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(Pikachu): Pokemon speaking there language which only there trainers could understand.

Giovanni glanced at his screen with a looked of discontent. He had just received the report of the mission that he gave to his men and the full reading of the psychic scale that they detected when they lost track of the girl, to say that he was displeased was a major understatement. It was bad enough that they lost the girl but now, he has to worry about another powerful psychic protecting the wench especially that the reading of that said person psychic energy was off the roof.

Giovanni sighed as he picked up his phone and dial a number. "Get me a couple of our best agents; tell them it's a very urgent matter." Giovanni stated in a rough tone.

"Yes boss," The recipient obeyed as Giovanni turned off the phone.

Giovanni leaned back on his chair as he wondered what kind of man would protect a freak like her.

"You seem to be troubled, that's unlike you." A sinister voiced stated causing Giovanni to look weary.

"I didn't recall anyone to be here and I didn't get the message that anyone from your organization will visit." Giovanni said trying to hide the fear that he was feeling at that moment.

The sinister voiced merely chuckled bitterly. "Please, you thing the young master gives a rats-ass about your schedule, she is a very busy being and don't you even think that I enjoy being here, I would rather help the preparation of the coming of the Angelic Savior." The sinister said with conviction.

Giovanni shivered after hearing those words, he didn't know who or what is this Angelic Savior of theirs but it seems that they have nothing but complete faith to whomever or whatever it is. He didn't know why he and his organization got involve with this kind of people but the deal that they give him was quite profitable and that was the only reason why he was working with them.

"So I see that you hadn't yet captured the girl, pitiful. We gave you all the equipment needed to neutralize her powers and yet you people had not captured her." The sinister voiced exclaimed with a disappointed tone.

"It's not my fault that my subordinates are all complete idiots but do not preach, I was just about to send my best agents to capture her." Giovanni stated with a rough tone.

"Very well, you better not screw this up Giovanni; the mistress is losing her patients." With that said, the sinister figured disappeared much to Giovanni's relief.

(Scene Change)

It was night and Eve was watching Ash as he trained for his Psychic powers, his Pikachu was beside her. It has been three days since they began travelling together and Eve can't remember being this happy. She didn't know why but she had grown accustom to Ash very quickly, to the extent that she was now accustom to him. The way he treats her was something foreign to her, he treats her like a princess in every turn, something that made her happy inside.

On the other hand, Ash was delighted to travel with someone that he could trust with all his being without him being judged because of his gift.

It has also been three days since Eve experience something amazing, and that amazing is the fact that Ash has enough raw power, both psychic and aura, to have both his powers attain spiritual forms, something that took her two years worth of training. His Aura Spirit is a white haired girl holding a wicked scythe and his Psychic Spirit is a boy that looks exactly like him when he was five, he was wearing a black suit and was holding a violin. They had informed Ash that it was time for him to control his gifts, something that he agreed wholeheartedly.

Eve watched him with unrestrained admiration as he picked up his lesson in a very fast pace. He had already master the seven basic steps of Aura and was now on the verge of learning the advanced ways of Aura, although she noticed that his Aura Spirit was seemingly holding back when training, his Psychic spirit on the other hand was the complete opposite. He literally drove Ash to the ground, grinning him with everything he has so that Ash could remember, through pain, everything his capable off. The two of them said that they have the abilities that Ash was capable off, hence with enough training; he could do it as well. And the two was damn sure capable of feats that were Godlike.

Ash's Aura Spirit had shown amazing power that it's mere Aura Energy could split the sky in half and could cause life to grow while the Psychic Spirit had shown that he was able to manipulate the surroundings into an elegant castle and could create any random element with a mere snap of his finger.

And Ash was currently training with his Psychic Spirit, a very ruthless Psychic Spirit.

"That's it master, that's it, focus your mind into a single task, clear your mind and focus, let you mind and will out." The little boy instructed as Ash's eyes glowed dark crimson as he manipulated the ground around him and molded a small cottage. "Good, now earth and steel are one and the same, mold earth into steel." The boy demanded as Ash nodded.

Ash focused his mind as his body pulse with black psychic energy which quickly enveloped the cottage and slowly but surely, the clay cottage turned into a steel one. That was all Ash could do as he collapsed to the ground, panting heavily.

The boy looked at Ash with satisfaction as he faded, signaling that their training was over for the day. That also signaled Eve to approached Ash and helped him back to his feet. Ash, due to his exhaustion, leaned towards Eve for leverage as she supported him with little effort.

"You need not push yourself this far." Eve said with mild worry.

"Sorry but those two expect a lot out of me, I'm not the type of person to disappoint." Ash exclaimed with a small smile as he tried to stand with his own two feet but Eve held firm and guided him inside the cottage.

"Take it easy, it took me three years of training to figure out my full powers." Eve stated while Ash merely chuckled weakly.

"And it took me fifteen years for my body and my mind to mature and to used my powers; I need to make up for lost time." Ash answered as Eve guided him towards the cottage that he made.

"Your really are convenience, actually making a cottage for us." Eve mumbled as they entered a simple cottage with a single bed.

Ash chuckled weakly as let go of Eve and rested on the wall right beside the bed. "My little spirit said that I should used my imagination when using my Psychic abilities but this is nothing. I actually wanted to make a house." Ash said with a soft laughed. "Plus, I don't want an Angel like you sleeping on the ground, I just can't. It will go against everything I hold dear" Ash exclaimed softly with a weak smile.

Eve shook her head as she glanced at Ash softly. "You're spoiling me," Eve said while Ash merely materialized black and white roses on the bed.

"You deserved it, after your life, you deserve this and much, much more." Ash said with a compassionate smile. "Sorry if I can't materialize a mattress, I don't have enough materials to conjure something like that so you have to settle for a bed of roses." Ash explained as he fell to blissful sleep.

Eve looked at the bed of roses that Ash made for her before shaking her head, she didn't know if she deserved this treatment but she was beginning to feel that she was merely a burden to him.

Ash, whom was asleep, seems to read her mind and told her otherwise. "Learn how to accept the kindness of others Eve. I'm not doing this because I pity you, I'm doing this because I want to and you deserve it." Ash said as a smile crept up on his sleeping face. "You deserved this and more and nothing less."

Eve looked at Ash after he said those words before walking towards him and sitting beside him, she then rested her head on Ash's shoulder before drifting to sleep herself. "I only meet you for barely a month but I'm beginning to fall in love with you." Eve whispered before sleep consumed her.

Ash's Pikachu and Eve's Umbreon were watching their two masters with great interest. ("A month more and I'll bet that those two would begin to dance the vertical tango)." Umbreon commented neutrally while Pikachu merely shook his head.

"(Now that would cause a lot of chaos)." Pikachu said as Umbreon began nuzzling and licking Pikachu's cheeks, making the little rodent blushed a bit.

"(Want to try the vertical tango with me)." Umbreon stated in a husky tone while Pikachu merely staggered and froze as Umbreon dragged him to the nearest and hidden corner in the cottage.

As the two 'perform' the vertical tango together, they were relieved that their master's were heavy sleepers.

(Scene Change)

"This sure brings back memories." Ashura mumbled as he watched Ash's interaction with Eve.

"Don't worry little Ash, I just need the other six and she will be perfect." Ashura mumbled as two children appeared behind him which he instantly noticed. "If the two of you are here to annoy me, then I suggest you two line up, I have six annoying plans all lined up."

"We're not here to annoy you; you are way to irrelevant for that." Ash's Psychic Spirit noted with a passive tone.

Ashura chuckled coldly as he stared at the Psychic Spirit. "You still have that sarcastic tongue, Expecto (Latin for requiem) but you and I both know that you can't take me." Ashura commented as she glanced at the white haired girl. "That goes double for you, Luminarium (Latin for Light)." Ashura added while the scythe wielding girl merely chuckled.

"I'm not here for that Ashura, I'm not stupid enough to actually fight you in an all out fight, that would cause some effect on Ash and my brother is not dumb enough to fight a losing battle." That caused Expecto to glare darkly at his sister. "I'm here to ask you a favor." Luminarium exclaimed as Ashura looked at him with a bored expression.

"Ask away, I am a very busy spirit." Ashura said as his body suddenly glow crimson.

"Insolent insect," Expecto mumbled as he glared coldly at the powerful man in front of him. "We want you to not interfere with the relationship that those two are slowly making. We know that she's the psychical reincarnation of you lover but…" Expecto stopped in mid sentenced when he felt a lethal amount of killing intent directed at him.

"Finish that sentence, spirit or not, connected to my Ash or not, I will kill you." Ashura threatened as he smiled cruelly. "And do not worry, that girl, Eve is her name I think, is part of my plan but I will not need her for a while so she's safe from my planning." Ashura stated with a cold smile.

The two nodded as they left the twisted man.

"Is it safe for us to give him this much leeway." Expecto asked her sister.

"We have no choice, he outgun us in every aspect." Luminarium said in regret. "Plus, even if he is a spirit just like us, he still has some connection to the outside world, something that we don't have." Luminarium reminded causing Expecto to grunt in frustration.

"Those idiots of fanatics of his, five millenniums had passed and they still believe in him." Expecto stated in frustration.

"That's irrelevant brother," Luminarium said to his brother while he merely shook his head.

"What's irrelevant sister, the fact that out young master is living a destiny that he didn't made for himself." Expecto snapped angrily. "We are his power, we should help him mold his own destiny not help him survive a destiny that is made for him." Expecto said as he disappeared, leaving a very distraught Luminarium.

"This is the will of Aura and not even Ashura could control it" Luminarium stated, her voice filled with regret.

"You are underestimating me dear." A cold tone said behind her. "Aura is alive and no one can control it that much is true, manipulating Aura is another different case."

(Scene Change)

Eve stirred as she slowly woke up, feeling a bit of warmth spreading to her body. She felt amazingly comfortable as she cuddled at the nearest thing she could found, nuzzling at something soft, inhaling an intoxicating aroma that she had come to adore.

'Where did this warmth come from?' Eve thought as she slowly opened her eyes. She was instantly met by the sight of her nuzzling into Ash's chest while his right hand was pushing her closer to him.

Eve blinked repeatedly as the sight sink into her head and after a five minutes of staring dumbly at Ash, she blush and was about to pry Ash's hand away from her but that caused Ash to tighten his grip on her, pushing her closer to his chest. Eve blushed even more at that as she merely gazed at Ash's sleeping face.

'He look so peaceful and calm, looking at him right now, I would have never mistaken him to hold powers that could bend this world.' Eve thought as she leaned close to him. 'He looks so handsome without his hat. It's a pity that he always hides his brown eyes.' Eve then unconsciously leaned towards his lips.

"I shouldn't be doing this," Eve mumbled as Ash's still sleeping body slowly feel to the ground with Eve's body slowly following, she was now lying over him, her head resting on his chest, she could now feel her heartbeat beating faster and faster while hearing the melodic beating of his heart. "I known him for barely a month and I'm about to rape him." Eve berated herself as she lied down on Ash's chest, enjoying to melody of his beating heart. She didn't know why but since they met, her body has been screaming for her to get near him, to get as close as possible to him, even urging her to touch him. She didn't understand why, it was like her body had known him for a long time and was longing for his touch.

"I need to think for a while." Eve whispered to herself as she stood up and exited the cottage that they were staying. This was the first time she had felt this way before and she need to think this through.

Because of her haste, she had forgotten her faithful Umbreon, whom was sleeping beside Pikachu, both covered in sweat and other liquids that I dare not elaborate.

(Scene Change)

"You know mistress, you need to chill." An invisible golem exclaimed as it hovered over Eve.

Eve merely ignored her Psychic spirit as she heads towards town, she was reflecting on her short time with Ash. Most of her life was filled with loneliness and darkness; she had not found any compassion in her life which caused her to be cold to everyone but her Pokémons. She had lost hope in humanity and in the world in general, having several kidnapped and raped attempts on her would do that to people. She had lost count on how many people tried to kidnapped her in order to experiment on her psychic power and had lost count in how many people had attempted to rape her because of her beauty, the reason why was because nobody would stand up for her. Who would stand up for a nobody anyway? She thought that she was destined to live a life of loneliness, that was until he met Ash.

For the life of her, she can't read him, which is saying something for a person who has a powerful affinity and power in telepathy and empathic powers. Even after she had seen his life, she still can't read him. Most people were like an open book to her but not him, not Ash. For starters, most of the people who know him only sees an immature and determine boy that would go through anything and would do everything to achieve his dream, and that is to become the Greatest Pokémon Master in history, a clueless and naïve boy who has no care in the world. That was the view of most people who had met him before, and if she ever met those people, the first thing that she would say to them was that they suck at reading people and they are as good as blind.

They had only seen the mask that is Ash Ketchum, not the real person who is Ash Satoshi Ketchum. For starters, he was not an immature boy; he was adept in reading people and only gives them what they expect of him, nothing more nothing less, because he knows for a fact that they were not ready to see the real him, he was so complex that he will end up pushing them away from him. As for naïve and clueless, they were dead wrong at that. He has those benevolent eyes that expect everything and anything the world could throw at him and she was sure that he would face anything and everything the world will thrown at him with ease, heck he had proven that. He had fought every dangerous organization that the world could offer and triumph, well except for Team Rocket but she figures that he would take care of them in due time. He had save the world countless of times and had save and earn the gratitude of every Legendary Pokemons that governs this planet.

Also after that kiss which allowed her to see his life, she could tell that he was a man full of surprises. He has so many talents that no other people know, except her of course. He has the tools to be the perfect soldier, the physical strength and the knowledge to use it, the mind of a great general and a cunning tactician, the instinct of a wild Animal, the intuition of a veteran warrior, the charisma of an influential politician, and not to mention the power that he holds and the potential that he has was mind staggering. Heck she was wondering, if in some kind of twist of fate, when will he start planning to take over the world.

"You know what mistress, you are thinking too much." Her Psychic Spirit stated as Eve finally looked at her the manifestation of her power. "Mistress, that guy is too complex even for you to understand, you might have seen his life but you had not yet have any experienced with him, well if you count cuddling with him while his sleeping but that is a different experienced" Her golem stated causing Eve to blush.

"Alessio, please don't remind me of that. I was so close of actually raping him and you know how I feel about rape." Eve commented with a blush while the golem name Alessio merely chuckled.

"And both of you will enjoy it, that much I'm sure." Alessio commented with a perverted tone, Eve could swear that under her metallic armor of psychic, was a perverted grin that she would gladly slapped. "Plus, you two are meant to be, sure you have to share him with six other girls, but you will certainly be his favorite, considering that you have the best body that he had ever seen in his life." Alessio commented as it disappeared living a very bemused Eve.

"Note to self, next time I summon my golem have Ash create a million bolt of electricity around him." Eve said as she entered tow, Ash's wallet in hand. If she would travel with him, then at least she would cook for them. She was a better cook anyway.

(Scene Change)

In a dark room, a person was sitting in a throne, looking passively at a portrait above. The said person was covered with a thick cloak that covered the person's body and the Aura that surrounds that said person was quite suffocating.

"Master," A person greeted respectively as he bowed at the person sited in the throne.

"Have they captured her yet?" The said person asked in a dark tone.

The person who was kneeling merely grunted. "No they have not, those worthless fools, even if they have all the tools to capture her; they have not even have any ounce of success." The person kneeling stated, carefully choosing the words that he was speaking.

The person sitting on a throne merely sighed. "She is very dangerous but she is required for the future of our world, I don't care about anything else about her, I just want her body in one piece." The said person said as the man merely nodded.

"Shall I send soldiers to help the idiots in capturing her?" The man asked as the said person shook it's head in response.

"No, those foolish mortals will capture her and we need all the soldiers we need." The person said as a spirit suddenly appeared behind the said person.

"You need all the soldiers prepare, armed, and ready, especially that it's almost time for the revolution." Ashura exclaimed as the person sitting in the thrown looked at the spirit in shocked while the man kneeling before the said person literally buried his face to the ground. He has no right to see his face, he does not deserve to see the face of the salvation.

The said person instantly lost the cloak, revealing a very beautiful woman covered with diamonds before kneeling at the spirit in front of him. "Lord Ashura, it is an honor." The woman said with barely control glee.

Ashura merely smirked; it seems that his army still exists, even after five millenniums. This would make things easier.

"Stand woman, we need to talk. I need someone to inform me about the developments in the last five millenniums." Ashura commanded with a sadistic grin.