It had been ten years since the winter war and everything had gotten back to normal. Ichigo and his friends went back to their old lives.. Well old lives and their training for if there is ever an opponent that needed defeated again they would be ready.

"Oh come on! I'm 25 years old give me a break already!" calls Ichigo, he was training at the back of the Urahara Shop.

"Nope, sorry can't do that kiddo." replies Kisuke Urahara taking a fighting stance.

"GAH Damn it!" Ichigo yells as he gets back into his stance.

Inside the shop Rukia sits at a table in the shop drinking tea with Tessai.

"Wow I still can't believe you two are getting married." says Tessai taking a ship of tea.

"Yeah I know it feels just like yesterday he and I met." answers Rukia smiling.

The two set in silent for a moment till they hear Ichigo yelling again this time calling Kisuke a few choice words.

"I better go check on him.." says Rukia beginning to raise from her set.

"No need.." Tessai replies as if on queue Ichigo storms into the shop.

"I am taking a break!" grumbles Ichigo taking a set next to Rukia.

"Damn it boy you need to learn to grow up already come on your getting married in a few months!" calls Kisuke as he steps inside the shop.

"Hmph" Ichigo turns his head away pouting.

"Gees.. Ichigo don't act this way.."

Ichigo now looking at Rukia replies, "Well tell him to stop having me train so hard all the time I mean I do need a break sometimes I am human!"

Before Rukia could reply a knock comes from the door of the shop.

"Well are you going to get it?" asks Ichigo staring at Kisuke.

"Yeah, yeah I am just wanted to see if maybe one of you would offer." Kisuke replies doing one of his goofy grins.

"But your right beside the door!" yells Ichigo as Kisuke answers it.

"Well, well we don't see you in 9 years and still you act like a child." says a voice everyone's eyes widen to see that Yoruichi, Soi Fon, and their son they had a year after the war named Zen. Where at the Urahara Shop door step.

"Yo-Yoruichi!" says everyone at once.

"Hey girl it's been a long time how are things going!" says Kisuke as he holds out his arms to hold the little boy that where in Soi Fon's arms.

"Oh we've been ok our little Zenny has been getting stronger and better with his training." replies Yoruichi as she watches Soi Fon have a glare off with Kisuke.

"Heh, you still baby the child don't you Soi Fon?" asks Kisuke still holding out his hands.

"Yeah.. But I can't help it he's my little boy." Soi Fon replies now letting Kisuke hold Zen.

"Oh wow, you've gotten big kid how old are you?" says Kisuke with a huge smile on his face.

"I'm.. 9 yesterday was my birthday." said Zen looking up at his Uncle Kisuke.

"Oh that's right it was!" Kisuke smile gets wider. "Did you get the gift I had sent to you?"

"Yep!" replies Zen happily.

"That's good did you like it?" asks Kisuke grinning.

"I LOVE it uncle Kisuke" cheered Zen, "Trains are so cool!"

"Yes they are." said Kisuke lifting the boy up in the air some making Zen giggle.

"He's such a sweet boy." said Tessai joining the three.

"Yes he is." Yoruichi replies as she watches her son enjoy hanging with his Uncle Kisuke.

"Yeah." Soi Fon whispers as she watches also, after she had Zen she had clamed down a lot and even became shorta friends with Kisuke.

Zen now looking back at his mother, reaches for her wanting back in her arms.

"Awe what? Your done with me now?" whined Kisuke.

"He doesn't like being away from his mommy for long." replies Yoruichi as Kisuke hands the boy back to Soi Fon.

"Yeah, he's even tries going to trainings with my squads." Soi Fon added as the boy grinned happily being back with his mommy.

"So.. He's a mama's boy then?" said Kisuke watching.

"Yep." Yoruichi replies grinning at her wife and child.

"He's a lot like how Ichigo was then." said Rukia cutting in.

"Oh yeah that's right you where a mama's boy too weren't you Ichigo.." said Yoruichi.

"Mh.. Yeah.." Ichigo replies having a warm smile on his face.

"Yoruichi? Have you guys eaten yet?" asked Tessai.

"Nope not yet." Yoruichi replied grinning.

Now setting around the table everyone eats the meal Tessai made.

"Man Tessai this is good!" said Yoruichi gapping it all down.

"Thank you." Tessai replies.

"Daddy and mommy can eat fast!" said Zen quietly.

"Awe I beat you can too?" Kisuke gave the young boy a soft pat on the head.

"No I don't like to eat fast I'm to little when I get big yeah!" replies Zen with a huge grin.

"But you can still eat a lot huh kiddo!" said Yoruichi with a mouth full of food.

"YEAH!" Zen cheered.

"Oh by the way. Ichigo, Rukia have you two set a date yet?" asks Yoruichi after swallowing her food.

"Not yet though we have thought about next month." Rukia replies happily.

"That's Great! You two make sure to send myself, Soi Fon, and Zen an invite!"

"Don't worry Yoruichi we'll make sure you guys get one." said Ichigo smiling.

"Good!" replied Yoruichi going back to eating.

Soi Fon watched as everyone talked and joked for the rest of the time.

An hour later after the dishes where cleaned and put away everyone stood outside of the Urahara shop.

"So.. Well I guess I'll see you two later." said Kisuke tipping his hat.

"Mhm we'd like to come by tomorrow if you don't mind Ichigo and I meant to talk to you about something."

"Ok then see you two tomorrow Rukia." smiled Kisuke.

As Ichigo and Rukia left Kisuke then turned to Yoruichi and Soi Fon.

"Would you two like to stay here for the night since Zen fell asleep." asked Kisuke.

"Sure sounds good." Answered Yoruichi. "Sound good to you Soi Fon?"

"Yeah." Soi Fon mumbles.

"Great I'll go get a room ready for you three." as Kisuke started to rush in he stops and looks back.

"Innless you two wanna do something naughty in that case I could let Zen stay with Jinta." added Kisuke.

"Hmmm that sounds good.."

"YORUICHI!" steamed Soi Fon blushing madly.

"Awe come on Soi Fon we haven't done it for a while I wanna.."

"NO LAST TIME WE DID IT AT KISUKE'S I GOT KNOCKED UP!" yelled Soi Fon interrupting Yoruichi.

"But Soi Fon we where in cat forms I don't think I could knock you up again in this form.." commented Yoruichi having a sad look.

"You'd find a way too.. Don't think that I don't know what you, Ukitake, Kyoraku and Unohana have been talking about!"

"Oh?" Yoruichi purred pulling Soi Fon into her body wearing a cat grin on her face.

"Hehe I think I better leave you two alone." comment Kisuke slowly going inside.

"Don't you dare think about it I can't get pregnant right now!" said Soi Fon trying to pull away.

"Awe why not?" Yoruichi purred as she started to kiss Soi Fon's neck.

"Ca-cause I have a big meeting coming up abo-ut a miss-ion.."

"Oh?" Yoruichi replied now working her right hand under Soi Fon's shirt.

"YES!" yelped Soi Fon now away from Yoruichi.


"No awes Yoruichi now let's go to bed.." as Soi Fon walked inside Yoruichi grinned devilishly.

The next morning as Kisuke got out of his bedroom he walked down the hall wall to the restroom till he saw little Zen outside the door to his parents room.

"Hey what's going on Zen man?" asked Kisuke.

"I heard noises in their room last night.." said Zen he sounded like he was a little frightened.

"Hmm…" Kisuke thought for a moment till it hit him. "Oh! Don't worry Zen everything is fine come on with me and we'll get you something for breakfast ok.."

"Ok.." Zen replied he grabbed hold of Kisuke's hand to walk with him to the other room.

"Yoruichi I'm going to kill you.." said Soi Fon they both had heard Zen outside the room.

"Awe he won't be upset for long." replied Yoruichi licking Soi Fon's neck. "And anyways He'll be happy if he ends up being an older brother."

"Shut up.." said Soi Fon a light blush appeared on her white fur.

"Hehe and you thought I wouldn't get you to go in you cat form.." giggled Yoruichi.

"Shut up!.."

"Uncle Kisuke?"

"Yes Zen?"

"Id my mommy and daddy married like Ichigo and Rukia are going to be?" asked Zen eating pancakes.

"Hm.. Well.." Zen looked at Kisuke wide eyed.

"Yeah they did shorta.." said Kisuke.

"What do you mean by shorta?" asked Zen curiously.

"Well their families didn't really like the idea at first of them getting married till your daddy told them about her male cat form and how she and Soi Fon would be able to make hares.."

"Oh?" Zen now ate his pancakes although they where like popcorn..

At the site Kisuke laughed softly some.

"Yep so they made a deal they have a kid and they would let your mama and papa get married."

"So that's when I came along?" asked Zen.

"Yep." Kisuke replied.

"Uncle Kisuke.."

"Yeah..?" Kisuke yawns some.

"I want a baby brother or sister someday.."

Kisuke grins and pats the kid softly on the head.

"Never know you may get one soon."

"RUKIA!" called Ichigo as he followed her to Kisuke's.

"What!" Rukia snapped.

"Is it so bad to have Kenpachi at the wedding.."


"Why Rukia?"

"Because he'll just want to fight all day this day will be for our wedding! Not for him to try and fight you!"

".." Ichigo nodded in agreement.

"Yeah guess your right.."

After a short while they arrived at the Urahara shop where they where met by Zen at the front door.

"Awe hey there Zen what's up?" said Rukia picking up the young boy giving him a hug.

"Not much Uncle Kisuke said Jinta and Ururu would be out to play with me but they haven't came out yet.." Zen replied sadly.

"Awe well I'm sure they will, how about you come inside with us for the time being ok we wouldn't want any Hollows come and try to get you."

"Ok Rukia." said Zen holding on to her.

"There you are!" called Soi Fon running up to her little boy grabbing him from Rukia's arms.

"Yeah he had been outside waiting for Jinta and Ururu." said Rukia.

"Who told you to wait outside?" asked Soi Fon kissing her son's forehead.

"Uncle Kisuke.." Zen replied giggling while trying to get his Mother to stop.

"Oh really?" Soi Fon turned to the back door.

"Soi Fon what are you thinking..?" asked a fearful Ichigo he knew Soi Fon would still tear into Kisuke if given the chance.

"Out side!" Soi Fon snapped.

"Ichigo we better get to Kisuke first before Soi Fon kills him!" said Rukia passing Soi Fon for the backdoor.

"I CAN HEAR YOU!" called Soi Fon.

"Heh.. Heh.." Ichigo ran passed Soi Fon closing the back door once exiting it.

"Those stupid no good.."

"Mommy do you really hate them?" asked her son looking at her sadly.

".." Soi Fon glances at him.

"Hey Kisuke!" called Rukia.

"Huh?" Kisuke turned from talking to Yoruichi and Tessai.

"A about.. What.. We wanted.. To ask.. You.. yesterday!.."

"What's that Rukia?" asked Kisuke as he watched a worn out Rukia and Ichigo.

"Can we have our wedding here!" blurted Ichigo.

"Um.. Sure I don't see why not." Kisuke answered looking puzzled. "That's great.." Ichigo replied happily. "Now run for your life!" Kisuke eyes widen as Soi Fon burst out of the backdoors her eyes looked red of evil.

"Oh.. Jinta and Ururu didn't go out to Zen did they.."

"Nope apparently not.." Ichigo replies looking back at the pissed off Shinigami.

Yoruichi who was still beside Tessai starts to giggle. "WHAT THE HELL YOU LAUGHING AT!" yells Ichigo. "It's been awhile since I've seen my wife so mad at Kisuke." Yoruichi replies flash stepping over to Soi Fon.

They watched as Yoruichi settles down Soi Fon with a hug and a kiss on the lips that's still going on.

"Will they like.. I don't know stop for a sec.?" asks Ichigo.

"No.. Yoruichi is trying to make something with her.. Anyways wedding plans." Kisuke grabs the two love birds pulling them away from the kissing girls.

"Well we had been thinking that we like it to be small but not to small.." says Rukia.

"Yeah we pretty much know who we want at our wedding who we don't want for reasons.." Ichigo adds.

"Let me guess the don't is Kenpachi.." comments Kisuke as he dips his hat some.

"Well we don't need him trying to kill my soon to be husband.." Rukia answers sounding a little bad about not wanting the man there.

"I understand but you know he'll find out.." Kisuke leans against a rock.

"True.." Rukia thinks for a moment. "I'll talk to him.."

"Good luck with that.." Kisuke says giving a plane look.

"I'm going to need it.." nods Rukia.