Quetzal: the first 2 paragraphs here felt squashed for some reason when i read it, but once you get past that it smooths out i tried to fix that but i cant seem to clear up the problem no matter how i re-write it.

Chapter 2 Hit the ground running

Luke looked around the train quickly trying to find an empty compartment before he was spotted, he didn't really having anything against Ron and Harmonie but he need some more time to himself to plan and he couldn't do that with those two arguing. He had tried to act normally around them both for the last two weeks of school, but had found that even if 'Harry' had liked them he couldn't stand there attitudes and bickering it just made him want to kill them every time they opened there mouths though that might have just been remnants of Kronos's mind cropping up along with his new memories.

In the end he had taken to avoiding them both this had unfortunately led to Harmonie thinking he was depressed and needed to talk to her about it which of course just made her even more annoying he thought with a sigh as he continued down the train. The next compartment he tried although not empty only contained Luna who with his new memory he was now fairly sure was a clear sighted mortal, not crazy in the least bit. She looked up at him and smiled slightly "Hello Hero." She said idly and went back to reading the Quibbler Luke stared at her for a moment startled, somehow he didn't think she was referring to the whole "boy who lived" thing then again this was Luna they were talking about it wouldn't surprise him in the least bit if she already knew who he really was.

"Hello Luna do you mind if I sit here?" He asked she nodded not looking up "Yes there aren't any nargles in this compartment thats what you wanted to avoid yes?" She asked he nodded putting his trunk up in the rack. "Yup." He said sitting down a large spell book in his hands which he promptly opened and started reading. It was almost 4 hours into the trip when Harmonie and Ron found him. "There you are!" Said Harmonie angrily at him he glanced up at her with one eye brow raised "What?" He asked "Iv been sitting here the entire trip how difficult could I be to find?" He asked she huffed glaring at him. "You need to stop blocking us out Harry! Were your friends you need to talk to us!" She said exasperated "I talked to you at breakfast" He answered drily she glared at him in response. "Whats that bloody huge book you reading mate? You turning into a book worm like Harmonie now?" Asked Ron making a grab for the book which Luke deftly avoided. "Im studying and you two are interrupting." He said cutting off Harmonies rant about how he needed to listen to her before it began making her scowl. "But Harry..!" Wined Ron. "NO," He said sourly like they were misbehaving children "Either sit down and shut up or go away." He snapped they both gave him hurt looks and sat down Harmonie pulling out her own book and Ron diving into a box of Bertie bots ever flavor beans. The silence lasted for about 10 minutes before Ron started to complain forcing Luke to blast him with a silencing charm which ended with Harmonie yelling at him for the last 20 minutes of the train ride.

It was an extremely irritated Demigod turn sorcerer that got off the train at kings cross that afternoon. He promptly shrunk his trunk and stuck it in his pocket ignoring Harmonies horrified gasp and yells about the restrictions. "Fuck them" He responded before disappearing through the barrier and into the train stations rush hour crowds before Harmonie or the Weaslys could get over there shock. An hour later with the order still frantically searching for him someone thought to check Diagon Alley but the 'Boy who lived' was long gone, having already gotten everything he needed and disappearing into the muggle world.


Luke flopped down on the bed in his hotel room with a sigh wearing the first new clean cloths he had ever owned in this life he hadn't bothered to get money from the bank he figured that was the first place anyone would look for him. So he just opted to steal everything he needed not that difficult a prospect because reborn or not he was still a son of Hermes. So now he was the proud owner of a brand new Macbook pro an iPod and an entire new wardrobe including shoes. All in all he was happy with how the day had gone, well other then that last half an hour on the train at least.

In the morning though he was going to have to find a sword he doubted he could find anything made of celestial bronze not by a long shot but he wasn't here to kill monsters so a steel sword would do just find the trick still was finding one. He wished he could use Griffondors Sword it was an amazingly well made weapon second only to the weapons he'd seen and used that were made by the Hephaestus cabin but not only was it currently in Dumbledores offices but it was too long for him to use effectively so that had been a dead end. Damn, well he could deal with it tomorrow right now he needed to sleep.


Luke was woken the next morning by tapping on his window he pulled his pillow over his head with a groan of frustration before pitching it across the room and going to the window. To his relief it wasn't a ministry owl but rather Hedwigg he smiled and let her into the room she settled on his bed with a hoot looking at him rather solemnly. It was then that he noticed a package tied to her legs it was small only about a foot long and a few inches wide and he got a strangely foreboding feeling as he looked at it. He approached Hedwigg after a slight hesitation and untied the package before sitting down on the bed to open it. He untied the strings holding the paper it was wrapped in closed and removed the paper reviling a box with a note attached to it. Your Father wanted you to have this, read the note he frowned looking down at the box he had a sinking feeling he knew what was in that box he was almost afraid to open it now but,... He sighed and removed the lid from the box looking down at the contents, inside the box was a dagger...The same dagger he had killed himself with to stop Kronos.


Quetzal: the daggers not just me being morbid it will play an important part it the upcoming chapters after all there are some creatures in the wizarding world that cant be harmed through normal means now aren't there?