Project REDWOOD: A Deadly Premonition Fan Novelization

Just finished the game. Now, I'm going to novelize it in its entirety. Things will be changed and embellished upon- the combat sections in the game will get a particularly severe overhaul, as do many of the sidequests- but the narrative core shall remain the same. Hope you enjoy this tasty lunch. It's so much more than a... aw, forget it.

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FORTUNE: "Expectations are premeditated resentments."

Red. All around me, red. Red leaves under my feet, red leaves fluttering through the air. I'm standing in a crimson clearing, red trees as far as the eye can see. Various pieces of furniture of no particular style or era are scattered around me in a rough circle, lit by a crystal chandelier suspended from nothingness and the uneasy glow of a television screen off to my left. A closed door made of some cold, dark substance stands isolated in its frame, without floor or ceiling to support it.

And in the center of all this, two little boys dressed in white robes, white wings and haloes sit whispering endlessly to each other as if I'm not there.

Or am I here, Zach? Where are we?


Remember when we dissected that rat in biology class? That was quite an experience. The formaldehyde should have rendered the corpse bloodless, but I remember cutting it open and seeing its heart, still beating, bright red. That's what this room reminds me of, Zach: A beating heart, holding me in its rhythmic pulse, like being back in the womb.

It'd almost be soothing, if it weren't for that creepy stuffed deer head mounted on the mantelpiece over there.

As I watch, the head turns and regards me silently, as if waiting for me to do something. On cue, one of the twins speaks up in a clear, ringing voice, and I notice for the first time that they are not exactly the same: One of them is glowing faintly blue, and the other gives off a soft green light. Aside from this, their sandy brown hair, their eyes, their mannerisms, are exactly alike.

"Could you wait just a little longer?" one of them implores me.

"It will begin soon..." says the other.

Their smiles are identical. I shrug. Waiting implies the expectation of future events, and when time is meaningless, there is no future and thus no expectation. You taught me that once, Zach. I thought it was pretty deep. A clock on the mantelpiece below the deer head seems to agree with our theory, spinning its hands around at impossible speeds as if driven mad for lack of purpose. I turn away and begin to examine some of the paraphernalia on the table next to me.

...Hmm, interesting. A map of the United States of America, with a strange symbol repeated in red over various states. Over here, standing on Washington, a little plastic doll of a jolly-looking fat man in coveralls and yellow flannel.

Make anything of this, Zach?

Yeah, me neither.

Just as I make a move to pick up the doll to examine it further, the twins speak again.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," the blue angel says.

"It's about time to get started," the green angel says.

The black door opens silently on its hinges. Beyond it, a thick purple cloud billows and swirls ominously, threatening to spill out of the frame at any moment. Obviously we're meant to go through it. Red leaves crunch as I step forward, not hesitating for a moment. I don't know what the significance of this is yet, Zach, and I'm sure you don't either. But I figure we're not going to find out by hanging around any longer than we have to.

So, let's get out of here. The murder took place out in the country this time, Zach. We'll take it slow.

The door beckons, the deer head nods. One step, and we're out. The twins are laughing in unison. Then the door shuts behind us, and all is silent...

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