Remember Me?

Ch. 4

A/N: I know, I know, I haven't written in about a year. Stone me. I've been terribly busy but school's ended and I have time to write. I would like to address a review that I actually liked although it pointed out my major downfall. It was from Mona Ogg:

"Interesting plot idea. I'm looking forward to reading more of this story. However, I think the way you're handling Vanessa's illness is not too realistic. First of all, if her diagnosis was so bad that her doctor thought she'd only have about one month to live, she would most probably be feeling very ill and showing symptoms of weakness and pain that Anthony would have noticed, so he wouldn't be completely clueless about the situation. He may not know how bad it is, but children are usually very intuitive about such things. Another thing is that those kinds of predictions aren't always accurate, so if a doctor says someone has three months left, he may die three weeks later due to complications, or he may make it for another six months or even a year if he reacts well to the medication and is careful about his health otherwise. It's not like the doctors know everything and you can enter the date of your death into your calendar after he's given you such a diagnosis. Counting down from "one month" to "three weeks" without a new diagnosis to back it up is a bit naïve.

However, it's your story and you (as the author) know best when Vanessa is going to die, so I'm not going to complain again if the countdown proves to be accurate. I'm guessing the focus of your story won't be on Vanessa for too long anyway, right? So it's not all that important. I hope you're going to continue this story."

Truth be told I just wanted Vanessa out of the way because she annoys me. I really didn't think of what she had because I was planning on most of the story being with Anthony and his biological family and their adventures. So you caught me. Hahaha. I hope this doesn't deter you from reading the rest of my story since I'm being unrealistic and naïve about Vanessa's illness. I get where you are coming from and I'm surprised no one was yelling at me about it before hand. That and I'm not good at writing about degenerating health because it depresses me and when I'm depressed I can't write so I figured that was a bad idea. Thank you for actually giving me a real criticism that I found quite constructive, it's readers like you that keep me from becoming slack.

Now on with the story!

Disclaimer: I don't own Juno, or Bleeker, or Vanessa, or Winnie the Pooh (you'll see), or sour patch kids. Although the movie that they go to see I made the name up off the top of my head, so if there is an actual movie with that name I apologize because I just strung some cool sounding words together and made a name.

Anthony's POV

I sat in the back seat of Juno and Bleeker's car…or should I call it Mom and Dad's car? I don't know, I'll figure that one out later. We were headed to the movie theater, they said I get to pick. Pretty cool, huh? Mom doesn't always let me pick which movies we go to watch and she always drags me to some kiddy movie, one with singing bunnies and talking flowers. They made me want to gag. I tried telling her that I'm eight years old and can watch movies without disgustingly (my words) "cute" (Mom's words) animals and stories that have no problems throughout the entire movie. Like Winnie the Pooh…ugh…Mom took me to see that a few months ago. I fell asleep while watching it but it started with the animals in the woods jumping around and dancing, and it ended with animals jumping around and dancing.

I want to see movies with explosions and gun fights! Mom says they're too "violent" and that they will "teach" me "to kill and destroy and hurt people" as if! I just think it's cool.

We finally made it to the movie theater; I got out of the car and walked between Juno and Bleeker up to the building.

"So, Anthony, do you have any nicknames?" Bleeker asked me.

I looked up at him and answered, "Um, yeah, the kids at school call me "Ant". Because I don't like "Tony" and "Anthony" is what Mom calls me."

"Ant? That's a pretty wizard nickname. I like it!" Juno smiled.

"Yeah, me too. Did you guys ever have any nicknames?" I asked them. I liked talking to them, they didn't make me feel like I was a little kid.

"Well, My real name is Paul. I've gone by "Paulie" and "Bleeker" or "Bleek." Bleeker answered.

"Wait, where does Bleeker come from then?" I thought his real name was Bleeker.

"Well, it's my last name." Bleeker explained to me. We made it up to the ticket window, Juno looked down at me.

"So, Ant, you know what movie you want to watch?"

"Um…how about 'Kings of the Night?' I saw the preview for that on TV the other night."

It was rated PG-13, I hoped they let me watch it. Mom only lets me watch G rated movies. Although there are some times when I convince Mom to let me go out with Mark, and we watch R rated movies, and eat unhealthy fast food, and he teaches me about his guitars.

"You have good taste in action movies. Kudos." Juno bought three tickets and we went to the concessions counter. "Alright, kid, you get to pick a box of candy and we'll also get some popcorn." Juno let me get a box of sour patch kids, smiling and saying "just like your father," and winking at me.

We sat down to watch the movie; they let me choose where we sat. I chose to sit in the front row, center. Mom always wanted to sit in the middle; I didn't think that was any fun.

The movie opened with an intense chase scene. Two guys in really cool cars were trying to out run this group of people in a big black van. There was a lot of shooting and windows smashing. I didn't fall asleep throughout the entire movie. It was so cool! There were gun fights and explosions, it was my type of movie!

"So, Ant, did you like the movie?" Juno asked me as we were leaving the theater. I nodded my head and finished off the sour patch kids.

"Ok, so where to next?" Bleeker asked while he unlocked the car and we piled in.

A/N: So there is the first part of Anthony's first day with his parents. What do you think? And before you get all "they let him watch a PG-13 movie at his age? I based his movie taste off of my 7 year old brothers, he watches blow stuff up movies all the time and he's completely fine. That and Anthony's character is much more mature than my brother in real life so I think he'd handle it fine.