Okay so for this one I was extremely bored so I just wrote it because I loved this episode…Oh and the characters are soooo OOC. Oh and that the dialogue in the episode is either different/wrong/screwed up. Oh and Lefty Blondy you might not wanna read this 'because it's kind of a huge spoiler…SORRY!

Voyage of Temptation revised… (Okay so watch the epi and here is where everyone's standing)(Same standings BUT Ahsoka's beside Rex)

Obiwan: You know your marching orders. The safety of the duchess Satine is the up most important. The Death Watch will stop at nothing to assassinate her. blah,blah,blah

Anakin: The death watch may be bac-

Ahsoka: What's so important about that Duchess is someone in loveeee with her? (Ahsoka pokes Obiwan on the belly button.)

Clones: *Laugh, Chuckle, and Giggle*

Anakin: * Giggles* You're in love with the Duchess, Obi-wan?

ObiWan: I never said that… (Obiwan's face turns a deep colour of red.)

Ahsoka: Neither did you say you weren't… ohhhh Obiwan and Satine sitting' in a tree K-I-S - -

Clones: S-I-N-G!

Ahsoka: (Whispers to Rex) Love, do you have a paper and pen?

Rex: (Whispers back to Ahsoka) Let me check, Cyar'ika. (Gets a pen and a paper and some tape outta his pocket) I thought you might need this too.

Ahsoka: Thanks, Rexy. (Ahsoka took the pen and paper and wrote 'Obiwan + Satine = 3' and made a huge heart around. When obiwan wasn't looking she stuck it on his back.)

Anakin: As I was sayi-*BEEP* *BEEP* UGH!

Mandalore Guard: The Duchess and her retnue ask you for your presence.

Obiwan: Very Well. We should be there shortly. (Cody and Rex send the troops to investigate while Obiwan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and Cody go to meet the duchess.)

When they reach the Duchess…

(Satine talking and blah blah blah…just watch the episode online if you're that interested in the dialogue!) (Obiwan, Ahsoka, Anakin and Rex come in…Ahsoka holds Rex's hand when they entered...It was embarrassing to Rex because others stared…)

Ahsoka: Heyyy! (She bowed)

Obiwan: Greetings, Duchess.

Anakin: You're Excellency.

Rex: Greetings. (He saluted)

Satine: Greetings to all. I am sure all of you know that I am the Duchess of Kalevala. May I know your names?

Anakin: Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.

Ahsoka: Padawan Learner Ahsoka Tano. And this is my boyfriend Clone Captain Rex Skirata.

Everyone: !

Anakin: Rex is your boyfriend Snips?

Ahsoka: Okay like nobody knows that you're married to Senator Amidala! Like it's soooo obvious! The way you 2 look at each other is hysterical!

Anakin: Is that true Obiwan? It really that obvious? (He wimpered.)

Obiwan: Uhh…yes…

Anakin: Hmph.

Rex: Ya uhh she already introduced me and I'm part of the 501st legion AKA Torrent Company.

Senators: *Giggle and Chuckle*

Satine: What's so funny?

Random Senator I don't know the name of: Umm…Duchess you might wanna look at General Kenobi's back…*Chuckle*

Anakin: *Burst out laughing*

Obiwan: Huh?

Rex: (Whispers to Ahsoka) You know we should run now Ahs'ika before they notice it was us…

Ahsoka: (Whispers back to Rex) We should wait Rex I wanna see what their reaction is.

Satine: Obiwan, may I please ask you to turn around?

Obiwan: Okay...( He turns around and shows Satine what it says on his back. Satine's eyes then pop open. She stands up and takes the paper off of Obiwan's back and shows him what it says.)

Satine: ?

To be Continued…