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It was their call. Not just a call, but one that would lead them to saving, hopefully, many lives. It wasn't just a hello call, it was a rude awakening, proving the world a cruel place to life, where pedophiles, rapists, or sadistic murderers could hide in just about any corner. Knowing they couldn't do anything about it until they got their call made them sick. It wasn't the safest job, catching the people in the world that seemed to take lives many times a day in every which way, but it was nice to know there was one less of the latter-list at the end of each day.

So when they got that call, that familiar sound of their superior's voice, the elite team couldn't help but feel sickened that there was more work that needed to be done. They just hoped it would turn out to be a good case, but no one could predict the outcome of each case, for each sadistic bastard in the world had different perspectives and different ways of doing things, it was hard to tell even if they'd save a potential victim. This thought in their mind swarmed their optimistic thoughts and turned them reluctant toward their own instincts.

And as they all drive to the BAU, one thought fills the tired spaces, deep in the bedding of their subconscious mind: 'It's our time to make a difference, it's up to us, it's our call of duty.'


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