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That is the word that best suits Tayuya, in Shikamaru's opinion. She is unbearably troublesome.

In fact she is more than troublesome.

She is bothersome, wearisome, worrisome, a drag, annoying, difficult and complicated.

Shikamaru doesn't like complicated things. In fact he goes out of his way to avoid them.

So what confuses him, much to his distaste, is why Tayuya is always there.

She's there when he drinks, she's there when he goes out, she's there when he comes back home from a mission, and she's there when he goes to bed at night. Even when she's not there, she's lingering in the back of his mind, never giving him a moments rest.

It's all just too troublesome.

It's so bothersome it how she mouths things off, swears continually at things and people. A bother when she whines at him for being so lazy, a bother when she yells at some kids for pissing her off and being so 'mother-fucking' loud.

It's wearisome when she drinks with him, confusing him non stop when they talk. It's wearisome when she yells in his ear when he has a hangover, wearisome when she drinks all his beer.

And her moody ways is such a drag. How one moment she is happy, the next pissed, the next wicked, the next funny, and sometimes even depressed. A drag how she gets angry at him for just not paying attention, a drag when she looks at him and feigns a cheerful face, while she is obviously miserable.

Annoying why she doesn't just tell him what's on her mind straight away. Annoying how she lets it boil and brew painfully inside her before she opens herself up to him, annoying how she thinks he probably doesn't care anyway.

She is so difficult to earn trust from, yet when he does, he feels happy, rewarded. This confuses him, and makes the situation more complicated when he hugs her sobbing form into his shoulder. Difficult when the moment passes and they sit there awkwardly, silently.

It was especially complicated when suddenly she would be happy again, kiss his cheek and be her usual self. Complicated as he is happy too, happier than before, complicated how she lies next to him as they drift off to sleep.

But oddly the most troublesome thing has almost nothing to do with her. It's because of him. Its troublesome how he likes it how she's always there.

It's troublesome how he doesn't mind it when she drinks all his beer, as long as he's sharing one with her. It's troublesome how he is happy when she goes out with him, by his side, just because he asks her too. It's troublesome how he is almost grinning like a madman when he comes back from a mission because he missed her so much. It's troublesome when he kisses her back and feels safer than he ever has before. Troublesome how he loves her talking to him. Troublesome how he loves her shouts, no matter how angry they are. Troublesome he opens up to her too. Troublesome how he holds her in their slumber, breathing in her lovely scent. Troublesome, troublesome, troublesome.

It's all too complicated for Shikamaru's liking. He usually tries to avoid these kinds of things. But for once, it would be frightfully troublesome if he did.