The week went by really quickly, too quickly for my liking; first of all we told everyone my plan and the theatrics, Caius didn't like the idea obviously, but Aro changed his mind thinking it would be fairytale; he's such a sap sometimes.

Right now I was staring at my own golden honey eyes in the mirror of Alice's room while she, Rosalie, Bella and Jane sorted me out for my meeting with Christian- the reason I had honey eyes was because I saw the way Edward looked at me when I said I was going Seattle hunting yesterday, he looked so disappointed and torn, it took all I had to muster up the guts to eat another animal, but I saw the way his face lit up when I came home and I had beautiful golden eyes, they even looked happy and friendly, not the usual piss me off and I'll have to do something I will thoroughly enjoy, eyes that I usually possessed.

On the bright side the eyes matched my hair which was currently being pulled into a fancy plait thing that falls over my shoulder in a really fancy, bridal manner.

Rosalie was on makeup duty and was currently adding volume to my eyes making them stand out more.

Bella was painting my nails a blood red while Jane tied up the corset back of my dress before puffing up the frills at the bottom.

The end product looked amazing, I looked like a proper beautiful bride.

"There, you are perfect." Alice sang.

"Not quite yet," I muttered before reaching for the box I had put on the vanity and pulling out the blood red crystal necklace I had and fastening it around my neck, "there done." I said while smiling in the mirror, looking back at me was a beautiful girl in a black and crimson dress with a necklace to match, perfect hour glass figure, hair neatly tied to the side hanging over her shoulder with strands falling down the side of her face framing it, blood red lips and volumised eyes with friendly golden eyes- changing my expression I made them cold, before turning it back again, I'd save it for later.

"Where did you get that?" Alice asked in complete awe.

"Christian gave it to me before he changed me, he said it matched my eyes."

"That's kind of cute and gross at the same time." Rosalie said while smiling encouragingly at me.

I nodded once before getting up and exiting the door.

"Stop, stop, stop, STOP," I turned around.

"Okay Alice, I heard you the first time, what?"

"I want to make sure everyone is ready to see you."

"Alice, it's not my actual wedding day."

"Shut up." She ran down the stairs before calling us down after her. Grumbling very rude and unladylike words under my breath I followed after the others down into a room filled with people or vampires and werewolves, Edward managed to get the dogs to agree to help by promising them they would get to kill some serious badass vamps that pissed us all off, the rest of the numbers were made up of the Cullens and the Volturi. Everyone, including the dogs, gasped as I came into view- idiots- Edwards walked up to me and hugged me.

"You ready?" Edwards asked, I nodded my head, "now don't go getting yourself killed, I'll be really pissed."

"That makes two of us," I laughed lightly then I saw their serious faces, "you make it sound like a big deal, it's not." Without another glance at the rest of the people I walked out of the room and ran to the meadow where he would be in ten minutes, everyone else were giving us some privacy and would be there as soon as I gave Edward the all clear.

Quietly I perched myself on a rock and waited, listening to the birds sing, two minutes left, thirty seconds, and then rustling.

I made my eyes cold as soon as I saw a figure step out of the shadows, and there he was still as beautiful as ever, malicious smile and all.

His gaze soon landed on me, smirking he slowly walked his way over to me.

"Well doesn't my girl look beautiful, what's the occasion?" He chimed; I stood and faced him smiling just as cruelly.

"Your demise, my love," he laughed unfazed.

"I am older than you and that means stronger. You couldn't take me, and you have also been eating bunnies. We'll have to change that when you come with me."

"What makes you think I'm coming?" in the next moment I was crushed against a tree with a vice grip on my throat.

"Because I said so, do you have a problem with that, beautiful?" Shoving him off of me I called Edward, 'Now brother, but don't show yourselves until he makes a move.' "We, my love, have a mind connection, I have one with everyone I make, but you, I like mine with you, it's… spicy, you see," he let his voice take a lecturers tone, "I didn't know where you were until you let your guard down with that boy Demetri, and I don't like people touching my property," he said, stopping from his pacing he looked at me and smiled fondly, "my property is mine and mine alone, if I can't have it no one can."

"You do realise you sound like a spoilt brat, which brings me back to my earlier question; what makes you think I'm coming? You have no way to force me."

"Oh contraire my darling, but I have many friends here with me today." On cue a group of gangly looking vampires stepped out of the shadows, "and do not think you can compel me to not take you, Thomas there," he said nodding to a young blonde boy in brown, "is a mind shield and is protecting us, we are immune."

"Bugger, you foiled my master plan, but I am not alone either." Then everyone stepped out of the foliage, wow weren't we one hell of a group.

"Ah, I see you have out numbered me, that's my girl." He sighed while tapping my cheek gently, "I see we shall be going now."

"No way, you want me you fight for me." Everyone looked at me confused, I had not told anyone about this side of my plan. "Single combat, winner takes all, either one of our team steps in the others get to fight."

"I am stronger than you, darling, but if you want it that way, fine by me." He said turning back to me. "But I'd hate to ruin your lovely dress, you should take it off."

"Fat lot of chance lover, I'd rather take my chances with the extra material."

"Fine, have it your way." Then he lunged at me, I managed to dive away, oh I'm so glad Demetri and Felix taught me how to fight.

He swung at me again; I dodged again before kicking him with my boots in the stomach sending him flying into a group of trees.

Many growls echoed around us, I just heard Alice say, "So that's why she wanted sensible shoes, I get it now." Shaking my head I stalked towards Christian again, he composed himself, lunged and grabbed my hair using it to fling me into a rocky hill's edge, sodding hell that hurt. Rubbing my head and breaking my arm back into place I just had enough time to move away from his petty little lunge.

"You know darling you still have time to just come and avoid humiliation." He taunted while blocking my blow and striking again.

"I'd rather eat doggy kibble for the rest of my existence." I said while blocking his attack and kicking him in the groin.

"Suit yourself." He said while saddling over and rolling for a minute.

I used that minute to pull him up and throw him into another tree before climbing one myself. He got up, ran to the base of the tree and pushed it over sending me flying into the rocky hill, I grabbed onto the edge before back flipping off of it and landing behind him before spinning myself around once to get power and kicking my flat on in the face.

He charged at me with furious power this time sending me flying through the air and landing back in the middle of the meadow, I landed with a graceful flop before flinging myself up again to only be knocked back by him, things weren't looking good for me and everyone noticed it, the next second Christina was behind me, gripping me in an unbreakable hold.

"I win, you are mine." He whispered before addressing the group, "I won fair and square we will leave with no trouble now." The Cullens and The Volturi looked stricken Demetri absolutely heartbroken.

Breathing deeply, I manoeuvred my hands up his body around his neck, I could hear him grunt in satisfaction, obviously thinking I was going to turn around and kiss him; slowly I did turn around, gave him a dazzling smile before lunging my teeth into his throat, tearing away his head fell limp on the floor soon followed by his crumpled body, I laughed at the expression his face held; astonishment and pride.

I turned to look at all the vampires who had been following him disperse into the bushes; I turned to face the pack, "Go play fetch will ya?"

With one last howl of excitement they all fled into the trees after them, I watched in pride before they completely disappeared from my line of vision.

I turned back to my viewers to see them all grinning manically at me then I ran over to them, and enveloped Demetri in the biggest hug ever, he responded immediately, wrapping both arms around my waist and ruffling my hair with his nose.

Pulling away reluctantly I turned to Edward and did the same to him, I repeated the process with everyone before going back and standing by Demetri.

Carlisle was first to speak out of all of us, "let us all go home." I nodded eagerly before racing back with my fingers entwined in Demetri's.

Once there Aro spoke, "we have to go make preparations for leaving, Eve; we will leave you here for a while so you can say farewell." I nodded before once again reluctantly letting go of Demetri and seeing him run off.

I turned back to everyone, I really didn't want to leave them, I loved them all too much, if you told me two weeks ago that I would want to stay with a bunch of animal abusing blood suckers I would have laughed in your face before tearing your throat out and making you my next meal, but now, that was completely changed. As if reading my mind Esme addressed the group, "Eve, you do know you don't have to leave, you could stay here and be part of the family." I looked up and smiled at her.

"Yeah I could do with someone else to wrestle, Edward's getting too easy." Emmett joked before smiling hopefully at me.

"Demetri could stay as well if he agreed to our diet." Carlisle chimed in, I smiled at them all before shaking my head.

"I have a duty to the Volturi, I can't leave it, I'm sorry." Smiling sadly in hugged them all tightly before running off behind the rest of my coven.

Back at the mansion I ran straight into Aro, "child, you wish to stay with them, you must do what you want, I will be sad to see you go, and Demetri if he chooses to go with you, but I will always want you to be happy." With that message and me staring dumbly after him he walked off, am I just that readable?

Sighing I walked up to my room to see Demetri on my bed, here we go.

"You want to go." It wasn't a question, just a fact, "but you don't want to leave."

"I have you here and Jane, what else could I want?"

"Edward and the rest of the Cullens, you have never felt so close to anyone a part from me and Jane here, you could have a proper family, don't waste it on me." Grumbling I sat next to him on my bed before leaning onto his shoulder.

"I can't leave you, we're in too deep for that now."

He stroked my hair gently, "then what are we going to do?"

Edward POV

I can't explain how much my heart sunk when I saw my sister leave me for the second time in under one hundred years, it tore at it.

Bella reached for my hand as she led me back inside, I flopped onto the couch and stared into space thinking, I noticed everyone trying to comfort me, Nessie trying to reassure me she would be back, but why would she, she has a family in the Volturi.

'Oi, Frankenstein, stop moping and help me with these bloody bags.' I heard Eve mentally scream at me, checking the clock I saw that two hours had passed since I said goodbye, jumping up I ran outside the house with everyone close at my heals.

"What's wrong son?" Noticing movement in the distant trees I felt a goofy smile spread across my lips.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, everything is perfect." Seconds later Eve came into view with a couple of big bags and a smile plastered on her face.

I ran to her and grabbed some of her bags along with Emmett and Jasper, I read in Jasper's mind that she was ecstatic and slightly sad, but it was overridden with happiness.

Once all of her stuff was up in the spare room we sat her down on the sofa and crowded her while smiling and hugging. Rosalie on her right with an arm around her, squeezing lightly, I think they'll be fast friends, Alice on her other side doing the same while she sat in the middle with a sheepish smile on her face, then Emmett asked the question that had been bugging him for a while now; "Where is Demetri?"

Everyone looked at him scolding; she just shook her head and smiled.

"He's not coming." I turned back to her shocked, as did Jasper, seeing as he had picked up a lot of love between them. "He's staying with the Volturi for a while then we'll reassess things in a few years, to see what we'll do, but I couldn't pull him away from the Volturi that quickly, he has been with them for centuries, it would have been unfair- we also agreed we would visit each other a lot, so much we wouldn't want anything to do with each other after a decade." She shrugged and leaned in onto Rosalie's shoulder who hugged her tighter.

"I'm glad you stayed," she whispered in her ear, making Eve laugh lightly.

"Me too," Rosalie gently stroked through her hair while they talked about useless things and the possibility of Rosalie adopting a child with Emmett' consent, what has Eve said this time? I sat there watching, Alice went to her computer, Bella played cards with Nessie, Emmett and Jasper played their chess game, Carlisle went to his office and Esme sat next to me reading.

It would be the best eternity ever now, I had everything I could ever want, and I knew my sister was happy by the thoughts Jasper was sending to me, I that ever changed and she missed Demetri too much I would ship her off to him immediately, no questions asked, but I had her with me for now, that is all I want.