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Warning: Implied sex (but seriously, its nothing)

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'…you got me a kunai…' Kushina said as she stared at the oddly shaped kunai.

'Yep,' Minato replied with a grin.

'…you got me some weird shaped Kunai for my birthday…'

'…Yes,' Minato replied, frowning in confusion.

Kushina continued to stare at the punching bag she called her boyfriend, while clenching her fists.

'And what did you get for your birthday six months ago?' She asked through her teeth.

Minato blushed and looked at his feet. '…Your virginity.'

'…So I gave you my virginity for your birthday and for mine I get a kunai?' She was glaring daggers at him.

'…Yes…' he replied in a small voice.

Kushina was about to walk away when she felt Minato grab her shoulder. She turned to look at him. 'What?'

'You didn't let me finish explaining,' he replied.

She sighed and allowed him to explain.

'This kunai is of my design-'

'Which is why it looks stupid.'

'-And it has a seal attached to it, which is also my own design-'

'How original.'

'Kushina!' He groaned.

When he was sure she was done, he continued. 'To put it simply, throw the kunai, and I'll be here within seconds.'

She nodded and sighed. 'Okay well thanks for my present, this is the best birthday ever,' she replied sarcastically.

'Just use it in emergencies, okay?' he sighed.

'Fine,' she replied before leaving.

Minato shook his head in confusion. 'What the hell did I do?'

It was eight o'clock at night and Kushina was lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She was so bored. She glanced at her bedside table and picked up the kunai Minato had given her. She shrugged and threw it. 'Oh well,' she thought bitterly. 'May as well use it to annoy him. His fault for giving me a stupid Kunai.'

She was knocked out of her thoughts when Minato arrived. A choke of laughter erupted from her.

Minato had arrived within a second of the kunai being thrown and whipped his head around, looking for danger with a kunai in his hand. Seeing nothing, he looked at Kushina and coked an eyebrow as in to say, 'Where's the danger?'

Kushina started giggling madly. Minato frowned for a second before realizing something. He was standing in the middle of her room, wearing absolutely nothing. He had just hopped out of the shower when he sensed the Kunai being thrown. He awkwardly grabbed a pillow to cover himself.

'…Um…' was all he had to say.

Kushina smiled with a light blush across her face and stood up. 'I was testing it out… though I wasn't expecting this.'

Minato scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. 'Neither was I.'

Kushina walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, throwing the pillow aside as she did. 'Well, I've decided that I quite like my birthday present.'

Minato chuckled and picked her up, throwing her on the bed a few seconds later.

Her birthday turned out to be good after all.

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