Hey guys, wassup! Viperwatcher here, with a new story. Here it is! The sequel to my first successful Spyro Fic, The Blue Dragon. I hope all of you guys like it! It feels great to make a sequel to a story! I hope this story is going to be successful like my two other fics!It feels good to do 3rd person again. 1st person is nice, but it's not my forte. Now, for the people who are new readers and are a little bit confused at what is going on, I asked a few of my friends, Richard (Yxme24), Alec (Alec the Dark Angel) and Shadow (Spyro's Bud) to provide us with a summary of the first book. After some tweaking and editing, here it is.

Feel free to skip to the bottom if your confident and already know the TBD time line well enough.

Summary of The Blue Dragon

Demex Windsor was a typical young human boy; all that consisted in his life were his family and school. He longed for more though, dreaming of times where he could be a legendary dragon. His dreams all dropped one day when he woke to find himself covered in dark blue scales. The realization was grand for him, he was finally a dragon, but he had no idea how to act or live like one.

As Demex woke in the middle of the forest, a couple females ran into him. Fira, a young red dragoness the same age as Demex, and Cynder; they aided Demex, learning that he knew nothing about that world. So like any other dragon at the time, they taught him to fly as best they could and then they arrived at the Temple. Introductions spread around as Spyro and the remaining Gaurdians learned who Demex was. Fira came close to Demex, becoming a great friend to him, a possible love sparking between the two at the same time it was sparking between Spyro and Cynder.

It was at this time where Malefor was rid of the dark elements that plagued him, leaving him defenseless and powerless. He was the same, but all his power was relinquished, leaving him as he was attacked by predators and as he ran for safety.

Demex was studying, learning how to use his ice element as he spotted a purple dragon obviously in need of medical attention in the courtyard. Believing it as Spyro, he ran to the dragon's side. Spyro, however, was with Cynder, their love finally being noticed, but it all impeded when Fira arrived saying that she heard a scream and Demex was nowhere to be seen. As everyone searched, they found him in the courtyard, by the purple dragon that was labeled Spyro. This dragon however, was none other than Malefor himself.

As Malefor was soon chained up and awake at the temple, he explained how he was always a normal dragon, up until the Ancients took over his body and poisoned him with the dark elements. Fira was astounded, using her ability she saw in his heart that he was speaking the truth, ability she favored often. With Demex's assistance, Malefor managed to receive everyone's trust throughout the temple. Everything was peaceful and normal.

After a good year later, Malefor was soon out and about, wearing armor and adopting the name of Redd. At this time, a dragon was waking, seeing that Demex was gone started to search for him, only to be attacked and conquered by the dark elements. Our group was making camp whilst the dragon was being attacked, and Demex fell into a deep sleep, being called by The Chronicler Ignitus.

It was here that Demex learned that he had always been a dragon in spirit, but he was teleported to the human realm by his true mother, Nomex, at the time where Cynder was ravaging the realms. He learned how he appeared on the doorstep of a house where a couple stayed, two humans by the names of Jennifer and Max. Demex also learned about his brother, Delnok, who was about the same age as Demex, received a different treatment where he was crystallized until recently, where he awoke to be controlled by the dark elements.

The group was at Warfang now, having dragged Demex all the way there. He was still asleep so Fira stayed back with him while Spyro, Cynder, and Redd all went into Warfang.

Here, Spyro met up with Ember and Flame, some good old friends, but the festivities halted as Delnok, who was assumed to be Demex, approached them. He was overtaken by the elements and was forced to attack the mass amount of dragons. Spyro, Redd, Flame, Ember, and Cynder all fought him the best they could. Delnok attacked Malefor specifically, revealing his true identity to the crowd and harming him greatly. Demex came into the story and saved Malefor, but Delnok was still attacking. Then Fira, Cynder, and Ember all tried to flank him, pinning him to the wall. The tactic worked, but it all seemed to crash as a bright flash went off…and the females and Delnok were all gone.

While the males recover, flashbacks occur and show how Demex and Fira are in love, revealing the truth to one another. It was now where Dark Delnok was tormenting Cynder, making her think of her dark days whilst Spyro was taught how to summon a portal. On his first try, he accomplished it and landed the group of males inside the Catacombs of Mount Malefor, where it was assumed the females were being held.

They soon came to where the females were being held, only to find Cynder dark and Delnok ready to kill the other females. Spyro managed to stop Cynder while Demex freed Fira. Malefor was busy attacking Dark Delnok while the others fought attacking grublins. Dark Delnok then said he was attacking Malefor's son…and fired a shot at Spyro, which Malefor took the hit. Spyro then used Convexity to end the dark rule on Delnok.

The group escaped the collapsing catacombs and make camp at Twilight Forest, where they all wonder about what transpired. It was here where Delnok and Malefor both awoke and Delnok by accident mentioning he was Malefor's son. This leads to a lot of confusion until Malefor explains that Demex, Delnok, and Spyro are all his sons. It was then that Malefor recalled how he met Nomex and fell for her, how they became in love. Delnok was born first, then Spyro a few years later, and Demex a year after that.

Demex fell asleep that night, dreaming of what was transpiring at the human realm. He saw his parents, Max and Jennifer, distressed and crying while a cop, Officer Gideon Hart, told them that Demex was nowhere to be found and the investigation had to end. When he woke, he joined the group as they left the camp and headed back to Warfang, where they then went to the Temple. Ignitus appeared and took the Gaurdians, including Malefor, explaining who he thought could be the next Guardian for fire.

After everyone was done forming the ceremony for the new Guardian, Demex was tired from all the work. He was told he could leave and go to the temple to sleep, seeing it was the middle of the night. Fira became worried, so she left after him to make sure he was okay. As Demex was walking down the path, he was attacked by a group of predators, passing out as they attacked and Fira running after him seeing this.

Demex woke the next morning to find a scar traveling diagonally against his face, going over his right eye where his vision was now blurred slightly. When he was well rested and normal again, he helped sort out dragons that signed in to join the Temple. Once he was done, he rested in the garden until he was beckoned by the Guardians to go on a favor task to recover some gems in a cavern called the Portal Caves, where the portals were dormant but not dead.

Demex went in and accidentally started one, making him travel to another world. This is where an explosion went off at the dig sight that Max was working at. After removing a hurt worker, Max found the one person he's been searching for all this time. His long lost son, Demex. Demex enjoyed his time there with his human family, but he knew he didn't belong there.

As Demex went to sleep that night, he was visited by Ignitus, the Chronicler. He was informed that his disappearance from Avalar has led to a series of tragic events that has turned up disaster, and the only cure for it all is Demex himself. He learned how he was able to change from human to dragon and vice versa. When he returned to his family, he explained how he had to leave and who he really was.

To his surprise, his family always knew, and Demex was taken to his father's dig site where the portal between worlds as Demex knew it, took him in and sent him back to where he belonged. As he arrived, he noticed by a reflection in the water that he was much older, and after a bit of time, he managed to be attacked by the one person he was dying to see; Fira.

He learned from Fira, who now saw him as Demex again, that he had been gone for about two years, which in the human world was a good two weeks. As they talked, they were interrupted by a sudden storm, which seemed to alarm Fira greatly. They made their way back to the temple, where everyone was waiting for Fira, but were greatly surprised to see Demex.

Demex then learned than in his absence, Spyro had been taken over by the dark elements. The one thing that triggered it all was Demex's disappearance. Cynder and Malefor tried their best with Convexity breath, but Spyro had grown too strong. Immensely strong thunderstorms and other anomalies are being caused by his dark control. Volteer though had found something, an idea about a silver dragon that possessed a great power. Concavity breath.

The idea led nowhere though, no silver dragon could be easily found. All the while, Delnok saved a female from attacking Predators in the forest, while everyone else either searched for a silver dragon in the books or just lived another day in the Temple. The female he saved made a quick recovery, and everyone soon knew her, her name Amy. She was a yellow dragoness, sporting a golden underbelly, curved back horns, a bolt as her tail-tip, and a small lightning bolt of a birthmark on her left cheek. She was around 20, a year younger than Delnok. Once introductions had been spread around, Amy had become a part of the group.

As Malefor came out to discuss with them about how they couldn't find a silver dragon, Amy became involved and said she knew of one. Her father is a silver dragon.

Everyone made it quickly to the portal caves as another storm was brewing, preventing them from flying. As they arrived, Malefor was able to start one of the portals up to a town close to where Amy lived, this town being Darion. They arrived and noticed that her parents weren't there, so they went searching. Malefor, Demex, and Fira checked the village, but all that happened was Fira running into a dragoness with a bunch of fruits. Delnok, Cynder, and Amy though found the silver dragon, apparently named Spirit. His mate, Amy's mother, was shopping for food in the village.

As the two groups reunited, Spirit seemed to know Fira's name. She was bewildered up until he told her that she has been his long lost daughter. After that, Spirit agreed after talking with his mate, Krystal, to go along and to defeat the dark elements that were controlling Spyro. He had other powers, even teleportation, which helped them get back to the temple for a night's rest. As they got their and everyone went to bed, Amy and Delnok shared a room, rising their relationship up a bit.

The next day, it was decided that Spyro was residing in Convexity, a place where teleportation couldn't reach. The only way there was in the eye of the storm, which channeled large amounts of portal energy. It was decided that Spirit, Demex, and Cynder must go out of necessity and because they matter the most to Spyro. They all made their way through the storm barely, making their way through the portal and into Convexity where Spyro could be found.

They made their way to Spyro, him fighting them as Spirit charged his attack. The battle was long and hard, tiring Spyro out as he fought to keep Cynder and Demex at bay. They suddenly pinned Spyro against the wall, where Spirit then used his Concavity power to rid him of evil. Once normal again, they returned to the temple.

Out of rejoice, Amy's and Delnok's love became known between the two and they decided to be mates. Fira and Demex went into Warfang where they earned a massive mansion. Demex became the new librarian of Warfang and after that, him and Fira mated and decided it would be a good idea to have children.

After 12 years, everyone was enjoying the grand dragon ceremony. Spyro and Cynder were there with their daughter Serenity, an emerald scaled dragoness with a gold underbelly, her eyes and tail like Spyro and her horns like Cynder. Delnok and Amy both had a child named Damien. Demex and Fira had two children, a male and a female. Demila, the young ice dragoness, had cobalt blue scales and a dark cyan underbelly. With these colors, she still looked like her mother. Felix, the young fire dragon, had red scales with a faded red underbelly. He was practically the opposite of Demila, looking like his father.

Ignitus, back to Chronicler duties at the time, was enjoying the nice peace. But as he was reading through a book, his eyes widened in astonishment at what he saw. "Oh my…" He muttered.

End of Summary for The Blue Dragon.

I do advise you though to read The Blue Dragon. This is a summary, so there may be a few details that had been left out.

A few things to note, these are the ages of the TBD cast when it ended to avoid confusion:

Demex: 32
Fira: 32
Delnok: 33
Amy: 32
Spyro: 31
Cynder: 31
Flame: 32
Ember: 32

Felix: 11
Demila: 9
Serenity: 10
Damien: 11

3 Guardians: 73
Malefor: 64
Spirit: 68
Krystal: 65

Max and Jennifer: 32
Josh: 16

Lastly, Spyro fanfic fans who are reading this, please take note. I am not a pro at writing so don't expect me to be great because I'm not. Got that?

There may be some plot holes that I may have overlooked, I apologize in advance. I tried my best in making all the canon characters stay in character, but I had to improvise at certain points, since I really couldn't imagine how would they react. This story is rated M for mature scenes that may appear in the story.

So with all that said and done, I present the prologue of my story,

The Blue Dragon: Book II

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my characters. Other canon characters are owned by their respective companies. Richer1992 owns Spirit, Amy and Krystal.

Exclaimer: To people who don't like the story, just don't read it.

Chapter 1


The air was still and had a slight chill. The moon was up at the sky, against the starry backdrop. The trees did not sway for there was no wind. It was silent, like everything had died. Slowly, the stillness was disturbed as a being came to. His body ached as he grimaced in pain, trying to stand on all fours. He couldn't help but look in shock as he saw the smoking crater he was in. The land was cracked as the earth contained gashes, signifying the destruction that had happen. With each step bringing him with pain, he climbed out. Rocks shifted, beads of sweat dripping, he slowly came out, exposing his physical features to the world. The once lustrous and shining scales were now covered with streaks of red, no doubt blood. Open gashes and lacerations littered his body, with bruises on his underbelly. He looked around warily, as if searching and scanning for something which resulted to nothing.

Pushing himself forward, he began to walk, walk away from ground zero. He was actually surprised at the amount of destruction that had been conjured up. Some trees had missing branches; some had been uprooted and laid flat and dead on the floor. Others were left with nothing but an upturned soil, the tree nowhere in sight, no doubt a few miles away from their location.

But of course, due to the extent of his injuries, he didn't have a lot to go with. In just a few minutes, his vision began to blur at the edges. His body began to falter; his tail beginning to sag. Not a few seconds later, his body severed the connection of his brain to his body. His body toppled to the ground, his eyes closed and stayed still. He was out cold; passed out; bleeding out, his injuries that was beginning to spell death in blood red letters.

Then, a rustle became audible; just moments after he had passed out.

The leaves parted from a nearby bush as a paw moved them away. Three figures came out. One, a cobalt blue dragon, gasped as he saw the lifeless body. The other, a red dragon, much smaller than the former, since he was a teen, looked around warily. The third and last, was a purple dragon, as big as the first one, stood guard beside the blue as he checked over him.

"How is he?" asked the purple one, his voice deeper, nearly going to baritone.

"Not good Spyro; he's lost too much blood. We need to get him to the Temple as soon as possible." he answered whilst checking over the blood soaked dragon.

"Okay then," Spyro turned to the red dragon. "Felix, you help me give some cover while Demex carries him back to the Temple. We'll cover your father in case a Predator decides to appear on this of all nights."

Felix nodded. "You got it uncle."

The son and uncle then went to formation, Felix in front, Spyro at the back, Demex in the middle with the dragon. They needed to get him to safety. Slowly, the trio marched, heading out of the forest.

0 0 0 0 0

He walked with a limp as his body was giving. All around him were nothing but darkness, for surely there was no light. The trees swayed all around him as he kept walking, walking to no particular direction. He didn't know where he was headed, but he didn't care. He just kept walking; he was lost and confused. He didn't know what happened. But right now, it didn't matter. He was wounded and that's what mattered. He needed to get his wounds to stop bleeding or else he was going to die from the massive loss of blood.

But where can he possible heal himself?

He didn't know where the nearest possible town was. He was in an area where he wasn't really familiarized. To top it off, he was dazed from what had happened. He couldn't even remember what happened. He was too dazed.

It was all going downhill.

Then, his vision blurred as he ran, making his field of vision vanish completely. He tripped, making him tumble and lay on a heap on the ground. He lay there, bleeding out, death slowly creeping up to him. He was dying, much to his horror. Much to his displeasure, he looked up and was surprised to find two orbs of light, torches no doubt, and a large sturdy gate. He was dying…at the entrance of a village. He was so close. Yet not close enough. He couldn't yell for help. He didn't have enough energy left. Then his vision began to fade. The last image being imprinted on his mind was the village wooden gates before he passed out because of loss of blood. Help that was there that never came.

And he couldn't do a thing about it…

But it seems…fate had a different idea.

No sooner than he fell towards the ground, activity rose inside the village. Someone had spotted him. Grunts and yells were heard as the gate was dragged open, its wooden hinges creaking as the wood created friction. Dragons, wearing primitive armor local to the area, ran to his aid.

"Quick! Get him to the healers!" yelled an authority figure.

Following obediently, two dragons quickly hefted the passed out dragon into the village. The figure watched solemnly as the guards took the wounded dragon away. A dragon walked towards him, looking wary and tired, but still alert.

"Was it me or was he a black dragon? A dark dragon perhaps?" he asked.

"No…dark dragons are more volatile and vicious. They aren't easy to be wounded. He must be naturally a dark scaled dragon. I wonder who he is." he replied. The dragon nodded.

"That is the entire question in all our minds." The dragon beside him smiled.

"Do not worry; we can ask him when he wakes up." He smiled back.

"That we shall. We definitely shall."

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