Title: Stupid Things
Author: AnnieVH
Summary: Milo confesses to a crime. Kinda.
Rating: K+/slash
Genre: romance, humor
Characters or Pairing: Milo Sturgis/Rick Silverman
Prompts: from drabbles100 085. Missing, plus I had promised a jealousy fic for coral-67 ages ago.
Wordcount: 500.
Warning: Nothing.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: don't own, just burrow.

"I did something stupid."

Rick looked over the menu. "Come again?"

Milo looked back at him, anxious at the thought of having to admit it again.

Rick said, "I'm sorry, you said you did something stupid."

"I did."

"What would that be?"

"I deleted a message on your machine."

"Okay. That's stupid because... you can't handle machines?"

"No. It's stupid because it was another man's."

Rick stared at him. Milo rubbed his face, but stopped quickly. Though they had only been with each other for little over a month, by then Rick should have figured out he did that when he was upset or nervous and he wanted to look calm and reasonable.

Rick just said, "Oh."

Milo replied, "Yeah. While you were in the shower the phone rang and I let the machine pick up. It was-"

"I didn't take a shower before we left."

Milo cleared his throat. "This was last Friday."

Rick blinked slowly, bothered. Put down the menu. "Yes?"

"It was some guy saying it had been a while and wanting to see you." Milo explained. "And he missed you. Very much. Then he said 'bye, handsome' and hung up."

"Oh, boy." Sighed Rick.

"I'm guessing it was not your dentist."


"Ah." Milo stared at him, as if demanding an explanation. To remind him who's crime had initiated the discussion, Rick said, "I'd apologize for him, but I have nothing left on my machine to apologize for."

"Right. Sorry. That. Uhm. I wish I had an explanation, but I don't. It wasn't because I don't trust you." Milo rushed to said. "I just acted on a jealous impulse. This isn't me, I don't do things like that. But this time I did. And I'm sorry. And it won't happen again. And I hope you won't judge me for that."

Rick opened his mouth and Milo feared he was going to ask why. In the back of his throat, Milo could feel the truth (Because I think I maybe like you a lot) itching, longing to be said, but if Rick asked, he decided to lie he didn't know.

Instead, Rick explained, "Brad calls now and then when he's heartbroken." Rick rolled up his eyes. "Due to his poor relationship skills it happened a few times."

"You don't answer him?"

Rick thought. Said, "Not anymore."

Milo said nothing.

Rick sipped his wine. Made it swirled in his glass. "I did once. We met. It only reminded me how selfish and whiny he is. Though," he smiled, "I don't think he ever deleted my messages."

Milo smiled back. "When you thought your lovers couldn't get crazier."

Rick gave him a soft kick under the table and chuckled. "Shut up." He picked up the menu and Milo realized the subject was over.

Well, Milo thought, he doesn't scare easy. That's good.

Rick teased, "How about you? Any men I should worry about?"

"Oh, yes, my straight oversexed shrink best friend. How great does your sex life look now?"