Epilogue: (this is not my forte…so enjoy but don't bitch. 'Cause I won't listen anyway.)

Six Months Later…

I took a deep breath and smiled as a I snuggled in closer to Edward. His left arm was wrapped around my shoulders as a pillow for my head and his right arm was draped over my hips. His hand was resting right where my panty lines met my thigh. Pure heaven.

He must have realized I was awake because he tightened his grip on me. "Good morning, baby." I giggled. He was still half asleep and sounded so cute. "Good morning, wifey." That brought on a full laugh from me. I was blushing all over at his sweet words.

"Good morning Edward, how did you sleep?" Instead of answering me, I felt warm kisses trailing down my neck to my shoulders. Edward was in the mood again…what a surprise.

"I slept fine. I always do when you're in my arms. Well you and little Edward junior." I could feel him smile into my skin. He knew I didn't want to name our kid, boy or girl—because we didn't know yet—Edward junior.

Granted, I didn't know what I wanted to name the baby, I just knew it wasn't that.

I closed my eyes and thought back to all the trouble we'd had up until this morning. The kidnapping, or bellanapping as Emmett called it, had made little news in the headlines. Edward and Emmett had found me and brought me to Jasper. Jasper had me looked over by a friend of a friend with a true medical license and I'd been on bed rest for three weeks after that. Edward never left my side. Emmett joined the organization officially and he and Rose now lived right next door to us in our obnoxious gated community for criminals.


I'd been resting in bed listening to Edward read to me when the doorbell rang. Edward cocked the gun he kept next to the bed but didn't get up until he heard from Emmett. Emmett knocked on the door to tell us that there was a detective at the door that wanted to speak to me. I started to tense and panic. Edward kissed my forehead and promised he'd be right outside my door and back in five minutes.

I heard them talking but not clearly. Edward raised his voice and then I could tell it was Detective Black. There was some more noise and then the front door closed. I waited patiently for Edward to come back into our bedroom and fill me in.

"That was Detective Black, baby. They found James' body in an alley. He was shot and his skull was crushed. And Black knows it was me."

Edward must have been able to tell I was panicking when he looked up at me. He came over to me and held my face in his hands as he kissed my forehead.

"It's okay….as a favor to me for not linking him to your abduction, he's already lost the evidence that links me to the crime."

"But Edward, he…he knows. And he could..take you away from us…me…no!"

Edward held me tighter. "It's gotta go down like this. His murder will go unsolved but we'll stay safe and there won't be any repercussions from the organization either."

End Flashback.

Edward and I had gotten married a week after the detective had visited the house. Neither he nor I wanted to waste any more time being engaged. Just a few weeks after that we found out I was pregnant.

I can't say life was perfect but it was a large improvement from where I had been when I met Edward in that dumpster. He'd saved my life. He'd helped me survive.