The Immersion of Edward Cullen

im·mer·sion n.

1. a. The act or an instance of immersing.

b. The condition of being immersed.

2. Baptism performed by totally submerging a person in water.

3. Astronomy - The obscuring of a celestial body by another or by the shadow of another.

Bella knew that everything that happened to her before had culminated for this very moment. She stared critically at the unblinking, pale-faced Edward Cullen as he sat in her classroom, her mind flitting through memories and options, questions and possible answers, knowing what she needed to do.

She would touch him, skin to skin, and she would know.

She still gripped his English essay in her hands, trying not to wrinkle or crush it, but she was having a hard time controlling her muscles. The teacher, Mrs. Cheney, was speaking to the class, and Bella realized that she was being introduced.

"And this is Ms. Swan, my student teacher for the semester. She will be helping out with class, grading papers, and eventually, teaching lessons. You will respect her, and listen to her, just like you would any other teacher, all right?"

Angela Cheney eyed her students, looking for any signs of dissent. She could see a few sneers making their way onto girls' faces, probably due to jealousy. Angela recognized that Bella was very pretty, and young looking. It seemed that the male population of the class realized this as well, as Angela spotted many gazing unabashedly at her with heavy-lidded eyes. The teenage libido was shocking at times, and she knew that Bella Swan would probably fuel many a wet dream or masturbation session that very day.

She chanced a glance at her student teacher, and saw that Bella was nodding her 'hello' to the class, looking both confident and nervous. She held a student's paper in her hand, taking her anxiety out on it, until Angela reached over and pulled the sheet away. Bella smiled apologetically but watched the paper closely as Angela placed it back on the pile on her desk.

Bella knew which boy was Edward Cullen the moment he stepped into the room. She had learned enough over the years to be able to spot one of his kind, even if she'd only ever come across one other. She tried to scan her eyes over the other students, giving nothing away, but she saw that Edward was watching her intently, like a predator eyeing his prey.

She hoped he tried something. She hoped he spoke to her after class, or perhaps stalked her after school. She dared him to get close to her, because she was prepared. She'd been preparing for this moment since she was sixteen. She knew everything she needed to know, and she was firm in her belief that he would not get the best of her.

The class period, which only last fifty minutes, passed swiftly. Bella paid attention to Angela, figuring out her teaching style and rhythm, and took care of handing out papers and picking up the students' completed assignments. As she touched Edward's class work, seeking it out purposefully, she again was bombarded with images and thoughts, energies and feelings.

Blood. Hospital. Bags of blood. Speed. Thirst. Age. Death. Decay. Sadness.


That was the one that stopped her. She could sense his very nature, and she knew that he was unrepentant for it. Touching something of his that was fresh supplied her with more evidence that he was, in fact, what she thought he was.

The bell finally rang, and Bella acted quickly. Various scenarios ran through her mind before she stepped towards the door and wished the students a good day. Edward was about to step across the threshold, his eyes holding her in their periphery, and she reached out to grab his forearm to stop him.

It was rock hard under her hand, but also covered with his shirtsleeves. She tried to act natural and nonchalant as she opened her mouth, stealthily sliding her hand down his arm near to his wrist.

"I was looking over your essay earlier, and I just wanted to comment on how well-written, and well-researched it was. I look forward to reading more of your analysis down the road," she said in a professorial tone. Finally – finally – her fingertips found purchase on the smallest sliver of his bare, cold skin, and she saw into his mind for a moment, just long enough, before he pulled away.

He was listening to her heartbeat, envisioning the taste of her blood as it pumped through arteries, imagining his teeth sinking into her skin like a knife into warm butter. He pulled away quickly, but it was enough to tell Bella that he was one in the same as what she'd been hunting for so many years.


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