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I Play for Keeps

It started out as a game at first between them…a very simple game. How did the game morph into something to where he would end up with a broken heart he didn't know. Hell, Sephiroth didn't even know that they were still playing the damn game. He didn't know if what he was seeing was even apart of the game r not, but it didn't matter anymore. Never in his life had he thought that they would betray him like this. For in Sephiroth's bed laid Cloud, the love of his life, and Vincent, his cousin, completely naked.

"Sephiroth! Let's play a game."

Vincent whispered to Sephiroth, who was in the bed above him. They lived in an orphanage since a wild fire took away their family and their friend's family as well. It was nighttime now and Sephiroth wasn't exactly happy to have been woken up by his last remaining relative.

"What kind of game, Vince? You know that I don't like playing with you."

"Aww, why not?" the 8 year old pouted.

"Because I'm the one who always gets in trouble! You get off clean!" the 7 year old huffed.

"Yeah by the grown ups, not by Genesis…his punches hurt by the way!"
"Yeah, well, maybe you deserved them."

"Whatever, but back to what I was saying, we're gonna play a game. Don't worry, you won't get into trouble."

"…what kind of game?"

"Let's just call it, Keeps."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that if we both find something that we like, we quickly have to grab it and say 'keeps!' Whoever does it first wins!"

"That's stupid…"

"No, it's not! You actually have a shot at beating me! We'll start playing tomorrow."

"This is a bad idea…"






"Vincent shut up before I come over there!" Genesis yelled from his bed, which was across the room.

"Hey, no fair! How come you're always yelling at me instead of Sephiroth? He was involved too!" Vincent said to the 8 year old.

"Because I don't like you and you're always getting Seph into trouble."

Sephiroth began to giggle.

"Psh! Whatever. Night…" Vincent said as he rolled over and fell asleep.

And like Vincent said, they began their game as soon as they woke up. They would play over small things like sandwiches, toys, clothes, towels, and other things that didn't matter. They continued to play the game for years, even through their teen years.

Sephiroth stopped playing the game a long time ago after he and Cloud moved in together. He knew that Vincent didn't take that too well, but they were too old to be playing a childish game at 21 years old. Is that why he did this? Granted, he knew that his cousin could literally have anyone he wanted, but he had no idea that he was even remotely interested in Cloud nor did he think that Cloud would ever cheat on him, especially with his cousin, but there they were, as bright as day, tangled in the sheets with Cloud laying against Vincent like he would when they were sleeping next to each other. Sephiroth didn't know what to think anymore. He had thought that he treated Cloud well enough…loved him enough, but obviously it wasn't so. He had always cared for Cloud even on the first day they met…

Sephiroth was 15 when he first met Cloud. He was walking to the lunch room to meet his friends when he heard yelling coming from the play ground. He looked out of the window to see that a group of teens were beating up a blond haired boy. With a frown on his face, he opened the door to the play ground area and walked up to the crowd. He didn't ask any questions because he knew that the leader always chose to beat up someone that was weaker than him. With a swift punch, he had the leader knocked out and the followers ran away, they all knew that they didn't stand a chance against him. He looked down at the boy. It seemed that he got there in time because it looked like he only had a bloody lip. The boy stared at him before blushing and turning away. Sephiroth chuckled.

"Hi. My name's Sephiroth." Sephiroth said as he held out a hand for the boy to take.

"I know who you are…" the boy said, still looking away from him. Sephiroth's brow furrowed in confusion.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but I don't think I've seen you before. How long have you been here?"

"Four years…"

Sephiroth's eyes widened in shock. Sephiroth knew everyone in the orphanage…or so he thought.

"How old are you?"

"I turned fifteen yesterday."

"Ah, well happy be-lated birthday."

"Thank you…"


"How do know me?"

"I see you all the time out here…you're usually with that one guy that always yells at people."

"Ah, you mean Genesis. He's does that quite a lot doesn't he?" Sephiroth laughed out. He stopped when he didn't hear the boy laughing too.

"Why didn't you come over to say hello? I know that Genesis may seem scary, but he's by no means rude…well, sometimes, but he would've said hi."

"I-I'm very shy…" the boy's cheeks darkened. Sephiroth knew the boy was lying.

"Is that the truth?" Sephiroth asked teasingly, which made the boy's cheeks redder than they already were. Sephiroth laughed.

"You're cute."

The boy gasped in shock before turning to him with wide blue eyes. Sephiroth smiled.

"Come, let's clean up your lip, then we can go and have lunch with my friends. I'm sure that they'll like you…except for Genesis. He doesn't like anyone except for me and my friend Angeal."

The boy smiled before he finally took his hand and got out of the sand.

"Okay…my name's Cloud." He said as he dusted the sand off of him.

"Nice name…and hair too." Sephiroth said as he ran his fingers through the soft spikes of blond hair, he was surprised that his fingers were able to go through them. Cloud's blush darkened, making Sephiroth laugh anew. Sephiroth offered his arm to Cloud and Cloud smiled before taking the offered arm and resting his head against Sephiroth's shoulder with his cheeks still red as they walked back inside the orphanage…never noticing the brunette that was watching them.

After Sephiroth helped Cloud fix his lip, they entered into the lunch hall, with Cloud still latched onto his arm. Sephiroth smiled when he noticed that his group appeared to be up to something by how the way Reno kept looking around. Sephiroth led Cloud over to there table before greeting his friends.

"If you guys are up to something, y'all shouldn't have made Reno the lookout. He looks suspicious." Sephiroth grinned.

"Well, I wouldn't have had to make him lookout if a certain silver-haired asshole had arrived to lunch on time! Where the HELL have you been and who the hell is that with you! I sent Vincent out to find you ages ago!" Genesis yelled while glaring at Sephiroth, making everyone, except for Angeal and Sephiroth, cringe.

"Eh, I haven't seen him. Everyone, this is Cloud, my new friend. I was late because I was helping him fend off Drake and his crew of people." Sephiroth smiled as Cloud shyly waved to the group of teens as they said hello back.

"Aww, that's so like Seph! Always saving others!" Aeris said with a sigh as Tifa nodded in agreement.


Everyone turned to look at Genesis as Sephiroth sat down next to him, making Cloud sit down beside him and next to Aeris, who giggled and called him cute.

"What do you mean by saying no?" Sephiroth asked.

"I'm saying that the blond can't be with us because he looks too young and we already have a puppy that we seem to not be able to get rid of! It's bad enough that Zack won't stop following Angeal and that one is already following you! Besides, he will distract you."

"Distract me from what?" Sephiroth said with a chuckle.

"Duh, me! I demand Angeal's and your attention at all times and since Angeal is distracted by that damn puppy, I demand more of yours and forbid you of having a puppy too!" Genesis said before he took a nice size bite out of his sandwich for emphasis.

"Aww, c'mon, Gen! Cloud's no where near as bad as Zack is. He won't follow the reflection of shiny objects."

"Let's see…"

Genesis reached into his pocket and pulled out his shiny compact mirror before using the sunlight behind him to shine the circle of light in front of Cloud. Cloud followed where the circle of light was coming from and looked at Genesis with a confused look on his face.

"What are you doing?"

"I was seeing whether or not if you are as stupid as Zack is…but you're not! Seph he can stay…for now."

"Thank you Gen…" Sephiroth said as he nuzzled his head against Genesis' shoulder.

"Hey! I'm not stupid you son of a – OOOOHHH! SHINY!" Zack, who was sitting in front of Cloud, began with a frown on his face, but it changed to one of pure happiness when he saw Genesis' mirror and began to reach over the table for it. Genesis smirked before he whistled like how people would do for dogs and threw the mirror not too far from their table. Much to Cloud's surprise, Aeris' embarrassment, and everyone else's amusement, they saw the 15 year old quickly jump up to go and get the mirror and happily walked back to the table and show his girlfriend what he had. Everyone laughed as Aeris grabbed the mirror from Zack and handed it back to Genesis.

"Hey, pup, we have a job to finish here!" Cid said as he looked at the clock.

"Oh, yeah!" Zack said as he grabbed his Styrofoam container of mashed potatoes and proceeded to throw them on the floor alongside Cid.

"So, what's the event for today?" Sephiroth asked Genesis with a smirk on his face.

"The Slip 'n' Slide." Genesis evilly chuckled.


"Sephiroth, what's the Slip 'n' Slide?" Cloud asked confusedly.

"It's when we take whatever food that's on the lunch menu and put it on the floor for the Matron to slip and fall on."

"Why would you guys want to do that? Won't she get mad?" Cloud asked with his eyes wide opened.

"It's because that bitch has it out for me, that's why! Since she found that rat in her lunchbox and screamed and I just so happened to be the only one who found it funny and vocalized it, she's been blaming me for that and whatever other prank others are doing to her! It pisses me off, so I decided to get her back for always making me clean the damn bathrooms and classrooms by myself! I could care less if she gets mad!" Genesis smirked at his own genius plot.

"Well you were the one who did put the rat in her lunchbox…" Angeal said.

"So? That doesn't mean that I did all of those other pranks!"

"You did a majority of them…"

"Angeal, shut up…"

"Hey, Big Red, we have a problem here." Cid said with a frown.

"What is it?"

"The mashed potatoes ain't workin'. They're too thick and we can't use the gravy or else it will become too noticeable."

"Then use the milk."

"They stopped serving regular milk a month ago, Genesis."


"Because that's what we used on the last Slip 'n' Slide and the Matron wanted to prevent another one from happening!"

"DAMMIT! SHE SPOILED MY PLOTTING ONCE AGAIN!" Genesis yelled as he slammed his fist down on the table, making all of the other kids in the hall stare at him.

"The fuck are y'all looking at!" Genesis yelled again before the kids flinched and quickly went back to eating.

"So, what do we do?" Cid said as he folded his arms.

"I don't know…anyone have any ideas?"

The table became quiet before Cloud spoke.

"Um…do you guys have any mayonnaise, ranch dressing, and water?"

Everyone turned to look at him, which made Cloud blush.

"What are we supposed to do with those things?" Genesis said in a serious tone.

"Y-you could use the ranch dressing to help thinnen out the mashed potatoes and since the ranch dressing matches the color of the floor tiles, it will help to camouflage the mess…the water can be used as a thinner too and the mayonnaise will help to leave a stain on her clothes since she's wearing a cream suit today…"

Genesis stared at him before turning to Reno.

"How much time do we have before she comes?"

"About 12 minutes…It's 1:18."

"Well, y'all heard the private! Seph and Private Cloud, since y'all didn't get lunch yet, go and order a salad with extra dressing on the side. Tifa and Aeris, fork over your sandwiches to Zack so he can scrape off the mayonnaise from the bread. Angeal and I will go and put some water in our juice cans. We got 10 minutes to make this work, move out!" Genesis said with a smile on his face before he and Angeal got up and made their way to the water fountain. Sephiroth and Cloud hurried over to the lunch line, luckily for them it was still open and the line was short.

"Why did he call me Private Cloud?" Cloud asked as he grabbed a tray.

"It's his way of saying that he's on his way to liking you and he thanks you for your help." Sephiroth said with a smile on his face, making Cloud smile too before he placed his order as Genesis directed him to.

"3…2…1… Showtime!" Reno said as the clock stuck 1:30. The hall entrance doors opened and the room became silent as the scowling face of the Matron appeared. She began to make her rounds around the other tables that were not too far from where Sephiroth and the others were.

"Okay she's almost in position…Private Cloud and Tifa, are y'all ready?" Genesis whispered to the gang as they acted like they were eating their lunch. Cloud and Tifa nodded.

"Good, now wait for my call…"

They all watched out of the corner of their eyes for the Matron to get into the right position. As soon as she was, Genesis whispered 'Action!' Tifa began to act like she was choking and Cloud shot up out of his seat.

"Oh my god, Tifa! Are you alright!" Cloud yelled loud enough to get the Matron's attention. He quickly ran to the other side of the table where Tifa was sitting, making sure that he nearly stepped in the mashed potato mess before running up to Tifa and lightly patting her on the back.

"Help! Someone please help! She's still choking! Matron! Matron help!" Cloud yelled again, making sure that his face looked like he was about to cry as the others played their role as the shocked friends who didn't know what to do. The Matron quickly jogged over to where they were and just like Genesis wanted, she slipped on the mashed potato mess and landed in it with a splat. The entire lunch hall busted out laughing at the site of the stuck up Matron being on the floor with mashed potatoes, ranch dressing, and mayonnaise all over her back as she tried to get up. Tifa turned her fake choking into laughter as Cloud, along with the rest of the table, joined in with the hall and laughed as well. As soon as she got up, she glared at Genesis.

"You…and all of your friends in my office, NOW!" she yelled, making the hall become quiet again.

"Yeah, yeah…bitch…" Genesis mumbled before motioning for everyone to get up and leave.

"You might want to find a good dry cleaner for that…" Genesis said while motioning to her back as he passed by her, which caused her to yell at him again before he ran to catch up with his posse with a big grin on his face.

Sephiroth sighed. That was also the day when he gave Cloud his first kiss before everyone went to bed. It has been 8 years since that day, 7 since he officially started to date Cloud and 2 since they've moved in together. As much as he wanted to scream and try to kill Vincent and Cloud both for doing this to him, he couldn't summon the strength to do it. There would be nothing good that would come out of him doing such a thing… With that in mind, Sephiroth grabbed the cell phone out of his pocket and quietly stepped out of his old bedroom before dialing Genesis' number and asking for him to pick him up and that he'll explain why when he gets in the car. After Genesis said that he would be on his way, Sephiroth grabbed his suitcases from the closet and began to pack his things, saving his things in the bedroom for last. When he entered the bedroom again, he noticed that Cloud had shifted from his hold on Vincent and over to his dresser. Sephiroth moved to the closet and grabbed his stuff from there and the bathroom before making his way to the dresser. Sephiroth opened the dresser to get his socks and boxers and when he closed it, the sound made Cloud yawn before he slowly opened his eyes. He blinked several times before he was able to see Sephiroth clearly. He smiled at him before he noticed that Sephiroth was removing his stuff from the dresser.

"Seph, what are you doing? You have another business trip to go to already?"

"No, I'm moving out… It's over Cloud." Sephiroth said emotionless as he moved the handful of stuff into the duffle bag beside him. Cloud sat up in the bed and stared at Sephiroth, the sleep completely gone from his eyes and a look of horror replaced them.

"W-what? W-why? What did…WHAT DID I DO!"

"My fucking cousin, that's what you did!"

"What! No I –"

Vincent shifted in the bed, making Cloud turn around and gasp in shock before turning back to Sephiroth.

"Seph, you have to believe me when I say –"

"Oh what? 'That it was a mistake?' Do you really think that I'm that stupid Cloud?"

"N-no, b-but it's the t-truth…I-I know that I was drinking with Zack and Reno, but I didn't even know that Vincent was there or how we even got back here, I swear Sephiroth! I would never lie to you! You know that!" Cloud said as his face turned red as tears fell from his eyes. Sephiroth stared at him. As much as he wanted to believe that Cloud was telling him the truth, he couldn't…he needed to get out of here.

"Goodbye, Cloud." Sephiroth said as he got up and placed the duffle bag over his shoulder before walking out of the bedroom, with a screaming, crying, and stumbling Cloud behind him, begging for him to stay. Sephiroth picked up his other two bags and before he turned the doorknob to leave, Cloud said the one thing that he didn't want to hear. If it were any other time before this, he would've been more than happy to hear it.

"Sephiroth, please…I LOVE YOU!"

Sephiroth didn't turn around to face him…he knew that if he did, he wouldn't leave. He knew what power those emotional clear blue eyes had over him. They would always make him give in…always make him say sorry first when they had their spats…he couldn't allow them to do that this time…

"If you loved me enough, you wouldn't have done it…"

Sephiroth opened the door and left his old home, leaving Cloud on the floor, sobbing and still pleading for him to come back.

"What the –! I thought you said to come and pick you up, not you and your stuff! I don't have room for all of that!"

"Genesis, you drive a minivan, I'm sure that you have plenty of room."

Sephiroth grinned at his favorite redhead as he opened up the sliding door and put his bags in before he got into the passenger seat and buckled his seatbelt before Genesis drove off.

"Hey, it's not my fault that I have to drive this piece of shit! Angeal said this is more ideal for us than a Mustang! Seriously, who the hell turns down a Mustang!"

"One that knows that his 'wife' has a speeding problem as is…" Sephiroth chuckled as someone blew their horn at them because Genesis switched lanes without turning on his blinker.

"Yeah, yeah…so, why am I coming to get you at 5:56 in the morning again?"

"Because I found Cloud in bed this morning with Vincent."


"Gen –"


"Genesis you ran a red light…"


"Yes mother…"

"You see Seph, I told you from get-go that Cloud was trouble! Now look what he's gone and done! LITERALLY! To throw away a 7 year relationship for what! I tell you one thing; he'd better not come around my fucking house or even call me because I'll kill him Seph! Vincent is already at the top of my list so you don't have to worry about him! When Cid hears about this he's gonna flip!"

"Aren't you kinda overreacting?"

"I'm shocked that you aren't! And if this whole situation has something to do with that stupid game you and Valentine used to play, I'm sorry to say this, but you will be the last one remaining of your family. But seriously, why are you so calm about this?"

"I…I really don't know myself…"

Genesis sighed.

"You're welcome to stay with me and Angeal for as long as you like…"

"I know. That's why I went ahead and packed."

Genesis chuckled before he went back to keeping his eyes on the road and watching out for the cops. Sephiroth moved his seat back some before resting his head on his folded arms and closed his eyes. He'll get through this…just like he got through the death of his family…by taking one day at a time and eating Genesis' delicious pancakes that he knew that he better make when they got home.

End of Part I

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