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A incredibly large bearded man stands in a white and purple leisure suit in a warehouse in Gotham. Behind him his cohorts lead a large group of young girls gagged and in chains. "You here Mr. Cobblepot?" he asks into the darkness.

A very round squat man with a large nose and dressed in a tuxedo and holding an umbrella turns on the lights and his goons step forward to take the girls from the other party. "You can just call me Penguin Mr. Hercules."

"Herakles," the large man corrects, handing over the end of one chain, "its a common mistake."

The Penguin examines one of the frightened girls. "You have a fine eye for quality," the bird man observes.

"They're no Amazons, but they should fetch quite a price," the massive Greek answers. "I did have some trouble collecting them though."

Herakles leads his fellow villain over to reinforced shipping container and opens the door. Inside hanging from the ceiling and wrapped in a golden glowing cord, is the most beautiful woman the Gotham rogue has ever seen. She has ocean blue eyes, long raven black hair, and perfect skin. A gold tierra with a red star in the middle rests on her forehead, and around the the cord one can see her red and gold top and star spangled bottom. She looks at them with cold rage on her lovely face. "When I get out of this, after I beat you both down, I'm going to bind you both and sell you to some other perverted collector," she tells them.

The Penguin gets very worried. "Is that who I think she is?"

"The Wonder Woman," Herakles answers. "She tried to stop my business venture. Would have succeeded too if I didn't have help," he explains as he pinches the badly beaten Cheetah hanging on the wall of the container.

"Why did you bring her here?" Penguin asks, nervously stepping backwards.

"I have plans for the Princess, plans which I couldn't get too before our meeting, and I couldn't risk leaving her alone somewhere," the demigod answers nonchalantly. "Don't worry, I have bound with her own unbreakable Lasso, which I then have secured in this very strong lock," he assures holding up the giant titanium padlock.

"You should kill me while you have the chance, because I will make you pay for this," Wonder Woman calmly tells him.

Penguin takes out a handkerchief and wipes the sweet off his forehead. "Lets just get the merchandise ready the ship will be here within an hour."

At that moment, all the lights in the warehouse go out. The Penguin's eyes dart around as he points his umbrella up into the darkness. "He's here!" he shouts to his men.

"Who's here?" Herakles asks confused.

"The reason for my recent rise to power. The thing that took out all my competition and now has set sight on me," the squat man explains, "the Batman."

The Greek muscle man rolls his eyes then commands his men, "Go forth and kill the flying rodent."

As the two groups of goons begin to venture into the darkness, and black form appears out of the darkness for just the instant it takes to snatch a man off his feet and disappear back into the shadows, as every armed man begins opening fire in vain at where he was.

"He got Ted!" one man shouts terrified.

"He's...he's just one man! Go out there and get him, or you'll have me to deal with!" The Penguin shouts, then fires a couple of shots into the air. The men, remotivated, go forward into the darkness.

The two villains wait in the glow of the Lasso of Truth. Every now again they hear gunfire and screams, but then there is a long period of silence.

"Report!" Herakles demands.

A deep voice that sounds like it comes from the darkness itself answers, "You never should have tried this in my city."

The Penguin decides to make a run for it, and bolts in the direction of the exist. He looks to his right and begins unloading his umbrella in that direction. The gunfire illuminates the Batman as he ducks and dodges the deadly brass, then he pulls the gun out of the gangster's hand, socks him one, then pulls him back into the darkness. The little man's foul painfilled screech can be heard from one side of the warehouse then the other.

"Cobblepot?" Herakles asks the shadows. In response, the bound and beaten crook is dropped just within the Lasso's light.

"Scared Herakles?" the Amazon princess asks.

"Please. I've fought real monsters, a man pretending to be one is just pathetic," he tells her. Herakles removes his jacket, folds it, then tosses it aside. Then he steps out of the container and opens his arms wide and shouts into the darkness, "I'm right here Batman! Come out and face me!"

Out of the darkness, a spinning black bat-shaped weapon flies at the demigod. Herakles easily dodges the weapon, only to look behind him and see it continue on its path and imbed itself into the lock hanging from Wonder Woman. Before his eyes the titanium padlock, freezes then in a shower of sparks the batarang bursts and shatters the lock.

"Fuck..." Herakles moans as the furious Amazon charges him.

The evil demigod is able to avoid the first blow, but the next four hit him right in the gut. Then the Lasso wraps wraps around his neck and pulls his face straight into her knee. The villain finally lands a backhanded swipe that knocks Wonder Woman back and stuns her for a second.

As Herakles tries pull the Lasso off of him, the Dark Knight appears out of nowhere and swipes his cape at his face, hitting him in the eyes with the cape's lead weighted tips. When the villain turns around holding his wounded eyes, the Amazon returns and delivers a quick and devastating kick to his groin with all her might. As he doubles over in pain the superheroine grabs his head, lifts him up, then pile-drives him face first into the cement floor.

After Diana binds her enemy with her Lasso, she looks up and sees the Batman gone and all the captured women (except for Cheetah) free and walking around. Wonder Woman quickly flies up to the roof and catches the hero before he can disappear. "Batman," she says catching his attention. The Dark Knight turns around his white lenses look meet her eyes. "Thank you."

The Batman nods his head, "Princess." Then the Caped Crusader drops over the side of the building. Wonder Woman quickly runs to the edge and looks over the side to find that the Batman is magically gone. She smiles as the sound of police sirens approach.

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