Chapter 4
2 months later
"Angel why aren't we getting serious?" Darla asks suddenly
Angel glances at the blond "A lot of reasons. One biggest is that last time you cheated on me."
"Angel that was a long time ago. I think I've made up for it"
Angel sighs "Darla I really don't want to discuss this"
"Why not?" her eyes narrow "You don't want her to hear this do you" she accusses
"I don't want to discuss it Darla." he says angrily "It has nothing to do with Dawn"
"Oh come on Angel. We've known each other for a long time. I know when your lying"
"Leave it alone Darla" he stands moving away from her
"I knew her moving in would come between us" Darla says angrily
"No you came between us Darla. Your need to control everything. You were the one who lied and cheated. My relationship with Dawn has nothing to do with us."
"What and the Princess hasn't lied?"
"ENOUGH" Angel says angered at Darla's tone "Just go Darla. I don't want to discuss this with you or anyone"
Darla stands striding to the door "You know Angel everyone even the Princess lies." she slams out of the house
Angel winces at her tone
At the top of the stairs Dawn unconsciously touches her middle 'My secret would devestate Angel' she blinks back tears

A week later
Darla sits in her office looking at the papers before her a small smile appearing "This will destroy Angel's opinion of that brat. How'd you find it?"
"She didn't cover her tracks." the man shrugs
Darla nods "I have one more job for you." she grabs a piece of paper writting Angel's address "Take these to Angel's place. He should be home now. Don't tell him who sent you"
"I won't" the man assures taking the envelope of pictures and paperwork "it'll be done in an hour"
"Good" Darla leans back in her chair regarding the man 'this will bring him back to me'

The House
Angel sighs hearing the doorbell rings. He runs his fingers through his hair standing he goes to the door opening it to find a man standing there. "Yes?"
"You Angel?"
"Here" the man hands Angel the envelope
"Who's it from?" Angel asks
"Don't know." the man lies "found it outside my office with your name and address."
"Uh thanks" Angel closes the door. He enters the livingroom sitting down he opens the envelope removing some pictures and documents. He frowns seeing Dawn's face in the picture. He reads through the paperwork realizing there from a doctor's office. "Oh my God" he says realizing what he's reading.

Dawn enters the kitchen to find Angel staring into space with a drink in hand "Bad day?" she asks
"When were you going to tell me Dawn?"
"Tell you what?" she asks
"Someone dropped these off earlier" he shoves the papers before her
Dawn takes a closer look at the papers paling when she realizes what they are "Angel" she trails off hugging her middle
Angel closes his eyes "Was it mine Dawn?" as her silence he opens his eyes to see her eyes downcast "Why Dawn? Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant... with my child?!"
"I wanted too but I-I couldn't" she says her voice breaking "I was scared"
"Scared? Dawn you know I'd do anything for you." he swallows "Why?"
"I had no choice. If anyone found out that I was pregnant by you..." she pauses "I couldn't risk you getting in trouble. I didn't want to raise a baby on my own."
"So you gave up on finding a way to keep it" he says angrily "I would have found a way Dawn. I would never have abandoned my own blood"
Dawn winces "I had reasons Angel"
"Like what? There is no reason you could give me that would make me understand why you could do this." he says his voice rising "That was my child as well Dawn"
"You think I wanted too?!" Dawn exclaims angrily "Other than risk you in jail I had so many other fears. I didn't want what happened to me to end up on my own child"
"I would never have done what your father has"
"Angel what if one of us had accidentally spilled how the child ended up existing. Do you have any idea what its like to hear your own parent call you a mistake?!" she blinks back tears
"I would never say that to my child. You know that"
"I know" she wipes away her tears "There are so many reasons Agnel. I know you don't believe me"
"You are the only person I've trusted to tell me the truth Dawn" he stands walking past her
Dawn swallows watching as Angel walks to the door she hugs herself "Angel"
Angel pauses
"I'm sorry Angel. I never wanted to hurt you"
"Well you did Dawn. You may not have meant too but you did" he continues walking out of the kitchen
Dawn gives into the tears sinking to the floor she sobs
Angel enters his own room sitting on his bed he rests his head in his hands tears falling

Next Morning
Angel enters the kitchen turning on the coffee maker he notices a note on the counter. He picks it up beginning to read
i 'Dear Angel,
I meant what I said last night... I am sorry for not telling you I was pregnant. I wanted to but I couldn't. I am so sorry for hurting you I never wanted that... ever.
I know you'll never forgive me... I still haven't forgiven myself. I did what I thought was best for everyone. If I could take back what I did I would in a second... but I can't.
I'm sorry Angel more than you think.
Love always, Dawn' /i
Angel smiles faintly he closes the note. He makes his way upstairs knocking on Dawn's door "Dawn" he calls before entering. He frowns finding the drawers open and clothes strewn about. "Dawn" he calls louder heading into her bathroom to find her make-up gone. "Dawn" he slides to the floor his head in his hands "I'm sorry Dawn"

Week Later
At the familiar voice Dawn smiles "Angel"
"Dawn? Where are you?" Angel demands
"I'm fine"
"Dawn come home"
"Not yet. I'm not ready. I need to think"
Angel sighs "Dawn... I miss you."
Dawn closes her eyes "I miss you too"
Angel rubs the back of his neck "Dawn... you were right"
Dawn winces "I don't want to talk about it"
"Dawn..." he pauses "If you need anything call"
"I will"
"Check in every once in a while" he requests
" 'kay" she closes her eyes "Angel?"
Dawn swallows "Never mind... I gotta go" she says hurriedly. She hangs up "I love you" she whispers tears falling
Angel stares at the phone "I miss you Dawnie"