The following "Rockman X" fic is an AU that takes place right after "Rockman X8" when Lumine struck Axl at the end of the game. This is considered AU because this will contain characters from "Rockman X: Command Mission", who weren't introduced until long after X8 (I see X8 coming before CM, story-wise).


The last things he remembered were stepping closer to the seemingly dead body of the Maverick, Lumine, and then hearing the voices of his comrades, his friends, X and Zero, calling his name. Afterwards, it was just darkness. What had happened? He didn't want to know and yet, he did want to.

Opening his eyes, he had to close them again when a bright light blinded him. This time, he grudgingly opened them and let his eyes adjust to the light. Once adjusted, he sat up from his lying position to see that he was on a bed and that he wasn't wearing his armor, just a pair of boxer shorts. Before he could make heads or tails of what was going on, a young blonde female nurse Reploid, about his age, brought him into a crushing hug.

"Axl-kun! You're alive!" cried the little Reploid, not realizing that she was choking him. When she did, she let go of the gunslinger with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Ci-Cinnamon?" asked Axl, trying to regain the proper breathing pattern. "What are you doing here? Last time I saw you was in Giga City during the whole Redips incident."

"The others and I wanted to come and visit you, X-san, and Zero-san," answered Cinnamon with a small smile. That smile soon turned into a frown though. "When we got here though, Zero-san came rushing in shouting for a medic and then X-san came in carrying you on his back. There was a large crack on the gem of your helmet."

Axl looked at Cinnamon and saw that her eyes were starting to water. He started to wonder why she was crying. Was she crying for him? That just raised further questions in his mind.

'Its times like this I wish us Reploids weren't so human-like. Cinnamon doesn't look right when she cries,' thought the redhead.

Axl reached out and gently wiped the blonde girl's tears, making her look up at him in shock.


"Please don't cry, Cinnamon. It'll take more than this to kill me," said Axl as he pointed to the bandages wrapped around his head.

Unfortunately, that seemed to make things worse. Axl did not expect to see Cinnamon's eyes water even more and he certainly did not expect what she did next. She launched herself at Axl and wrapped her arms around his neck, making him lie back down on the bed with her on top of him due to the force of her launch. He was confused by this and was even more confused when she started full blown cry, making his shoulder wet from her tears.

"I was s-so s-scared!" cried the young nurse.

"Scared? Of what?"

"I was scared that you were going to die, Axl-kun, and that I'd never get to see you again!"

Axl wasn't sure why Cinnamon would be this upset over him dying. He knew that some of the people he knew, like X, Zero, and the rest of the Maverick Hunters would be sad about it, but Cinnamon seemed like she'd be the most upset out of anyone. Before he could question her about it, the door flew opened and in walked three Reploids.

The first was Zero, the Crimson Hunter. His armor was red and white in color and his long blond hair was in its usual ponytail. The next one was a ninja-like green-haired Reploid known as Marino. She was once a thief back in Giga City, but after meeting Cinnamon and the others she decided to find a different path in life. The last Reploid was Axl's navigator, Pallette. She wore green armor and had blonde hair in an "interesting" style.

The three newcomers looked at the two on the bed with wide eyes until Zero's mouth morphed into a large grin.

"You know, we could come back if you two want," said Zero, only to receive a smack to the head from Marino.

"Don't make me chop off that hair of yours," threatened the pink ninja, glaring at the S-class Hunter, who was holding his hair protectively. She then turned her glare to Axl and Cinnamon, namely Axl. "What are you two doing?"

"Nothing! I swear!" cried Axl. Cinnamon seemed to have a confused look on her face. She wasn't sure why the Reploid she saw as an older sister was angry with Axl.

"Then why is Cinnamon on top of you?" demanded Pallette. Her own glare became a little fiercer when she saw Cinnamon unconsciously hold Axl closer to her.

Axl explained what had happened from the time he woke up to when the three came into the room. Zero looked bored, Pallette looked as if she didn't really believe Axl, and Marino had a knowing smile on her face.

'Well, well. Who would've guessed that little Cinnamon had a crush on Axl? This could make things interesting,' thought the ninja. "Cinnamon, can you come with me for a moment? I need to talk with you about something."

Cinnamon was reluctant to, but she let go of Axl and followed Marino out of the room and down the hall. Zero had also left before he could break out in laughter at the predicament that Axl was in. It was just too hilarious in his eyes. He'd definitely have to tell X. That just left Axl and Pallette in the room.

"So you and Cinnamon, huh?" questioned Pallette, missing the look of confusion on Axl's face. "I thought we could've had a chance as a couple."

"Nani? Pallette, what would make you think WE could be a couple?" asked the copycat, either forgetting or ignoring the question about Cinnamon.

"Because I'm your navigator, that's why!"

"…You think just because you're my navigator means that we're supposed to be together in that way?" asked Axl with a deadpan look. He did not like where this was going.

"Of course!"

"Pallette, it doesn't work like that!"

"Then how do you explain X and Alia or Zero and Layer?" questioned Pallette, thinking she won.

"That's different! X-sempai and Alia have known each other for years! As for Zero-sempai and Layer, they're not even together, but Layer is probably the only one who could get Zero-sempai to move on from Iris…at least, that's what X-sempai said," explained Axl. "Us? We don't have the kind of relationship that the others have. We're just hunter and navigator only."

Pallette could only stare at the sharpshooter, who in turn stared at the sheets of the bed, avoiding eye contact. After a minute or so of silence, the navigator turned around with a huff of anger and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Axl could only shake his head in disappointment. He was not looking forward to the next few days.



Originally going to be just a one-shot, I figured make it multi-chaptered. Axl x Cinnamon need more love.

Sorry to all the Axl x Pallette fans out there, but I had to take a few shots at the pairing. I just get tired of seeing it for the sole reason that was stated in the fic. That's the only reason people pair Axl and Pallette together, they're hunter and navigator. And yes, I know there wasn't really any interaction between Axl and Cinnamon in CM, but there are probably more reasons for them to be together than Axl and Pallette.

Up next: Marino and Cinnamon's talk, Zero tells X, and a father finds out. Stay tuned.