"You're an idiot." she states.

"What do you know?" he scoffs.

"A lot more than you. You get a year correct? One. Simple. Tiny. Year. 365 days. Cuz it's not leap year honey. Thought I'd let you know, before I move on, you could've bargained with one of my people. And we would've brought his soul back for a smaller fee." and with that she walks away, leaving a very confused, very pissed, very sad, determined non-guilt feeling Dean Winchester to stand gaping in the snow.

"Wait!" he calls.

"What?" she asks impatience visible in her voice.

"What are you?"

She smiles, "Reaper."

"Why didn't you tell me this before..?" he demands.

She shrugs, "It didn't seem necessary at first and I thought you'd…shop around a bit first. You know what they say… There's always a better deal!" she smiles again, waves and vanishes.