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Chapter 49


Once all the surprise of how The Sorcerer was a girl was all over, it didn't take long for the explanation to come. Josh was actually really surprised at how it turned out. Adrian's situation was practically the same as Malefor. She was under the control of the Dark Spells. Adrian, as she told them, was actually a young, bright mage dragon, who lived at the Paleo Dragon Realms. Adrian had become corrupted when she had tried to learn the higher and more dangerous spells of magic, much like how Malefor became corrupted. It wasn't her that was evil, but it was her powers; meaning she was innately good. She even told this herself.


Time Frame: Chapter 46, Denouement

"And that breath cleanses evil completely at whoever is targeted. But since I wasn't evil, per se, at the time, but my powers were, it sealed my powers."


The evil that was corrupting her slowly took root at her mind set and urged her that, to become more powerful, one needed MORE POWER. And that's where Spirit came in. The Dark Spells told her that there were other sources of power that was accessible by Portal Magic. After some much coaxing, she went to the Neo Dragon Realms, her mind set about 70% evil and 30% Good, since it WAS slowly taking root.

Josh thought for a moment. That was how she putted it anyway.

He looked up at the night sky as he sat at the edge of the balcony, overlooking the skyline of Warfang, the Dragon City. He sat there, gathering his thoughts, remembering everything he had learned earlier. It was a bit confusing, but after giving it some thought, it actually made sense. So he relayed it in his mind again.

After Adrian arrived at the Neo Dragon Realms, she disguised herself in a Knight's Helmet, along with robes to not let anyone see her. Then all the stuff happened about her getting hit by Concavity by Spirit. In turn, SEALING the Dark Spells, which was the SOURCE of EVIL in her; but, since she STILL had some good in her, and wasn't fully evil, the evil in her didn't get cleanse. She wasn't exactly fully fledged evil when she came. She still had a good conscience. The Concavity just targeted the most evil thing in her and cleansed it, that being her Dark Spells, thus sealing them completely. With this concept in mind, the evil within her still existed, that being the evil that took root in her mind BECAUSE of the Dark Spells, and slowly, she became the Sorcerer completely.

Josh thought once again, as he replayed the events earlier today. It didn't make any sense earlier, but now it did.

The reason why Adrian appeared at the Samotoc spell was because the projected self of the Sorcerer was actually Adrian. It was the Dark Spells being projected when they saw the Sorcerer.

There were two beings in one body; who would have thought of it.

Josh turned his head and looked up as he saw Adrian walking up to him.

"What are you doing out here?" she asked.

"No reason, just gathering my thoughts," he replied, looking back to the city skyline.

"I see…" said Josh.

Then a question came to his mind.

"Are you ever going back?" asked Josh. "To the Paleo Dragon Realms?"

"Me? I don't think so. I prefer it here. Much more…better," said Adrian. "And besides, I still owe you." Josh looked at her curiously.

"You…owe me?" he asked, puzzled by her statement. "What do you mean?"

"You saved my life Josh. I am forever in your debt. And I completely do not mind serving you," she said, making Josh blink completely surprised. "I will do whatever your wishes are; just say the word."

Josh was completely taken aback by the position he was in. Did she mean that…she…was now his personal slave? Apparently, Adrian, was really that grateful, to go to the point of giving her life of servitude to him. Josh didn't even know what to do, but just nod dumbly.

After a few minutes of silence, another question popped into Josh's head.

"Hey, Adrian?" he asked.

"What is it?" she replied.

"Aren't you supposed to be…you know…a purple dragon? Not a green dragon like the one you are now? I thought the Sorcerer was a purple dragon, and a male. How come you are who you are now?"

Adrian smiled.

"Interesting question," she said. "It's simple actually. It's because of the Dark Spells. The Dark Spells possess…a…or should I say have their own persona; whoever gets possessed, transforms into that persona. It would seem that the creator of the Dark Spells was a purple dragon, thus why."

Josh nodded, understanding it completely. Another moment passed, silence being shared between the two of them as they each were lost in their own thoughts.

Then, the ice was broken when Adrian sighed.

"Well Josh, I am tired. I am heading in now," she said, before heading inside the Temple again.

"Good night," said Josh.

"Good night to you too," said Adrian. As she went in, she passed by Demex whom was looking for Josh.

"There you are," said Demex, sitting beside him.

"Oh, Demex, what is it?" asked Josh.

"I have an important question I have to ask you," said Demex. "And it's important you think about this."

Josh nodded.

"Are you on planning on staying?" asked Demex. "Wait, let me rephrase that. Are you planning on living here, in the Dragon Realms?" he asked him.

Josh thought about it. It was that question again. He remembered being asked that very same question before.


Time Frame: Chapter 42, Second Entry

"Are you coming back?" asked Jennifer.

After some deep thinking, he replied.

"I…I don't know. I'm not sure yet. I might, I might not," answered Josh.


That was his answer. And now, considering the argument he had back then, and everything that has happened. He now knew the answer to the question.

"Demex I guess…I'm not staying," he answered. Demex looked a bit surprised.

"Why is that?" he asked.

"Well, I like it here and all. It's wonderful. It's everything I've ever wanted in my life, I admit that. But now, after everything that has happened. I guess…all I can say is that. I have no more reason to stay. I don't really have any family, like you, or a mate, like you. My family is back at the Other World. Yours is here Demex. I don't really have any commitments to sustain here. And besides, even though I am happy here, I'll feel homesick." He explained to him.

After a moment's silence, Demex turned to face him after looking up at the skies to think.

"I understand. But Josh…" said Demex.

"What?" he asked.

"Do visit every now and then. I'm sure Felix will definitely cry about this," he said with a smirk.

Josh chuckled.

"Okay, I promise," he said, before knocking each other's paws; a kind of dragon high five.

"When are you leaving anyway?" asked Demex.

"Tomorrow morning; I don't want to see Felix cry. It'll break my heart," said Josh. Demex chuckled.

"Okay then. I'll see you off tomorrow. Night," he said, before heading in to the Temple.

Josh sighed, and stared back at the Warfang skyline. He'll miss this view. He'll miss being able to fly, use his powers and basically kick-ass. He'll miss becoming the very definition of bad ass itself. He'll miss it all. But then again, every now and then he'll able to experience it. So it wasn't half that bad.

He then yawned, feeling tired from all the day's activity. It was time to get some sleep.

As he stood up, he felt a feeling. He felt his spine tingle as a cold breeze blew over him.

"That's odd…there's not supposed to be any wind…" he trailed as he looked up.

His eyes widened, jaw opened slightly, his breath slowly becoming nervous. He felt his entire body shook with fear at the sight before him. He tried to pin his thoughts down with words but no sound came from his maw. He was literally paralyzed in fear.

Standing before him, at the doorway, was none other than…

…The Sorcerer.

His Knight's Helmet shined as the moonlight reflected of it. His cape lay rest behind him as he leaned on the wall of the Temple, in a lethargic manner.

How was it possible that he was still alive?

"H-h-h-how…are…yo-yo-yo…" Josh stuttered, completely faltering. Were all their efforts in vain? But how was that possible? Adrian was with them now.

"Surprised?" asked the Sorcerer, his voice making him shiver all over. Josh couldn't even reply.

"Tsk…Tsk…Tsk…" The Sorcerer shook his head. "Josh, you'd think I'd be that easy to kill?"

Josh just blinked. He honestly did think that.

"Well I'm sorry. I'm not. And besides Josh, whatever you may do. Whatever you may come up with your friends; whatever crazy idea you may attempt to kill me. You'll never succeed," said the Sorcerer.

"And…why is that?" asked Josh, finally mustering his voice again.

"Because…" he trailed. He then did the oddest thing. He placed his paws on his helmet, and then slowly, took it off.

Josh probably nearly had a heart attack at that moment, at the speed his heart was pumping. He was horrified at the sight before him. The Sorcerer looked up, and smiled at him.

Josh felt like he was looking into a mirror. Before him, the dragon under the armor…was…him. Staring right at him was him. The dragon had sky blue scales and a dark blue underbelly. His eyes were the same as his, indigo color. It was literally like looking into a mirror. The Sorcerer, had removed his Knight's helmet and showed that the dragon underneath was him. His mind was now in a complete flux.

"Now do you see Josh?" The Sorcerer asked him, his tone getting darker. Even his voice was the same. "I am you. I exist because of you."

"Th-this…this…this…can't be!" Josh exclaimed.

"Unfortunately…it is," said the Sorcerer. "As long as you breathe, you live, you exist. I exist. You can't kill me." The Sorcerer then chuckled to himself.

"How can you kill me? I'm you."

Josh's mind felt like pulp. He was shock down to the very core of his life.

"Well," said the Sorcerer, donning on the helmet again. "Enjoy the peace while it lasts Josh. It won't be for long."

And with that, he swished his cape, black thick smoke exploded out of thin air, covering him. Josh coughed as he swatted the smoke away from him. In just a matter of moments, it was gone, along with any traces of the Sorcerer being there.

Josh felt himself falter to the ground; he felt like his mind was run over by a truck as it tried to process the event that had transpired. He didn't even notice someone come up to him as he laid there, staring down the ground.

"Hey! Hey! Josh? Are you okay?" asked the voice. Only then he looked up, once he was being shaken by the shoulder.

It was Demex.

"Is everything alright? You look white as sheet? Did you see a ghost or something?" asked Demex.

If only Demex was there.

"I…I…" said Josh as he stood up. He didn't even know where to begin.

"What's wrong?" asked Demex. Josh looked at him.

"Demex, you know what I said earlier? About having no reason to stay?" asked Josh.

"Yeah…what about it?"

"Well…I was just given one."

As he said this to Demex, Josh's mind was ringing with one question he honestly couldn't think of an answer for.

And that was…

"How can you kill someone if that someone is you?"

0 0 0 0 0 THE END 0 0 0 0 0


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