The Guardian's Kitsune


Naruto x ?


Story Start


The Guardians of Water and Wind were on their way from a practice session. The girls had spent the better part of the day practicing and getting to know their powers. For the most part the session proved rather interesting and they all agreed to find time to gather again. The Air guardian was wearing a dress skirt, pink in color with a red zipped up jacket over it. The water guardian was wearing a long jean skirt and pink button up shirt.

''What was that horrible sound?'' Irma asked, stopping in place.

''My stomach! I'm starving, it's late already. Let's go home!'' Hay Lin exclaimed, her hands together in a pleading gesture.

''And leave Miss Rudolph's secret alone? Never!"

The Water guardian exclaimed. ''I didn't admit anything yet. I want to make sure that my thoughts aren't completely useless. Hey, I got it. You aren't doing anything tomorrow morning are you?''

''Of course I am! Tomorrow is a school day.''

''We spend 20 years of our lives in school! You can have a day of freedom once in a while. ''

''It's your fault if I get bad grades.''

Hay Lin pushed down her trade mark goggles over her eyes.

'But what if she really is a monster? Don't be so selfish, Hay Lin. Only you can save the earth.

''No, no, and one more time no.''

'Yeah, but are you coming or not.''

The air guardian placed her hands on her hips. ''Didn't you hear me? You understand what 'no' means?''

Hay Lin eventually relented. They watched the house as the math teacher left.

''Is everything clear?''

''Nobody's around.'''

They snuck over the gate. Hay Lin was nervous, afraid the teacher would come back, but Irma was confident that had six hours because it was a school day. She attempting to break open with a card but it snapped in half.

Hay Lin simply uses the key then placed it back under the base using her wind. Irma though was determined to find some proof that there math teacher was a monster. But then it turned out Rudolph was only running a quick errand so the girls hid in a closet. From the closet they witnessed the teacher's horrible transformation into some kind of reptilian/canine/space monster hybrid beast with glowing red eyes and horns. The noise made from Irma's fainting alerted the creature to their presence. ''So you still have trouble in math?''

''Yeah...I was actually on my way to my teacher when we bumped into each other.''

''Hey you don't think she'll mind if I come along right? I mean since I'll be coming to class and some teachers like when students take initiative and stuff.''

''I don't think she'll mind at all...''

She said as she followed the address that was written on the card given to her. They arrived on the step and Will rang the doorbell.

''Hello Will come in.'' She paused noticing Naruto.

''I hope you don't mind if I brought a friend. He just moved here and plans on joining the school.''

'' all.'' The woman answered, the tone of her voice changing slightly. ''Come on in...''

Naruto felt a sudden chill and then something stung his nose. He stuck his nose up in the air and sniffed.


He closed his eyes and sniffed a few more times. They popped open. The door was kicked open.

''Will it's a trap/Look out Will! It's a trap!'' He and the bound Irma simultaneously cried out, the latter somehow managing her gag off and kicking open the door.

''M-Miss Rudolph! W-What is going on?''

Naruto shot forward, a knife sliding out of his sleeve which he used to slash the ropes. The woman had changed and ran up the stairs.

''Quick! You and the others have to change!''

Pulling out the heart Will transformed. The three of them flew up and noticed a portal was open. ''The creature is gone. Focusing on closing the portal!''

''You heard him girls...steady...wait for...Strike now!"' Will exclaimed as Quintessence, Water, and Air stroke the portal closing it. The backlash knocking the three warriors back and out of their forms.

''You girls okay?'' Naruto asked, lowing his arms that he used to shield himself as Will nodded.

While this was going on the final guardian was contending with a little problem of her own. ''No!'' Cornelia stated firmly, arguing with her just as stubborn sister Lillian.

''Why can't I stay here to play with you?'' The little girl pleaded as the Guardian of Earth glanced down at her with a scowl.

''Because! Isn't that enough for a reason, Lillian?''

''Are you going to talk about boys? I'll tell mom?'' The little girl threatened.

''What's going on here?'' Asked a woman, she looked like an older version of Cornelia, her shade of hair slightly darker and she was wearing glasses. Said woman scooped the little girl up in her arms.

''We have to read our homework, mom. Could you put this little monkey back to its cage?'' Cornelia said gesturing to the little girl who stuck her tongue out at her.

''I know you like little your sister very much really.''

''Of course mom. And if you keep her out of my room. I will like her in the future too.''

Setting the girl down and leading her away. ''Come on, Lillian. Let's let your sister do her homework,'' The woman said as the little girl hmmped.

''You can come out now...'' Will said as Naruto became visible resulting in both Taranee and Cornelia yelped in surprise.

''Give someone a warning next time.'' Cornelia snapped.

Moving on their attention was focused on the book that was found at Elyon's house was brought out. With Will's suggestion that the five girls unite their power they were able to break the spell on the book.

'Respect Metaworld's King's name and bow in front of his shadow! The seal of Prince Phobos!'

Something shot out of the book, dark energy filling the room.

Calling out to the Heart Will was able to vanish. Just in time as the door opened. Naruto vanished from sight.

''I heard you were talking about boys.''

'Lilian, please go away.'' Cornelia said trying to catch her breath.

''Three portals to go...Nine more to close...and I assure you that this Elyon girl's disappearance isn't a coincidence,'' Naruto spoke gazing at the sky. The six made their way to the basement at the Browns. The portal had opened once again. The girls transformed. Flames sparkled to light.

''Taranee, could you help us and make the flames a little less dangerous?''

''Of course Will.''

''Flames, listen to me.'' She commanded. ''Did you hear? Die down already!"'

The flames evaporated. ''Wow it worked.''

''Good! Now we can go in.''

Cornelia though didn't like the idea. ''Wait! What happens if we get stuck on the other side?''

''We have Phobos's seal! If it helped us in, it will help us out too.'' Will stated confidently.

''Hah! Who 'miss know it all' you think you are? You speak like you had been doing these things for ages.''

''Wh...I know Cornelia...but, would you believe me, if I'd tell you that somebody tells me how things are?''

''Elyon may be on the other side. There is a good reason to go in.'' Irma stated.

''Exactly? Who's coming with me?''

They all stepped forward. They stepped in. Will started to get a little woozy and Naruto caught her.


''Are you okay?''

''Yeah, it's this strange feeling I've been getting. It's stronger than last time.'' They exited out of the whole and seemed like they were still in Heatherfield.

''Something's wrong. It's so quiet in here. Listen! Not a single sound!'' Soon enough the place around them started to crumble. They were in another world.

''Welcome Guardians. We have been waiting for you...''

The two creatures from that gym along with other behind them stood behind them.

''...and so we decided to make you the reception you deserve.'' The humanoid reptile stood aside to reveal the missing girl Elyon in royal blue robes. The girls charged over glad to see her.

''Elyon!'' Will exclaimed. ''What have they done to you?''

''Nothing, I'm fine, girls. It's nice to see you again.''

''We are going back home and you are coming with us! You can't stay here in this horrible place.''

The Sandy blond haired girl laughed at this. ''This 'horrible' place had a name. Welcome to Meridian, my friends. Welcome home! Stay with me. You will like this place!''

Of course even in Danger Irma was her usual joking self. ''Of course! I was thinking that maybe I could try to get my parents to buy a house from here.''

''You aren't going to stay? That's too bad.'' Elyon remarked.

''In that case, we have no choice. GUARDS CAPTURE THEM!'' the snake ordered as the group of six was attacked.

''In that case, we have no choice. GUARDS CAPTURE THEM!''

''Girls time to move!''

Several explosions erupted among the guards. Body parts were sent flying. Those who managed to avoid the explosion tags were blasted by Taranee's fire or sent falling in a pit courtesy of Cornelia.

''Hurry! Let's get out of here!'' Will exclaimed.

''Master! They are too strong for our soldiers.''

''Call Frost here now! Those pitiful excuse of guards who managed to survive will be tortured for there weakness.''

''Yes. Right away lord Cedric.''

The group of six were ratted out my some elf creature. Apparently the big blue skin brutish creature with blond hair as some sort of hunter.

Meanwhile Naruto and Will were arguing about his insistence to stay and be a distraction.

''Naruto...what if the portal closes before you make it back? You'll be stuck.''

''Will I'm telling you I will be fine. You believe in me right?''

''Do you hears me? Are you coming outside, or am I coming there?''

Frost's voice echoed outside the coal mine.

''You don't have time! Go!'' He shouted as he shout out the entrance kunai in hand. He threw the kunai at which Frost block with his sword.


'Will come on!'' Taranee cried out as she and Cornelia dragged the holder of the Heart as they ran for it.


A large, green, rhinoceros-like mount charged at Naruto. His heavy steps made it easy for Naruto track with his hearing. Naruto back flipped over the creature and landed on all fours. Frost charged after the girls only for Naruto to move in between them. Frost slashed several times at which Naruto dodged with ease.

''You're quick human! But my sword is even quicker!'' A cage of energy surrounded Naruto.

''Are you sure?'' Naruto asked as he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The girls made it to one of the roofs of the building.

''Will...he said he would be okay right?''

''I'm not leaving him Cornelia.''

''Will it's ok...Go! I'll be okay.''

''I can't...''

''You can and you will. Find and meet with Karmine. He'll know what to do. Now go!''

''N-Naruto..." Will thought as she did her best to suppress the tears that threatened to fall. "Kandrakar's heart, take us home.''

''Wha? Weren't you just the one talking about not leaving him?''

''We have to's what he wants.'' The five of them appeared back in their home dimension.

A sad look was plastered across Will's face. To her surprised Hay Lin pulled her into a hug.

''It's going to be okay,'' Her friend comforted her.

'' will be...before we left Naruto sent me a message mentally. He told us to go to Karmine. He stayed behind purposely to help us. To gain information on our enemy. If it's the last thing I do I will make sure I bring him back from Meridian. No matter what it takes!'' Will promised.