I'll Never Be The Same

Written By CosmicTwilight.

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Story Information: All Human, completely wipes out the Twilight Storyline.

Synopsis: Isabella Swan is an aspiring singer/songwriter in high-school, her biggest challenge writing a piece for her end of year assessment. She is drawing a blank until she meets the 'elusive' Edward Cullen.

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Bella POV

My hands strummed delicately down the guitar frets. The medley that flowed through the room as I strummed the last note, exactly what I needed to relax after a long day. Some people liked to bake when things got a little hard, for me it was as simple as picking up my guitar, a pen and a piece of paper. Always one better suited to writing down my thoughts than speaking them.

When I was younger, it was ballet. My mother pushed me into it before the divorce. The divorce that ended what little ballet career I had. Which wasn't much of one to start with, but that wasn't something I wanted to go into, it hurt – a lot.

Charlie, my father the police chief of town, was rather fond of my guitar playing. He would constantly take me to La Push to the bonfires the Quileutes would have and play for them. It had become some sort of a tradition. The Blacks were the ancestors of ancient Quileutes, and also a very close family friend. Charlie and Billy always went on fishing trips together, and occasionally would let me and Jacob go. Jacob's Billy's son.

School was school. I had a few friends, then mostly acquaintances, but I was happy. Angela was my closest friend, but my best friend was my Gibson Les Paul. It was an extension of me. Something I don't think everyone was too happy with.

The day had gone on rather normal, as normal as possible and right now Angela and I were waiting in the line for the cafeteria. The same old food present as every Tuesday. Pizza, followed by salad with jelly. Great.

Smiling, we stepped through the line grabbing our food and paying for it before making our way to our usual table where most of our friends were already sitting.

"Look's like this could eat us," Ben teased poking his pizza. The cafeteria was not known for it's gourmet food. This pizza, was asparagus and pineapple. Not exactly the best mix, but it was still food.

"Yeah," I added in agreement. "What will they come up with next?"

"I'm not sure if I want to stick around long enough to find out." Angela answered with a smirk as Lauren Mallory took her seat next to Jessica. "Hey Lauren," Angela said politely, but with a hint of agitation in her voice. She was as much of a fan of hers as I was. Which wasn't a lot. Jessica slammed her book on the table.

"I can't believe they expect us to read this crap," She groaned. "Who needs to know which path Catherine decides to take, we all know she is going to end up with Heathcliff." Ignoring the arrogance of Jessica, Ben poked me softly.

"Did you bring your homework for Music?" Ben questioned, I nodded with a smile.

"Yeah, took me all night to get something I actually liked." I smiled back, it was no secret that I was extremely picky with what pieces I put out there for people to see. The homework was simply to bring in a selection of music that has inspired you, or has great meaning to you. "How about you?"

"Yeah," He answered scratching his head. "I never realized before how much music you listen to, you don't actually like." We all laughed as the bell rang. "Guess that's us. Come on Bells."

Getting to my feet, we each began to go our separate ways. Mike following Jessica and Lauren like a lost puppy, while Ben and I walked towards the music room. Ben and Angela had been dating for a while now, with my encouragement of course. Walking into the classroom we took our regular seats, my guitar at my side.

"Good afternoon class," Mrs. Darity spoke firmly with a smile. She had long red hair that was up in a ponytail, with a slight fringe, a choker around her neck. Not much older than us. "How's everyone doing?"

"Good," The class answered in unison.

"That's good to hear, now to start off we will finish where we left off yesterday." She sat down at her desk and pulled out a folder. "Last nights homework was to bring in some music that inspired you in one way or another. Who would like to go first?"

"I'll go first," a small voice spoke from the back of the room. It belonged to Mia, a girl I had been going to school with my whole life, she never spoke much, more of the quiet kind. Racing to the front of the classroom she placed her iPod into the stereo and hit play. The soft medly pulsed through the stereo, and I knew immediately what song she had chosen.

A great, romance song. Specifically recorded for the movie version of Romeo and Juliett. When the song finished she hit the off button and took her ipod.

"Mia, would you like to explain your choice?" requested, Mia nodded. She was a shy one, usually preferring to be in the background as opposed to in the limelight.

"I chose this song, because ever since the moment I first heard it. I fell in love with it. The melody of the piano at the beginning, then the vocals and the lyrics. This is a song about wanting, a need and love. Something I hope to experience at some point," Mia answered nervously before receiving a nod and a round of applause from the class and returning to her seat.

"Ben?" Mrs. Darity asked, "Would you like to share something with us?" He nodded and got to his feet.

"I'd like to do something a little bit different." Ben announced, taking a seat at the piano. Slowly he began to play the medley, to one of the most popular songs of the eighties, 'Girls just wanna have fun.' As his fingers danced along the keys he began to sing.

'Came home in the middle of the night
my father says what you gonna do with your life
Well, daddy dear you're still number one
Oh, girls they wanna have fun'

Being a close friend, I knew why he chose this song. I also knew it wasn't clear to the rest of the people in the room. Six years earlier, his little sister had drowned and it was her favorite song. He held it close to his heart.

"Thank you Ben," Mrs. Darity smiled, "That was beautiful." He got up from the piano and stood infront of the classroom.

"I'm sure everyone knows this song, the pop version of course." This stifled a chuckle from a few in the room. "This song was my little sisters favorite, she's not with us anymore, but it always inspires me that little bit, picks me up when I am down."

"Isabella?" Mrs Darity spoke as I got up from my seat, connecting my Ipod to the stereo and standing at the front of the class as the soft notes fluttered through the speakers. It was my favorite piece of music, ever since I was little. "Ah, Claude De Bussy."

The class stared in shock, I wasn't surprised none of them had heard this before. "Clair De Lune is great." I spoke softly as it continued to play, when it finished I looked at each and every person in the room. "I chose this piece because it is full of beauty, love, heartbreak. The way the notes dance to me, it goes from sad to happy and it's pace is beautiful."

"Thank you, Bella." Mrs Darity smiled getting to her feet. "We're almost out of time, but I would like to discuss the assignment which is due in two weeks." she started handing out task sheets. "This assignment will be to compose a song with lyrics." Almost everyone groaned, not everyone in the class were composers, most were singers, and the composers, writing wasn't always our strong point. "You may work in pairs to compose, but each student must submit their own lyrics."

"You piece will be graded on depth, content, the hook, and how well it fits with the music you have created. You will need to submit the piece live. Meaning each and everyone of you will be at the front of this classroom singing." Just then the bell rang. "Well, I will see you all tomorrow."

I raced out the door with Ben. He was frowning. "What's wrong Ben?" I asked cautiously as he turned his head to me.

"I'm not exactly the best lyrical writer out there. Sure I can compose, but that's about it." Ben whispered.

"You just need to get into a moment and just write it down. What you did with Lilith's favorite song was amazing, you could try composing first and then put lyrics to the music later." I suggested as we reached the car park where Angela was waiting by Ben's sedan. "Hey."

"Hey." Angela greeted, "How was class?"

"It was alright,"I answered dropping my bag on the bonnet of my red truck. A gift from Charlie, not the most glamorous car but I loved it.

"Hey, did you get those notes from English earlier for me?" Angela asked, I started fumbling around with my bag. Shit. I must have left it in Music. "It's okay, I'll get it from you in the morning."

"Thanks Angie, your the best." I smiled back. "I'm going to go find it, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Ben." and I turned around back the way I had come. It was weird how the building could go from hustle and bustle to deserted in such a short period of time. The halls were empty aside from the lone student collecting books from their lockers.

The closer I got to the music room, the quieter things got. That was until a soft melody filled the halls, to a song I knew all to well. It was by 'The Fray'. I sung along in my head. Step one you say we need to talk. He walks you say sit down it's just a talk. He smiles politely back at you. You stare politely right on through.

Whoever was playing it, was talented with a piano. Stepping into the music room, my folder was sitting on the desk. Quickly picking it up, I found myself engulfed in the music that continued to flow through me. Peering around the corner, there was a slender figure. His back toward me. I watched intently. I was intrigued I had never seen this person before.

"Bella?" a bitchy voice came from behind me. The melody stops, and I find myself face to face with Jessica.

Songs featured: Greg Laswell – Girls They Wanna Have Fun, Clair De lune – Claude De Bussy, How to save a life – The Fray and Kissing You – Des'ree.