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Me: Today Cody will say the disclaimer!

Cody: Why me?

Me: I have the game Halo Reach in my hand! Want me to break it?

Cody: Ahsoka33 does not own Star wars! Now give me the GAME!

Me: Not until you run around the ship in only your boxers and let me record you do it!

Cody: FINE!

Current time: 1440

Ahsoka: AHH! Master is mad! Nice face! (Takes out hTouch and takes a picture of Anakin's angry face!) Now get off of me!


Obi wan: *clears throat* Now what do I see here?

Anakin & Ahsoka: Uhhh nothi-* Ship shakes*

Anakin: What the kriff was that?

P.E. System: We have landed on Naboo. We shall leave at 1500 sharp.

Anakin: Yay!

At 1500 everyone is on the ship and so is Senator Amidala.

Obiwan: Umm…okay now I can't find our apartment just great. Oh there it is!(Obiwan opens the door with his access key only to find Anakin and Padme making out on the couch. They were so deep in their kiss that they didn't hear Obiwan yell.) AHH! (He then ran into Ahsoka's Room only to find Ahsoka and Rex making out. They too were so deep in their kiss that they couldn't hear Obiwan yell…again.) AHH! (He then ran out of the apartment yelling around the whole ship only to find Cody running with him…but Cody was only in his boxers and not yelling.) AHHH!


Obi wan: AHH! (Obi wan then accidently ran into Satine's room while she was changing.)

Satine: Obi wan? AHH!

Obi wan: AHHH!

To be continued…

Cody: Now give me the game!

Ahsoka33: Fine here.

Cody: Thank you…

Ahsoka33: Hope you guys liked that chapter!

Satine and Obi wan: HAILEEEE!