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(Pikachu): Pokemon speaking there language which only there trainers could understand.

The surroundings that were once filled with beauty and life were now merely a wasteland that was filled with corpse and had a lingering aura of death. Around the field, there were bodies scattered around, most are dead, some are slaughtered to the extent that they could not be indentify, and only a few are still breathing, barely breathing for the injuries that they had endure was so lethal that they weren't able to use their healing powers any longer. In the middle of the wasteland, there was a man and woman; tears fell from the eyes of the woman as he impaled the man that was in front of her with her sword while the man merely looked passive a he glanced at her with absolute hatred.

"I see that you are the one that ended this, it's quite fitting." The man said in a cold tone as blood felt from his mouth to the ground as he grabbed hold of the blade which impaled him.

"I'm sorry that it ended like this, but I have no choice." The woman said in a sad tone as tears fell from her eyes. Her statement caused the man to growl out of frustration as he further impaled himself to the blade in order to get near her.

"Don't give me that crap, you had a choice, you're a freaking God Arceus, you could have prevented this from ever happening but no, you chose the easy way and not make a move to prevent this, to prevent my loved from dying." The man said as he spat out some blood that splattered all over Arceus' face.

Arceus didn't even attempt to hold back the tears that shed from her eyes as she looked at him with utter regret. "You had to understand, even if I'm the God off all things, I can't interfere with mortal affairs." Arceus stated in a sad tone.

That further aggravates the man as he slapped Arceus right across the face with his remaining strength. "Then what about me, I save this world that you created countless of times, I save your legends and your knights from death and damnation several times, I save the creatures the you created from certain hell, I even spread your word all across the world, I don't have to do all those things but I did it because you were my friend. Out of all the things I did at your graced, at your command, I've only ask you one thing, one small thing in return, and that's for my beloved to stay safe, but you can't even do that." The man ranted as tears fell from his eyes as he remembered the faith that his beloved suffered.

The man stared at Arceus with absolute discontent as he grabbed her throat forcefully. "Do you even know what happened to her, what my enemies did to her, the enemies that I made because I did all the things that you asked me to do huh," The man asked as he forced Arceus to looked directly at his eyes, forcing Arceus to see his tortured and broken soul, causing Arceus' heart to be shatter by the second as she stared at those eyes.

"They ravaged her, they raped her, they took away her dignity as they treat her like whore, and they even took her life after they were done with her. The only thing I asked of you is to resurrect her but no, you refused, after all the things I did for you, you refused the one favor I ever asked of you." The man growled as his body slowly gives in from exhaustion and from all the blood that he had lost.

"Even if I had the power to that I can't, because if I did I'll be breaking the law of life and death, the very law that created my existence. It was out of my jurisdiction, please understand Ashura." Arceus stated in desperation causing the man in front of him to snapped in anger.


Ashura knowing that his life was about to end, glared at Arceus for one last time, he unconsciously emitted Aura as his body disintegrated in the air. "Before I leave this forsaken world that you created, let me give you one warning, a warning for the sake of the friendship that we used to have." Ashura then took one last breath as the Aura that he mastered slowly devours him.

"If you think this is over, then think again. I will be back to finish the job that I started, I'll be back to cleansed this world of the evil, the tainted and the corrupt, I'll be back to create the world that me and my beloved envisioned, and finally and most importantly I'll be back to finish the remainder of your knights and your so called legendaries, I'll be back to finish you." Ashura proclaimed with a sinister smile as his body completely disappeared in the air.

Arceus tears fell to the ground which she created, she can't bare the sight of what became of her friend, of what became of the man she admire and adore the most. It was all her fault that he became like this.

"One more thing Arceus, I almost forgot, look at me," Ashura demanded causing her to look at him for the last time. Arceus' heart stopped beating as she saw the smile that he usually gave her when he was truly happy, when they were still friends. "The damage that I did to this world is severe, try to heal it, heal this world and heal the damaged that I made, for once I come back, I will not just remodel this world, I will take great pleasure of talking everything that you hold dear. Because when I come back, I WILL TAKE HELL WITH ME." Ashura finished as he disappeared in the face of the planet, for now at least.

Arceus finally collapsed face first to the ground out of exhaustion and grief. She had killed her best friend, the person she admired, she had prevented the apocalypse, but at what caused. The world is half destroyed; the population of the world, both humans and Pokémons were down to a few thousands, her knights and legendaries had been all but gone. As she gazed at the damaged that the war they waged against one man, one man that had surpass the Gods, one thought run through her mind.

"I had only prevented the inevitable." Arceus said in grief.


"So this is good bye huh," Ash said in a disappointed tone as he glanced at his two friends.He can't believe it; he can't believe that his friends were leaving him at the climax of his Sinnoh Journey. He can understand why Brock was leaving, but the reason why Dawn was leaving was complete and utterly idiotic for her part.

"Don't worry Ash, I'll be back before the Sinnoh League begins, I just need to take care of Pewter Gym for a while, until my dad is well off his sickness." Brock exclaimed as he gave Ash a packed lunch.

Ash accepted the packed lunch as he smiled sadly at Brock. "Don't worry Brocko, I would do the same thing if my mother was the one that is ill." Ash said with a nod, understanding Brock's predicament.

Ash then glanced at Dawn with disbelief. "You sure you want to do this Dawn, you're going to a foreign land without me and Brock with you, are you sure you could do this?" Ash asked in a worried tone.

Dawn merely smiled at Ash as she gave him a thumps up. "No need to worry Ash, I can take care of myself, plus you and Brock thought me a lot of things so this won't be too hard." Dawn stated in a positive tone.

"(She won't last a week travelling alone)." Pikachu commented causing Ash to unconsciously nod in agreement.

"Hey Brock, are you sure you can't accompany Dawn for a while in Johto, for her sake?" Ash asked causing Dawn to be annoyed slightly.

"Do you doubt my skills, mister?" Dawn asked in annoyance as she approached Ash threateningly.

Ash shook his head frantically as he back off from the irate Dawn. "I do not doubt your skills Dawn, I'm just worried about you, you are my friend after all." Ash said in order to save him from a world of pain.

That caused the desire effect as Dawn stopped at her tracks and blush slightly at what Ash said. Before she could say anything, Brock decided to reply at Ash's earlier question. "I think I could accompany her until Goldenrod Ash, but after that, she's on her own." Brock replied as he took out the map of Johto.

Ash nodded as he gave Dawn a light embraced, causing her to blush furiously, it's not every day that she received a hug from her crush. "Take care of yourself and try not to get lost okay Dawn." Ash stated as he look at Dawn with a serious expression. Dawn could only nod; her body feeling numb as Ash's arms was removed from his body.

Ash then glanced at Brock before showing him a grin. "Don't get yourself beat up by girls again Brock." Ash teased causing Brock to blush in embarrassment.

"Shut up will you," Brock yelled in embarrassment before extending his hand to Ash. "You better win against Volkner Ash." Brock stated with a smile.

Ash smiled back as he took Brock's hand shook it." Count on it," Ash said in a determine tone.

(Scene Change)

"Are we ready to go?" A man wearing an orange suit asked as he gazed at his most elite agent.

"We are good to go sir, the base is up and ready as well as well equip, we have several grunts patrolling all over Sinnoh, and we are currently expanding our base of operation all througout Sinnho." The blonde woman said as she salutes her boss out of respect and fear.

"That's good, and what about that special thing I asked of you, Domino." The man asked in a piercing look.

The woman named Domino grunted at the mentioned of that; she truly didn't like that task that her boss gave to her. "The grunts that I assigned had finally detected her and is now on the verged of capturing her sir." Domino answered in a harden tone.

The man smiled at hearing that, she was the only thing he needed to make his plans come true. The man then gazed outside of his private jet with a smirked on his face. "One more thing Domino, what is the recent news about my nephew, is he doing well." The man asked with a proud smirked.

Domino growled at the mention of that brat. "Sir why do you take interest in that brat, he is not worth your time." Domino stated in a growled.

The man slapped Domino across the face after hearing her statement, the single statement cause the man to explode in rage. "YOU SHOULD GIVE MY NEPHEW DUE RESPECT DOMINO; HE IS STILL A PART OF MY FAMILY EVEN IF THAT SLUT IS HIS MOTHER." The man shouted as he glared at his elite agent.

"I apologized sir," Domino said out of fear.

The man glared at her as she dragged her to her feet painfully. "Now answer me, what is the status of my nephew." The man asked again in a harden tone.

Domino hesitated before answering."He is currently headed to Sunyshore for his last badge sir, that's all I know."

The man nodded as he threw her effortlessly to the ground."That's good to hear, I want to be in Sinnoh at exactly 0900 hours, tell that to the pilot." The man ordered causing Domino to make a dash towards the cockpit.

(Scene Change)

Ash gazed at the clearing with a smile plastered in his faced, this place is perfect. "Alright Pikachu, this place is right for our training." Ash said as he glanced at the clearing in front of him.

"(Yeah baby, it's time for me to actually have proper training now that Brock and Dawn is gone)." Pikachu said as he dashed at the middle of the clearing.

"Yeah, that means no more holding back." Ash said with a grin.

"(And that also mean we could master that ability)." Pikachu said as he stood in front of Ash.

Ash nodded as he gazed at his Pikachu. "Let's do this then, Pikachu, Static Reversal." Ash ordered with a smile.

Pikachu's growled, his eyes turned white and his body was suddenly surrounded by thick electricity. The ground surrounding him burned as electricity course through the ground.

Ash smile at the sight and the power of his and Pikachu's secret weapon, it may not be master but it was strong enough for battle. "Let's start this off with Volt Dragon." Ash ordered. Pikachu let out a loud roar as he charge towards Ash while spinning around, as Pikachu spins around he created a realistic dragon made out of electricity that went pass Ash before shooting up to the sky.

Ash grin, the attack was perfect. "Let try Star Thunder." With that said, the electric dragon evaporated before speeding down to the ground in high speed, his entire body was covered with spiral like electricity. As the attack hit the surface, the ground shattered in to pieces, creating a dust of smoke.

Ash's grin became wider at the damaged that that attack did. "That's good as well, now let's try Crescent Thunder." Ash ordered, in a matter of moments, a large crescent shape lightning went pass Ash, crushing and electrocuting anything in its path. That attack also caused the smoke to clear, causing Ash to smirk wildly at the wide crater that the Star Thunder made.

Ash then gazed at Pikachu and frowned after seeing that Pikachu was in the verged of collapsing. He sighed as he approached his partner; it seems that Pikachu still doesn't have the stamina to use Static Reversal." Pikachu, deactivate before you collapse." Ash ordered.

Pikachu nodded as the intensed electricity left his body, causing him to collapse out of exhaustion. Ash then carried his partner and put him on his shoulder. "Don't worry partner, you'll have the stamina to use that ability soon, that I swear." Ash said as he walked off towards the forest.

(Scene Change)

As Ash enters the forest, a feeling off uneasiness entered him. The feeling was similar to the time he and Pikachu discovered that they could reversed the effects of Static, thus the creation of Static Reversal, but this time, the feeling was absolute fear. Ash wondered what is in this forest that made him unease.

Ash then looked at his surroundings, the trees, the plants, and even the Pokémons that were looking at him; he can feel that they were telling him something, something that scared him a lot. He stopped at his tracks as he felt a breeze of wind pass by, sending shivers down his spine.

'I wonder if I could use it again.' Ash thought as he extended his hand but hesitated in a moment.

'The last time I should it, I almost killed someone.' Ash thought remembering the first time he used his secret power. The feeling then suddenly crept up his spine causing Ash's eyes to widen in fear.

"Screw this, I'm curious." Ash said as his eyes suddenly changed for brown to red as he pulse psychic energy. Ash's sight then increased ten folds, giving him a clear view of all the creatures in the forest. He can't help but marveled at the beauty of the forest, that until he saw a sight that unnerve him greatly.

Ash's eyes turned back into normal as he dashed towards where that scene is unfolding.

(Scene Change)

"Give it up girl, we got you cornered." A grunt wearing a Team Rocket uniform said as he gazed at the beautiful girl in front of him.

"What do you people want with me?" The girl asked as she gazed at the men that chased her all over the forest, her Umbreon was at her feet, exhausted and injured just like her.

"Our boss took interest in you bitch, so it would do well for you to just come along." The grunt said as he ordered the Pokémons that they have to surround the girl.

"Screw that man, that bitch gave us the trouble and forced us to chased her all around this Godforsaken forest, I say before we deliver her to the boss, let's have some fun with that fine ass of her." One grunt said as he eyed the girl lecherously. It seems that all the grunts like idea as they lick their lips at the sight of her wondrous body.

The girl looked at them with absolute disgust and fear as her violet eyes turned into cold white orbs, her body then emitted psychic energy and was about to attack them but was stopped when she was suddenly hit by a tranquilizer. That tranquilizer sent intense and lethal electricity through her body, it was not enough to kill her but it was enough to knock her unconscious. She collapsed to the ground and was shortly followed by her Umbreon; the poison the coursed through her body had finally taken effect and caused her to finally lose consciousness.

"Well that was quick," The man commented as he set aside the gun that fired the tranquilizer.

"Oh man, I wanted her to be conscious when we have fun at her expensed, but I think this is for the best anyway." One grunt said as he adjusted his belt.

"She won't struggle too much." One grunt commented as they all approached her.

"So who wants the first taste of this girl?" One grunt asked but that was the last thing he said because a pulse of energy suddenly coursed through his head, causing his head to suddenly explode, blood and his brain splattering all over the ground. The grunts looked at their comrade grimly as they looked at his headless body.

"You people make me sick," A demonic voiced said as Ash appeared behind the grunts. The grunts looked at the kid that appeared before them but they couldn't react as they all clutched their skulls as pain suddenly exploded through their heads.

Ash then walked pass the writhing grunts as he glanced at the body of the girl that they almost harassed, he snarled at the grunts, disgusted at what they were thinking. "You people make me sick." Ash said as his eyes suddenly turned red.

Ash's red eyes were the last thing they saw as death claimed them, painfully.

(Scene Change)

In the debts of Ash's soul, an entity gazed at what his vessel did with a content smile. He was finally using the power that life and faith had given him. It was unfortunate that he could only used half the power that was given to him.

"My blood course through his body, a dormant psychic powers that could alter reality, an Aura so powerful that it surpasses mine, a soul so beautiful that both Lugia and Ho-oh had gain interest in him, a heart so pure that it would draw people to him, a mind of a harden and experience general, a will that surpass the Gods, he truly is part of my family.." The man said as he smiled at his vessel.

"It's almost time, after Five Millenniums it is almost time." The man said as he watched his vessel carry the body of the beautiful girl and her Umbreon.

"Arceus I hope you are ready for my second coming."

Hello everyone, this is my version of Johan07's story The Dark Chosen One. Johan07 had let me adopt this story so please don't sue me. I'll be rewriting the whole story but I'll be changing the plot and some aspects but the main idea will still be noticeable

This original rights and the original story still belongs to Johan07.


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