I'll Never Be The Same

Written By CosmicTwilight.

Standard Disclaimers: All characters mentioned herein unless otherwise specified are property of Mrs Stephenie Meyer. They are borrowed purely for a non profit reason and for the enjoyment of the fans of the franchise. All song lyrics, medley's mentioned are borrowed for purely for a non profit reason and simply for the enjoyment of it's fans. Credit will be given at the end of every chapter in accordance.

Story Information: All Human, completely wipes out the Twilight Storyline.

Synopsis: Isabella Swan is an aspiring singer/songwriter in high-school, her biggest challenge writing a piece for her end of year assessment. She is drawing a blank until she meets the 'elusive' Edward Cullen.

Author Notes: So a little more ExB. Reviews appreciated!

Bella POV

The door bell rang and I raced from my room to the door. Charlie, had very graciously allowed me to go out tonight. He was under the assumption that I was studying with Angela, I hated using her like this, but Charlie would never approve of me going out on what could possibly be a date.

I opened the door, and came face to face with Edward. My heart melted, I smiled at him. "May I come in?" He asked, I paused.

"Who is it Bells?" Charlie's voice rang to me from the living room.

"Uh," I looked at Edward, hoping he wouldn't judge me on what I was going to do. Thankfully, putting my things near the door seemed like a good idea now. "It's just Angela, we're gonna go. I'll see you when I get home Charlie, Bye." and with that I stepped out the door, closing it behind me and heading for his car, placing my guitar in the backseat.

"You rebel you." Edward teased, "Afraid Charlie won't like me?"

"No!" I assured him as we drove off. "Charlie doesn't really like the idea of me being around any 'boys'" I made sure to use my quotations marks. "That, and he has a gun. I'm more afraid he'll shoot any boy he meets who even shows any interest in me whatsoever."

"What makes you think I have any interest in you?" Edward smirked, god he was gorgeous. I frowned at him and reached for the doorknob.

"Well, if that's the case I guess I should head home." I smiled at him, pressing the handle down.

"Please don't, I have a surprise for you." He answered again with a secretive expression this time. "Do you have any idea where we are going?"

"None," I whispered, the truth was I hadn't been able to contemplate anything about tonight, his eyes hadn't escaped my mind, he was all I could think about. "Somewhere, that involves my guitar?" stating the obvious.

"You are a clever girl." He teased, five minutes later we pulled into what appeared to be a little club. "We're here." with that he quickly got out of the car grabbing my guitar and led me inside the little quaint club.

"What are we doing here?" I questioned finally reaching the entrance to this little club. "I don't think even I can get in here, I'm only sixteen." I whispered.

"ID please?" The Bouncer asked, his arms folded over his chest in the typical – movie stereotyped way. His hands dropping to his sides as Edward whispered something in his ear. "Go in."

"What did you say to him?" I asked, curious.

"I'm friends with the owner." Edward answered confidently leading my to a table set up at the front of the stage. There were about seven tables across the floor, a small dance floor to the side where a DJ set up was. Behind all the tables was a round bar, currently occupied by a trio of bar tenders.

"Where is this friend who is an owner then?" I queried taking a seat.

"Don't get too comfortable." Edward whispered in my ear as he left me alone, taking my guitar with him. I watched as he stepped over to the side of the stage with the DJ set up, and spoke to a man standing there. There was a bit of nodding, laughter and then they shook hands. Edward turned and came back to me. "Get ready."

"For what?" I asked as the man Edward had been talking to, made his way to the stage. Just then it all started to click as he tapped on the microphone. I glared at Edward.

"Hey everyone, welcome to Open Mic Night on the Push. I know you are all looking forward to our usual tonight, but unfortunately she has a family emergency and is unable to perform tonight. However do have a new act, all the way from Forks."

Three hooligans in the audience laughed, cheered and then one of them shouted out "That's not that far."

I turned around to see the three tanned boys, they didn't look older than fourteen. Each of them had long hair, longer than mine. The boy in the middle, his brown eyes were sharp and he smiled at me. I smiled back politely before glaring at Edward with every ounce of anger I could possibly muster up against him. Which wasn't a lot, it was hard to be angry at him.

"Isabella Swan!" The audience clapped and I just didn't move. I didn't want to be on the stage. There was no way, there wasn't a lot of people in the room and I was nervous. Edward reached for my hand and led me to the stage, taking the microphone in one hand.

"Be nice everyone, she's a bit nervous." He spoke before helping me get the guitar out of its case and setting it up for me.

"I can't do this!" I hissed at him taking the seat in front of the microphone. Slowly I started to strum my hands over the guitar.

The lights shone in my eyes, brighter than ever. But it led me back to that moment when my world came crashing down. For weeks I had been practicing my ballet. It was something my mother had pushed me into.

But it was also something neither of my parents could come to an agreement on. So in the middle of the act, my fellow students and I all did a little choreography and I bowed slightly, then looked for my parents – who were standing out the back, arguing with each other yet again. They had been doing that a lot. They were not exactly quiet about it and it ended causing the entire performance to stop and the entire audience staring at them.

The whispers started between the young girls and the parents. Eyes varying from me, to them. I stepped forward to the microphone, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Are you happy now? You've ruined this for me." I shouted through the microphone, reaching down I took my shoes off and three them on the floor. "I am never going to do this again, never. I hate you both!"

My mind twisted back to the hear and now. What was I doing? Tears were starting to form, my hands had stopped strumming down the guitar and I felt a warm hand on my back. This wasn't right, it just didn't feel right. Looking to the back of the room, the light shining in my face.

"I'm sorry." I whispered into the microphone before running off the stage, guitar in hand. The audience booed as I did, my eyes locked into those of the young man who I had spotted earlier. Running out the front I threw my guitar on the ground, tears streaming as I remember the way it felt to be publicly humiliated.

"Bella?" Edward's musical voice rang to me as he sat beside me, picking up my guitar and placing it in its case. "Are you okay?"

"I'm so sorry," I whispered, sobbing harder. "I – never -"

"It doesn't matter." Edward cut me off. "Are you okay? I should have listened."

"No it's just." I paused, unsure of what he would think by what I was about to tell him. It was stupid, something I should have been able to get over really easy, but it didn't seem like it was going to happen as such. His hand reached out for mine, and the moment we connected, the sparks hit again and I was lost in him again.

"It's my parents."