the bathroom to change "You have no idea." He said with a grin. Voldamort would never know what hit him because he wasn't dealing with Harry Potter anymore not really no now he would have do deal one very determined Son of Hermes and he would not fail!