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Chapter I. Starting today, you're attending Lillian!

"So you're that special student." A boyish-looking girl stood before Yumi and watched her with a look of interest. Next to the boyish-looking girl stood a very girlish looking person wearing braids in her hair; on the other side of the bishounen-like girl sat a person who slightly resembled a Western doll, and next to her stood a younger girl with a bob cut.

"So I'm a special student now, huh. I'm honoured." Yumi was only slightly intimidated by the people standing before her. She looked around; the room she was sitting in was bright and had a serene atmosphere, just as the rest of the school had. She involuntarily shuddered. It was even worse than she had imagined.

"Could you please tell me why I've been summoned here on my first day of school?" Yumi asked to the boyish girl, who seemed to be the leader of the pack.

"Ah, of course," said the girl. "We'll explain as soon as the last member of the Yamayurikai is here- the Yamayurikai is the school's student council, in case you were wondering."

Yumi decided against saying that she really couldn't care less. After all, being rude on her first day of school wasn't the best way to start things of.

"So you guys seem to know me. Could I also please have your names? It makes talking easier, you know." Yumi looked expectantly from one to another.

The braided girl giggled softly. "Good thing Sachiko-sama isn't here yet, she would have exploded."

"Ah yes, how rude of us to not have introduced ourselves to you," the boyish girl said. "I'm Hasekura Rei, and I'm the Rosa Foetida. What that is, we shall explain to you when we're complete."

Can't wait, Yumi thought sarcastically. The image she had of the school wasn't getting any better if there were people around who called themselves a 'rose'.

Yumi learned that the others' names were Shimazu Yoshino, Toudou Shimako and Nijou Noriko; the person they were waiting for, was named Ogasawara Sachiko.

"She'll be here soon," said Rei. "And then we'll tell you why you've been summoned here." She smiled at Yumi, but the latter didn't return the smile. More than ever, Yumi wished that she was anywhere but here.

-One week ago-

"You've got to be kidding me."

Yumi stared at her new school uniform with much dismay. A white sailor collar, a long skirt with pleats, the boring colours… It was just too much. She dashed downstairs to share her thoughts with her mother.

Miki, Yumi's mother, looked up from the magazine she was reading. "Yes, Yumi?" she asked when she saw her daughter standing before her.

"Have you seen that uniform, Mom?" said Yumi accusingly, as if those clothes were entirely her mother's fault.

"Yes of course, I put them on your bed. What's the problem with them?"

"Everything! They're awful! They're an assault on good taste!"

"You're just nitpicking, dear. They don't differ that much from your previous uniform. Besides, everyone at Lillian will wear that uniform, so nobody will care. Why should you?" said Miki in a bored fashion. The two of them had shared a lot of discussions regarding Yumi's new school already.

"Because everyone who attends that school out of her own free will must be out of her mind," Yumi answered forcefully. "That's why they don't care. They're all like little porcelain dolls who live in their own carefree world, a world with only girls. Ugh, it's a darn all-girls' school, for Christ' sake!" Yumi threw her arms up in the air as if to strengthen her words.

"Yumi, watch your mouth," said Miki sternly.

"Why should I? I haven't watched it for the past 17 years, now have I?" said Yumi sarcastically.

"Hmmm, in a way, you haven't. And that's my fault, I admit," Miki added in a murmur. She slightly shook her head and turned her attention to her daughter again. "Foul language is not tolerated at Lillian, so as you know," she continued. "So if I were you, young lady, I'd start watching what I was saying."

"If you'd just let me attend another public school, I wouldn't have to deal with that," said Yumi, in the not so big hope that her mother would finally see the light and decide her daughter could just transfer to another public school instead of going to a Catholic all-girls' academy.

"We've been through this a million times, Yumi." Miki got out of the comfortable couch she was sitting in and made her way to the kitchen while Yumi was following her like a duckling. "And you know why we forced you to go to Lillian. It's your own fault you got kicked out of your previous school-"

"But as I've explained a million times, Mom, that guy was really pissing me off at that time! He's even known to piss off almost all of the girls at the school!" Yumi threw her arms up in the air again.

Miki looked at her daughter with a mixture of pity, amusement and understanding. "Yes, but others might have not been kicked out of their school if it were only that one incident. You've used up all of your credit throughout your middle school years, Yumi."

Yumi sighed loudly. Her mother made it sound like she was some sort of delinquent, which she wasn't, really. She just had a pretty strong mind of her own and knew how to stand her ground, which was necessary if you didn't want to get bullied at the school she had been attending since the beginning of middle school. Those traits of her had caused her to be involved in some minor incidents, like that time she had thrown a senpai's schoolbag in the water because he had been harassing a classmate of hers; but the last incident had been a 'major' one: she had kicked and then punched a guy who had been irritating her profoundly for a long time already, and it had been the guy's own dumb mistake to decide he had to take the staircase when he hadn't even regained his balance just yet, and because of it had fallen down the stairs, resulting in a broken leg.

Whenever Yumi thought about the incident, she got angry; really, it had been such a stupid thing, but the school had seen no choice but to kick her out. Fighting, in theory, was against the school's rules, but one wouldn't usually get expelled after a 'fight' like that; it was just as her mother had said: she had indeed used up all of her credit already. Then again, she had been lucky they had allowed her to finish her first year of high school there; this huge favour was granted because the incident had happened near the end of the school year and because she was a smart student, even though a troublesome one too.

A small nudge returned Yumi back to the present world. "But all of this has a good side too. It's about time you started to learn how to behave like a real girl. Lillian is an excellent school for that purpose, I've heard." Miki gave her daughter a kitchen knife and a pack of beans. "Now be a good girl and cut these beans for me. Yumi, you're going to Lillian, end of discussion."

Yumi groaned. At least she had those bloody beans she could take out her anger on.

-The present-

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting." As soon as Yumi laid eyes on the girl who had just entered the room, she knew this person was different than the other members of the student council.

"You must be Fukuzawa Yumi. I'm Ogasawara Sachiko," said the girl softly. "Speaking on behalf of the Yamayurikai and the school, I welcome you to Lillian Jogakuen."

"Thank you," Yumi replied. Sachiko sure was stiff in her ways.

"To reply on your comment of how you are a special student," said Rei as all of them sat themselves down, "you are special because you enter Lillian in your 2nd year of high school. As far as I know, that privilege has only been granted a few times in this school's long history."

"Now I feel even more honoured," said Yumi, which made Sachiko raise an eyebrow in response.

"You've been summoned here because we've been entrusted the task to make sure you learn the ways and rules of Lillian," Rei continued, ignoring Yumi's comment. "It's to help you feel more at home, here at this school."

Yumi bit back another remark and instead gave a small nod, hoping they would let her go sooner if she cooperated. "Thank you for taking the trouble, then."

"It is very important that you learn the rules of Lillian and act upon them." Now it was Sachiko who spoke. "The good name and traditions of this school have been passed from generation to generation throughout all of these years now."

"I'll try not to tarnish the good name of this school then." It was out before she knew it. Yumi cursed her big mouth. Though, the only one who really seemed offended by her way of speaking seemed to be Sachiko, whose eyes were narrowed to small slits now.

"I'm sure you won't," said Rei quickly, as if she was afraid something bad might happen. That made Yumi a bit curious- just a bit.

"Shall we begin now?" Shimako smiled politely at her. She didn't seem very much fazed about it all.

Yumi had to admit to herself that she was, in a way, struck in awe by this school and its students. None of them gave out a vibe of wanting to pester or make fun of her or anyone- but even though that aspect of the school was a good thing, the overall calm atmosphere didn't suit her well, just as she had predicted and feared. And she hadn't even learned about the rules that made Lillian Jogakuen so unique.

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