A Spelling Test~

A set of light, nearly violet eyes narrowed in deliberation. The seventeen year old tapped her chin while staring at the boy next to her. His face, which had only seconds ago been hopeful, now showed a scowl. "Well?" He asked, impatient.

"Is this like 'l-u-v' love or 'l-o-v-e' love?" The girl raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at her companion.

Suddenly, the scowl turned into a look of discomfort. "Why are you giving me a cruddy spelling test, Kooks?" the blonde teenager asked, crossing orange-covered arms over his broad chest.

Kuki reached out and grabbed his elbow in melodramatic desperation. "Wally," she whined. "This is not a spelling test. This is a super duper important question!"

"I don't know, Kuki. Why does it matter?" Wally glanced over at her quickly, hoping he would not find a pout written on her face, but knowing he would all the same. Why did she always have to be so difficult? His lips moved, but no words left them. Love had a 'u', right? His blue eyes shut tight as he answered, "I guess it's 'l-u-v'?"

When the girl did not respond- no hug, giggle, anything- he let his eyes slowly open, not sure what to expect. Wally certainly didn't expect what he found.

Kuki was still pouting, her arms crossed over her slim body and her legs crossed in front of her on the couch. What did he do wrong? She lived for this kind of flowery, girly stuff. Wally had answered the dumb spelling question. What more did she want? "What's wrong with you? You know I don't spell good! Aren't you supposed to say it back or something?"

The pouting eyes met his angry ones. "Well, Wallabee, I think it's pretty obvious that I 'l-u-v' love you! You are one of my best friends," Kuki explained, as if this was something he was supposed to understand.

He didn't understand.

Large hands hit the couch cushions. Hard. "Would you stop spelling 'love' every time you say it?"

The raven-haired girl raised an eyebrow yet again. "If I stop spelling, how will we tell the difference?" Kuki shook her head and Wally caught the dying scent of her shampoo in the air. The boy made to catch a piece in his fingers, but stopped himself.

"Kuki, I just told you that I love you. Do you have any idea how hard that was for me? And then you have to start talking about differences and spelling. And guess what? I don't cruddy care! Got it?" Exasperation filled his voice. Wally would never in a million years admit this, but he just wanted her to say it back. And that was all he wanted.

And finally, finally, the smile he had expected since those first three words left his mouth appeared. His body was thrown back against the couch by the type of hug only she could give and a tiny giggle escaped through her perfect, white teeth. "Oh, Wally! I knew you 'l-o-v-e' loved me!"

Wally rolled his blue eyes, while pressing a kiss to her temple and wrapping his arms around her waist. Pulling her closer, closer. "If that's how you spell it," he murmured in her ear.

A/N: The girls in my photography class are so shallow. I love it. Anyway, the back story on this is that one of the aforementioned girls has this belief that if you spell love 'l-u-v' it means something different than 'l-o-v-e'. I feel like Kuki would think that too.