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It is a fact universally acknowledged that if a teacher ever sets a group research task in the library, students will do whatever they can to avoid working on it. Jet, Quinn, and Rachel were no exception.

"So why can't we just show the movie for our presentation?" Jet asked.

"Because the movie isn't relevant Jet." Rachel replied for the umpteenth time. Not that Rachel was actually working on researching Marie Antoinette. She actually was just watching clips of the movie on Youtube (just to be sure that the movie was actually useless).

"Do you want to be any more googly eyed Quinn?" Rachel asked as she pretended to study a portrait of the French royal family that she'd found after a quick Google search.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Quinn replied.

"Oh come on Quinnlett, you've been making eyes at the new football kid since he got here." Jet pointed out. She took a quick look around and had a furtive fingerful of peanut butter. Jet tilted her head to the side.

"Doesn't he look like that kid from Home Alone? Maybe I can ask him to put his hands up on his cheeks to be sure…" Jet pondered.

"Oh my gosh, don't you dare!" Quinn hissed.

"He's cute Quinn. No need to be ashamed. Maybe you can recruit him for glee. Finn told me that he sounds pretty good singing in the shower." Rachel said distractedly as she saved a few files to her flash drive.

"Is your whole world about Glee?" Jet asked incredulously.

"You seem surprised by this." Rachel replied. She rolled her eyes as she saw Quinn flip her hair and lean casually against a bookshelf.

"If you like the guy, go talk to him. His name is Sam, right? Noah says he's a nice guy." Rachel said.

"I'm not just going to go up to the guy and be like hey baby, how ya doin'…That's so humiliating." Quinn muttered.

"Easy. You come to the game Friday night, if they win, you congratulate him on a game well played, they lose, you're the pretty shoulder to cry on." Jet explained.

"That isn't actually a bad idea." Quinn replied.

"You can sit with me and Berrycakes. It'll be sunshine and rainbows." Jet decided.

"I'm not going to the football game." Rachel said. She'd actually started putting together a slide show for their presentation (so it had Les Mis lyrics instead of historical opinion on Marie Antoinette, but she should get points for trying, right?).

"What?" Quinn and Jet said at the same time. Rachel shrugged.

"It's no big deal. Noah said that I didn't have to go if I don't want to." Rachel said.

"Rachel, you know that means he just doesn't want to tell you that he wants you there." Quinn said.

"It's not like I'd understand what was happening anyway. Honestly, he said that he doesn't mind if I don't go." Rachel assured them.

"He came to Spring. I doubt he picked up on one of the Brechtian influences, but he still came." Jet pointed out.

"I didn't ask him to go see it." Rachel countered.

"Rachel, this isn't a conversation. Jet and I are teaching you about football and you're going to the game." Quinn decided. Rachel sighed and put her hands up in defeat.

"Did you notice that Sam has been staring at you this whole time?" Rachel asked. Quinn couldn't help the giggle that slipped out.

Rachel was absolutely mind boggled. She'd seen The Blind Side, Remember the Titans and Friday Night Lights in a vague attempt to get her to understand NFL.

"So Noah keeps the guy who makes the plays safe?" Rachel asked. Jet nodded encouragingly.

"By tackling the guy who doesn't have the ball?" Rachel frowned. That bit didn't seem to make much sense.

"He's clearing the path for the ball to get through." Quinn clarified.

"Look, just cheer when everybody in Titans colors cheer if you get confused." Jet said. Rachel nodded.

"Ok, let's get ready and get there." Quinn decided firmly.

Admittedly, Rachel didn't really understand the game. But that didn't stop her from cheering every time she saw jersey number 20. Jet went to buy hot chocolate in half time, and Quinn and Rachel snuck down to go and see Santana and Brittany, who were cheering at the game. They stood chatting, Quinn artfully fluttering her eyelashes at Sam. Santana looked over.

"Figures. He is so your type." Santana teased Quinn. Rachel squealed when someone lifted her up in the air.

"You came." Puck growled softly in her ear. He put her down and she threw her arms around his waist (she wasn't even going to try and get around his bulky shoulders). He kissed her head.

"Do you even get what's happening?" He asked her. Rachel grinned brightly.

"You're the insurance baby!" She said excitedly. He smiled back at her.

"How many points is a touchdown worth?" Puck asked her.

"You're the insurance baby." Rachel repeated with what she hoped was a charming grin. Puck laughed and pulled her into another hug.

"I'm so glad you came babe." He said. He kissed her gently.

"Go take a seat babe. We're back on the field soon." He told her, tapping her butt lightly as she turned to walk back up to the stands. She rolled her eyes when she saw Puck being told off by Coach Beiste.

"He was so happy I came." Rachel commented as she took her seat. She accepted her hot chocolate off Jet.

"Told you babe. You are officially awesome girlfriend material." Jet replied. She pulled Rachel and Quinn in for a happy snap (they'd gone all out in red, black and white, going so far as to add the black lines on their cheeks). They all fell silent as the game continued.

Rachel cringed when she saw Puck take a particularly nasty hit. She joined in the cheering when he immediately stood back up and shoved the guy who'd apparently been in the wrong. She waited with bated breath as Puck took his penalty. The crowd erupted. Puck immediately threw his helmet off and searched the grandstands. He picked Rachel out of the crowd and pointed up to her. She waved frantically.

"That was a good thing, right?" Rachel questioned urgently as play continued.

"Yes babe, it was a very good thing." Jet replied gently. Rachel beamed.

McKinley had taken a very satisfactory win. Rachel turned to Quinn with a smile as they headed down to where the team was celebrating.

"Are you going to go congratulate him?" Rachel asked. Quinn flipped her blonde curls.

"You know what. I think I might." She said. She slicked on some lip gloss and walked over to where Sam was refilling his Gatorade wearing her prettiest smile.

"This was your doing." Puck called out. Rachel and Jet whirled around.

"Excuse me?" Jet asked with mock indignation dripping from her voice.

"Coming to the game." Puck clarified.

"You can bet your sweet ass it was." Jet replied cockily. Puck slipped his hand into Rachel's.

"Thanks." He said sincerely. Jet bumped his free fist with hers.

"No problems. I love football. Rachel was going to come regardless." Jet said. Rachel gaped.

"Christian used to play defense in high school. I went to all his games." Jet explained. Coach Beiste called out for her boys to hit the showers because she was sick of smelling them. Puck kissed Rachel quickly before agreeing to meet them in the parking lot.

Rachel was comfortably seated on the hood of Jet's car, chatting animatedly to Brittany. Their conversation was interrupted when the raucous noise of the football team started to echo across the night. Rachel smiled when Puck came up to her.

"So the plan is a bonfire night over at Kenney's field. You girls in?" He asked.

"Keg party?" Quinn asked. Puck shrugged.

"Yeah well… probably." He admitted, scratching the back of his closely cropped head with a casual air.

"Well, I'm cool with it, but Jet's the driver." Quinn said. Jet shrugged.

"If I can stop for snacks, I'm good. And can I follow someone?" She asked. Puck nodded.

"I need gas anyway. You can follow me." Puck said. He looked at his girlfriend, who, for once, had yet to venture an opinion.

"Babe?" He said. Rachel shook herself out of her reverie and plastered her showstopping smile on her face.

"I'm happy to make an appearance." Rachel said; voice filled with quasi cheerfulness.

Puck pulled the door shut on his truck. He looked over at Rachel, who'd been close to comatose she was so quiet since she got in the car. He snuck a peek over at the 24 hour super store. Jet and Quinn were riding on the motorised shopping carts designed for the elderly; he had plenty of time to talk to Rachel.

"What's wrong?" He asked gruffly. Rachel shrugged.

"I'm fine." She replied quietly.

"You're not fine." He responded. She shot him half a genuine smile.

"C'mon babe, when do you ever use words like fine to describe your feelings? Was the football really that bad?" He asked. Rachel sighed and looked away.

"It's nothing Noah. I'm just being a drama queen. Can we please drop it?" She said pleadingly. Puck pressed a kiss on her hand.

"Babe. Please tell me." He implored. Rachel shivered lightly and moved closer to her door.

"Are you worried about some of the guys? They're not going to throw anything on you babe." Puck guessed. Rachel bit her lip and adjusted her skirt.

"You're worried about a repeat of Brittany's party." Puck realised. Rachel looked up at him, her wide eyes vulnerable.

"Does that make me pathetic?" Rachel asked. Puck hugged her as best as he could in the car.

"No baby." He said. He tilted her chin and kissed her.

"I'm going to take care of you princess. You're my girl. I'm not sharing you with anyone." He said. Rachel clung to him tighter.

"Except sometimes Jesse." Rachel pointed out.

"Only when I have to." Puck admitted.

"You sure you want to go tonight?" Puck asked after a few moments silence.

"I'll be fine baby." Rachel assured him. She shimmied up to Puck and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. She rested her head against his shoulder comfortably. They sat like that for a few minutes until Jet tapped on their back window.

"Stop canoodling! Let's go!" She called out.

Rachel bit her lip as they approached the party. She forced herself to smile as Jet gave Quinn last minute advice about Sam (they could make out, but that was it). A light breeze whistled through the trees and Rachel shivered involuntarily. Puck pulled Rachel away from the girls. Wordlessly, he shrugged out of his letterman jacket and helped Rachel put it on. He picked up her hands and rolled the sleeves up, pressing a kiss on each of her palms. Rachel looked up at him with a smile.

"You know I'm never giving this back, right?" She asked him shyly. She took advantage of the height her chunky heeled boots gave her and kissed him.

"Truth?" He asked. She nodded.

"Truth." She agreed.

"It looks better on you." He whispered. She smiled and kissed him again. She held out her hand.

"Let's do this." She said with a grin. They headed to where the bonfire was already blazing strongly. Jet was chatting to Finn, Matt and Mike, and Quinn was sitting with Sam, who was holding his guitar next to the fire. Rachel settled herself down as Puck went to scrounge up some drinks, and braced herself when Karofsky opened his mouth. Before her could say anything, Jet let out an angry snarl and rubbed her knee pointedly. Karofsky blanched and walked in the opposite direction.

"Bitch is fierce." Rachel teased. Jet grinned.

"Don't you forget it." Jet replied. Rachel paused and listened Sam's guitar playing.

"You're really good."She decided with cheerful nod. He grinned.

"Thanks. Rachel, right? You're Puck's girl?" He checked.

"That would be me." Rachel replied.

"You should head along to a Glee rehearsal sometime." Rachel suggested.

"I was just saying that." Quinn said.

"Saying what?" Puck asked. He tossed Jet a diet coke, handed Quinn a sprite before opening Rachel's grape soda for her. He motioned for her to stand up. Puck stole her previous seat and pulled her down into his lap.

"That Sam should come to a glee rehearsal. We could have a jam session or something." Quinn said.

"Works for me. We could use more dudes to balance out the chick overload." Puck said. He even had the dignity to pretend that Rachel's elbow digging into his ribcage hurt.

"Sure. Could be fun. Just give me a time and a place." Sam said.

"Lunchtime in the choir room. We practically live in there." Jet called out.

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