Author's Note: First off, I'll have to explain my characters. They are the Speed Racer characters, but I also got rid of some characters and invented some. So, to avoid confusion, here is a character guide.

Speed Racer's name is Roy. Speedracer is his surname.

Trixie is still the name of his girl.

Roy has only one sibling; an older brother named Derek.

Derek has a girlfriend named Jen.

Mr. And Mrs. Speedracer are also in it.

Now that this is cleared up, I will begin my story. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! :D

It was the day of the big race. Derek had been training for today for all of his life. It was a chance of a lifetime to be able to race in the Rapid Racer Grand Prix. Derek could remember going to watch the races with his father, dreaming that he would someday be behind the wheel of one of those autos. The day had finally come, and Derek couldn't wait to get out there and show everybody in the grandstands what he had been working for his whole life.

Alongside a quiet stream, Derek was finishing up a picnic lunch with his girlfriend, Jen. He had less than an hour before he needed to get down to the track and though all he was talking about was the race, he had something else on his mind, something even more important. He wanted to ask Jen to marry him.

"I'll be sitting with your family," Jen said. "We'll be in our usual spot where we used to watch practice from."

Derek nodded, halfheartedly, trying not to get too nervous. "Jen?" He asked suddenly.

"Yes?" She looked to him as she closed the picnic basket.

"I, um…" They were making eye contact and Derek felt awfully ridiculous. How was it that he could drive around a track at 150 MPH, dodging other cars all the way feeling no anxiety, and then the minute he was going to ask the girl of his dreams to marry him, he was sweating so much that he couldn't grasp the ring box? What was wrong with him?

"What is it, Derek?"

Finally, he grasped the ring box and pulled it out of his pocket. He didn't plan to get down on his knees or anything, but he opened the box and asked, "Will you marry me?"

Jen looked dazzled at first and stammered for the right words to say. "Derek Michael Speedracer… Uh, yes! Yes, of course!" Derek put the glittery silver band on Jen's finger and she threw her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Oh Derek…" She sighed. "I can't wait to watch you race today… I'm so proud of you…"

Derek looked to his watch and then leaped into action. "Good grief, Jen! I've gotta run you back to Mom and Pop's and get down to the track!"

"Already?" Jen sighed. "Oh alright. I wouldn't want you to be late to the Grand Prix!" She stood and helped roll up the picnic blanket.

"Come on, beautiful!" Derek joked as he grabbed her hand and ran off to the car with her. His fiancée.