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Los Angeles International Airport ~ Bradley Terminal ~ 8:15pm

An arriving passenger. Suit. Shirt. Tie. Sunglasses and expensive briefcase. He bumps into a stranger, or so it seems…

'Sorry, are you okay? The guy in the suit says while putting down his briefcase, the other man also puts his briefcase on the ground.

'Yeah, yeah I am mate. Enjoy LA man' the other man says with a smile on his face. Vincent grabs the briefcase of the other man and he leaves the airport, while the other picks up Vincent's briefcase and disappears.

Outside with other taxis.

'Even if the sky is falling down' man I love this tune, hopefully customers won't come and ruin my chillaxing time, but hey I need them to come if I need money. The door opens and a guy with an expensive looking suit enters my cab, I quickly put the music down and say 'Hello'

'Hi, can you take me to 452 South Union Street'

'Gotcha' I start driving towards his destination, man this guy is obviously rich, well I hope he gives me a good tip.

'So how long do you think it'll take?'

'Um, I don't know'

'U don't know?' eyebrow arching

'Well, I can probably guess, but it'll probably earn u a free ride, which would suck for me'

I see him smiling in my centre mirror, it's kinda cute, and he seems cool as well

Weird kid, but oh well

'But I have to say, your cab is pretty clean'

'Hahaha well yeah, my mum says the cab is miles cleaner than my room'


I feel my cheeks burn 'I-well meant my mother' seems like she's embarrassed, cute.

'Uh huh? How old are you?'

'I'm eighteen' young

'Are you a high school dropout?'

'No way, I just need extra cash, you know, to take care of my family and besides I'm on holiday so its fine for a few months'

'You're pretty cool you know'

'Um, well thanks' feeling my cheeks getting hot again

'I like people like you, you're someone whose pro-active'

'Well I can be lazy'


This guy is not a stressful customer, phew and he's cute which is a plus hehee.

452 South Union Street 9:28pm

'Well here we are' working out the price

'Um, listen, I'm in town on a real estate deal. One night, collect signatures, see some friends. Then I got a six am out of LAX. Why don't you hang with me for the night?

'Well - er – I'd love to, but it's against regs, and my shift fins-'

'How about I give you six hundred dollars' whipping cash out and displaying it like a fan in his hand, just like magic.

'And an extra hundred if you get me to LAX and I don't run for my plane'

I could not stop staring at the money; I mean normally I earn like two fifty to four hundred a shift, I could earn like seven hundred in one night, well if this guy insists.

'Okay, I guess' suddenly feeling guilty

Smiling he says 'Here's three hundred down already' putting cash in my hand and giving me a firm handshake at the same time.

'What's your name?'


'I'm Vincent' and telling me to go round the back, I leave him to his business.

I park the car, and putting my music up loud again, ah great my favorite song is playing, I start singing along with the music 'I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart' I look at the back and see his expensive looking briefcase, man this guy is all about expensive looking huh? Jeez rich people, I feel like I was tricked, but oh well I got more than a good tip so it's all good. Some of this can go towards Melanie and Melissa, and I can spend some of it on me as well. I start singing again as the chorus comes on again.

'If fall for me, I'm not easy to please, I might tear you apart, told you from the start, baby from the start, I'm onl-'

WHAM! The cab starts rocking on its wheels, and I hear glass raining down I crouch into a ball, man I feel like my cab is gonna explode or something, and then sudden silence. What the hell? An earthquake? I look through the windshield to see what's happened, a face of a dead man stares at me, I make a stupid high pitched 'eeeee' sound and frantically get out of the cab, well I actually fall out of the cab in a panic, I shakily get up and take a deep breath. Okay the guy is angled across part of my cab roof and the windshield. Dude's wearing a bathrobe, and there are shards of glass everywhere, it makes a halo around my cab, where the hell did that much glass come from. I look up; I see the window on the top floor is broken out, its white curtain flaps
in the breeze. Hmm I see, so that's how it is, the guy jumped, ah poor dude, was living in a crappy apartment and being overweight too much for you? But still, you didn't have to fall on my cab now did you? Jeez.

What the hell? Why's Raven out of her cab, shit I see my guy had landed on our cab, great.

I see Vincent entering the alley, and stopping suddenly

'Yo Vincent' She's amazingly calm even though a dead guy landed on her cab; I'm surprised she can keep her head in this not so normal situation.

'You see this? The guy's a jumper, but he landed on my car' Pfft pretty innocent this kid

'Think he's dead, guesss we should call the police or something'

'I don't think so'

'Oh ok' Wait, he doesn't want to call anyone, what? He wants to leave the guy here or something, and I have this sudden feeling that Vincent has something to do with our dead guy here.

'Um, did you by any chance throw him out of the window?' please let me be wrong

'No' phew

'I shot him, the bullets and the fall killed him'


'Heh I prefer my suicide story' slowly retreating backwards

'Whoa. Wait, red light Raven' aiming a gun at me, fuck, this can't be happening, this is surreal, is this some fucking movie or something?

'Oi' Oops I completely ignored the guy with gun while I was having the mental babble in my head

'Sorry' shit this is it

Guess I should kill her, but that would probably draw more attention, well she seems to be fairing well and it's not like she'll be able to go up against me.

'Pop the trunk'

I'm lost 'Huh?'

'.Trunk' he wants me to go in there, he's not gonna kill me?

I get to my cab and push the button

'Okay come here' I follow him to the side of my cab, and without warning he pulls off the dead guy off my cab, I recoil back, shit!

'Grab his hands'

'Huh? Why the fuck would I want to do that for' crossing my arms

What's this? Get rid of the nice girl cab driver and all you got is a sulky teenager. Great.

'Well I can't leave him here, so unless you want fatso riding up with you…..and given the hygiene and his sphincters, let's put him in the trunk'

'But I don't wanna'

'Well given what I got in my back pocket, you don't have much of a choice' giving me a spine chilling smile

'Fine' I grab the guy's forearms and lift; damn this guy's heavy, then

'Waaaah' I drop the body and flinch away

'What the hell are you doing!'

'He was twitching, so he's like alive right?'

'He was having a fucking dead guy's spasm, so stop acting like a pussy and lift!'

She lifts the body, but I hear I mumble 'fucking retard, as if I would know that dead guys would have spasms' I couldn't help but smile

'Well you better get used to it'

Wise guy

We heave the body inside the trunk, and I start getting my breath back. Vincent throws his tie into the truck and says to the dead guys 'Never heard of a treadmill?' Before slamming the trunk.

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