Author's Notes: This story is quite dirty, so be prepared. NC-17 up in here, peeps. Cedric happens across Marcus and someone else when doing a check-up on his broom in the broom shed. The prompt for the story was "Above the thunder". It's weird to read a smutty fic, since I haven't done one in ages. Please lemme know what you think!

The sky was looking ridiculously dark, Cedric noticed. He really hoped that it was just clouds, and that the weather wasn't going to get any worse. Given the fact his game against Gryffindor was in just two days, the last thing he wanted was for there to be rain…or even worse, something like thunder and lightning. Having played in that kind of weather before, Cedric knew of the difficulties, especially when it came to trying to find the Snitch.

Because he had a bad feeling that that was going to be the case, Cedric had decided that he was going to run a check-up on his broom to make sure that everything was in top shape. He didn't have the best broom around, especially in comparison to Harry's Nimbus, and any slight issue with it could very well mean the match. That wasn't good at all.

Taking his broom care kit with him, Diggory traversed the grounds, eyes continuously moving up to the sky. It was cold, and he could have sworn that it was going to start raining any minute…and that it did, though it started out with just a few droplets. The further he moved away from the castle the more it began to rain, until finally, when he was just about to the broom-shed, it had become a downpour.

Half tempted to close his eyes so that he didn't get raindrops splashing in them, Cedric felt over the door to find the handle. Thankfully it didn't take him long to find it, and when he did, he pushed the door open, stepping inside the small area. Given the bad shape of the shed, it wasn't much quieter on the inside than the outside, and now there was the sound of the rain pounding against the tin roof.

It was just enough of a distraction to keep him from noticing a rather interesting goings-on not but a few feet away. After Cedric quickly whipped his head back to get rid of the excess water he then shook it and placed his care kit on the stool near the door. He was just about to make a somewhat relieved sound when he heard a rather audible moan in place of it.

Well, that hadn't been him…

Furrowing his brow he looked around, wondering where in the world it had come from. The only light in the shed at the moment was coming from the lamp hanging from the ceiling, which was spotty at best. Then he heard it again, only this time, a lot louder.

He was starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

"Fuck, come on, please…nnn…"

Okay, now he was really uncomfortable.

"H-Hello!" he called out, moving further into the shed. His voice must have caught someone's attention, because there was a quite audible curse, along with some stumbling. Out of the corner of his eye he caught some movement in the right hand corner, just behind where some of the old equipment was.

Soon thereafter popped out two pale individuals…both of whom he knew, and both of who he would have never expected to be in the situation they were in.

"Diggory, what're you doing here?" one of them asked.

"I could very well ask you the same, Marcus. And you, Terence! This is—oh Merlin, this is—" But he didn't know what to say. Neither of them even had the decency to cover themselves up from the looks of it, because he was staring at a pants-less Terence and a shirtless Marcus.

Never mind that fact, he chastised himself mentally.

"It's what, Diggory?" Terence asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It's not supposed to happen! You're on school grounds! Not only that, but you're—for the love of—wha—? "

"Oh come on, Cedric," Marcus said, snorting. "S'not like this doesn't happen all the time. I know you're a Prefect and all, but honestly, we're just having a little fun. Tere here was feeling randy, I was too, and we decided to do something about it…"

"Besides," Terence cut in, "What are you doing in here?" He pointed at Cedric accusingly. "I thought Prefects had rounds tonight."

"They do," Cedric began, adding dryly, "but you know, there are other Prefects. And besides, what I came here to do is my business. And for the love of Helga, Terence, could you put your bloody pants on?" He looked up and rubbed his eyes.

"Why, Diggory?" Terence asked facetiously. "My cock distracting you or something? D'you want it?" Here he began to touch himself, bopping it up and down a few times before gripping it.

"N-No!" Cedric sputtered out. "You just shouldn't be naked in the damn broom shed."

"But it's fun!" Marcus said with a clearly defiant grin. "Besides…why do you keep looking at it if you don't want it?"

The Hufflepuff looked aghast. "I am not looking at it. And if I am, it's only because he's yet to put his bloody pants on."

Moving closer to the younger captain, Flint ran his tongue over his teeth and smirked. "Oh, I don't think so, Diggory. Your cheeks are pretty red, d'you know? You thinking about what we were doing and wishing about how you could be a part of it, too?"

"He's too much of a prude to join, anyways," Terence chimed in teasingly with a shrug. "Bet he's never even touched himself. Prude."

"Wanker," Cedric said, then quickly shut his mouth. It wasn't like him to curse, but he felt like he was being backed up into a corner.

And in a way, he was. Marcus was advancing on him bit by bit, to which Cedric responded by slowly stepping back. He finally reached a point where he couldn't anymore, and the taller, larger boy looked down at him with a wicked, lascivious sort of look in his eyes.

"Come on, Diggory…nobody's gonna be coming out here, not with this rain. You've got two perfectly willing partners—right, Tere?" He looked back at his friend, who nodded, still stroking himself. Returning his gaze to Cedric, Marcus reached up and ran his fingers over the Seeker's—who found himself unable to move—collarbone, and spoke again. "Don't know why you're denying yourself some good, old fashioned fun."

Cedric swallowed hard. The proximity of the other captain was causing his body to act out in the flight or fight mode, and he reflexively tensed up. He could feel the heat emanating from the other's chest, and could see the little wisps of black hair nestled in between his pecs.

"This isn't…this isn't good, old fashioned fun," he retorted. "This is misconduct on the grounds, Marcus…no matter how much you may enjoy it."

Marcus said nothing at first; instead he looked down and sighed, as if in defeat. Then he let out a chuckle. "Well, maybe I can change your mind."

Though he was completely aware of the fact that Flint was going to do something to him, Cedric found himself unable to move. When the older boy's hands came to rest on his shoulders Diggory let out a quiet sound of disagreement, only to be quieted by Marcus' lips on his own. Their kiss was awkward at best, and at first the younger one tried to stop it, but the Chaser insisted and continued to kiss him.

"That's it…" Marcus whispered, pulling away from the kiss to give the other boy a small grin, "See? Enjoy yourself…"

This is completely and utterly wrong, Cedric told himself as he closed his eyes. But there was a feeling deep in the pit of his stomach that was growing at an alarming rate, one that he usually kept under good control. That was, however, when there wasn't temptation in the equation. Try as he might to say he didn't, Cedric did want this, and it was becoming harder and harder to convince himself otherwise.

Before he opened his eyes, Cedric could feel Marcus' lips brushing over his chin and then across his jaw line. When the older one's warm breath washed over his ear Diggory let out a shuddering moan. Marcus nuzzled his nose against the Seeker's ear before biting down gently on the lobe.

"M-Marcus—" the younger one began to say, only to have his breath hitch in his throat.

Marcus' hand had managed to work its way under Cedric's shirt, and the warm, callused fingers were making their way up the taut, lightly tanned skin. Because no one touched him there other than himself, the younger captain's muscles tightened, and he bit his lip. Everything felt…well, rather good, and he felt what little was left of his inhibitions fade.

After a few more moments of touching, Marcus' hand slid out from under Diggory's shirt and came to rest lightly upon his hip. This gave Cedric the ability to use his hands, one of which he tentatively placed on Marcus' chest. His skin was warm, inviting, and he wanted to explore it. His touch was very slow at first, but after his fingertips brushed over the older one's hard nipple, he began to move quicker, eager to feel more. There was something arousing about not being able to see what he was touching, and that he had to rely on his fingertips to figure out what it was.

As his fingers explored Marcus' broad chest, the older boy's fingers were doing much the same, though they moved down dangerously low. Cedric, despite being aware of this fact, continued to let his fingers act on their own accord, at least until Flint cupped his groin.

"Bloody—" the Hufflepuff said in surprise, gasping. The fabric of their uniform pants wasn't very thick, and that had certainly felt like more than just a cup.

Marcus let out a soft chuckle by the younger one's flushed ear, pulling away. He kept his fingers on Cedric's crotch. "I can feel you through the fabric, here. Did you like that, Diggory?"

"Think he did!" Terence chimed in.

Both captains looked in his direction, taking in the sight of him stroking himself. Cedric couldn't help but notice—well, at least now that he was truly Ilooking/I at it—that Terence was…exceptionally well endowed. INow/I he was staring.

Higgs, once close enough, laughed. "S'not all he likes, apparently."

Cedric looked down, embarrassed.

"Oh, come on, Diggory," Marcus said, snorting. "Don't be so damn embarrassed. S'like we told you, this is all for fun." To emphasize, his fingers folded the fabric around Cedric's erect cock, and gave it a little jerk. Cedric's body jerked in response. "No strings attached, no one has to know. Just…stop thinking so damn much. You're worse than Wood."

Oliver! Cedric thought frantically. He did this, too? He really had no idea what to think of that. Not that he had much time to, anyways, because Marcus' fingers were stroking him through the fabric, causing his body to jerk again.

"Think we should take it easy on him, Tere, or…?"

Terence pursed his lips. "Mm…maybe stray away from the full blown fun, yeah? This being his first time, and all that."

"I'm right here," Cedric said, eyelids fluttering briefly before he looked from one boy to the other. Swallowing, he asked, "Don't I have a say in this?"

Marcus looked surprised. "What, you want to be fucked, Diggory?"

"Well, no," he disagreed, "But I'd at least like to have the option. Glad you're being considerate, but I'm sixteen years old, I'm almost of age. I can make decisions for my—myself, too. Damn it, Marcus, stop…that." Cedric writhed as he spoke, trying to keep his composure despite the fact that the Chaser was stroking him.

"Well, fine, then," Flint said. "We'll just let things go and see where they go."

And that was the last word spoken for a while. Shortly after, Marcus let go of Cedric's dick and worked on removing the rest of his clothes. He allowed Diggory to do it to him, which was an experience in itself. Cedric removed things in a very uniform manner, working on the belt first, untying the shoes and discarding them next, before finally working on removing the pants and underwear beneath.

There, in all its curved glory, was Marcus' erection, pinker than anything Cedric thought he had seen in his lifetime. He couldn't help but stare—much like he had done with Terence's—and wonder how in the world he kept that thing under control.

Cedric somewhat wished that this wasn't his first sexual experience, because it was bad enough acting like he had no idea what was going on, but it was with people he knew, and…and with people at that. Not a single person. Not like he had imagined. Whether it had been a boy or a girl, it had always just been one. This was a bit much for him.

In the few moments that he had taken to thinking, both Marcus and Terence had apparently gotten a little impatient. When he came to his senses Cedric saw the Slytherin captain removing his friend's shirt, tossing it haphazardly aside. They then moved together and shared a hungry kiss that made that feeling appear in the pit of the Hufflepuff's stomach again. He stood there awkwardly for a bit, watching them kiss, caress and all around fondle each other, before he finally moved toward them.

Pulling back from Marcus, who grinned some, Terence murmured, "About time, Diggory. Get over here." And without waiting for consent, Higgs reached out and wrapped his arm around Cedric's neck, bringing him in to a kiss.

Though his initial reaction was to freak some (he wasn't used to having someone hold him like that), Cedric managed to keep himself relatively calm and returned the kiss, albeit someone slowly at first. It took him a minute to warm up, but Terence was more than happy to oblige. His fingers gently massaged the Seeker's shoulder as his tongue slipped out every now and then to brush over the other's soft, flushed lips.

Unbeknownst to the Hufflepuff captain, Marcus had knelt down on his knees and staring rather intensely at his cock. Without any warning the older one reached out and gripped the shaft with his hands, causing Cedric to gasp, lips parting. Terence took advantage of the situation and stuck his tongue into the warm orifice, and moaned in delight. There was no time for Cedric to gather himself, because as soon as Marcus grabbed the base, he started stroking. This caused Diggory to pull away from Terence's mouth, even though he really didn't want to.

Terence laughed some and brought Cedric's head to rest on his shoulder. "Caught you off guard, didn't he?" he asked. When no response came except a moan, he continued. "Don't worry, Flint's pretty good at sucking dick. Dunno where he learned it, but…" he trailed off. Then, "While you're down there, Marcus, why don't you give me some attention, too? You were just about to before our…little interruption, here."

"Yeah, yeah, greedy fuck," Marcus said, laughing some.

He continued to stroke Cedric's cock, causing the younger one to writhe, while using his other hand to bring Terence's length to his mouth. He brought the head to his lips and parted them, taking the tip of it in and letting his tongue tickle the underside of it. Terence grunted in response and dug his nails somewhat into the youngest boy's shoulder blade, but Cedric didn't seem to notice.

"F-Fuck," he said quietly, almost in embarrassment at having cursed. He buried his face in the Slytherin's neck, taking in deep breaths. He didn't know what it was, but there was something about the way that Terence smelled that was making him want to stay right where he was. Because he didn't think it fair to just be receiving pleasure he began to brush his lips over the nape of Terence's neck. He was rewarded with a kiss on the top of the head, which, while he didn't think was loving in the slightest, still felt rather nice.

Marcus took more of Terence's cock into his mouth, stroking the base all the while. Terence had already begun to thrust in response, which caused the Chaser to gag briefly. He lifted himself off of his friend's erection and looked up at him, sputtering some. "What the fuck, Higgs? Let me get my rhythm going."

Before he could return his attention to Higgs' length, however, Marcus felt fingers wrapping around his own. They were Cedric's, and the younger one was looking down at him, imploring him to suck his cock. The feeling in the pit of his stomach had taken total control; he was acting on what felt best now, even though his better judgment told him to be patient and wait.

"Well, well," Marcus said, snorting in amusement, "looks like Diggory's getting a little impatient, hm?"

"Don't blame him," Terence said. "But I'll be nice and wait…" He looked at Cedric with a small smirk on his face. "But just this once."

Still gripping Marcus' fingers surprisingly tight, Cedric watched as the older captain moved his mouth toward his cock. His muscles tensed in anticipation, and his length twitched in excitement. Part of him wished that the other boy would just take it in his mouth immediately, but he knew that that probably wasn't going to happen. And sure enough, it didn't. Marcus opened his mouth and mimicked the moves he had done on Terence to Cedric, but received an immensely more noticeable reaction. The younger one's hips bucked and he bit down gently on Higgs' neck, letting out a long, rather pleased groan.

"Think he likes it!" Terence said, amused.

Marcus, of course, said nothing, instead choosing to continue going down on Diggory. As he did he continued to stroke the base, failing to notice the telltale signs of Cedric's muscles and body behavior that notified them of the fact that he was close to hitting his climax. Seeing as this was his first time doing anything remotely sexual, he was surprised he had made it this far.

As the Slytherin captain began sucking him, the Hufflepuff's little sounds became louder and shorter. His fingers, which were resting on the other side of Terence's color bone, dug into the pale flesh, and he lavished the blonde's neck with licks and kisses. Cedric was barely able to control himself; it took everything he had to keep himself from cursing, or worse, asking to be fucked. Instead he just continued to indulge himself in the ever-growing feeling, until it almost became too much.

"M-Merlin!" he cried out in surprise, burying his face into Terence's neck again as his hips beginning to buck.

Luckily Marcus caught the movements just in the nick of time, and he pulled himself off of Cedric's cock before the younger one hit his climax. His face still near the head, he continued to stroke, until he coaxed Diggory's orgasm right out of him. The Hufflepuff rode it out with grunts and moans of sheer ecstasy, spurting his seed out and over Marcus' face. It hit his hair, his forehead, the crook of his eye, and also landed on his upper lip, but he took it, not saying a word. Cedric came quite a bit, and at the end, it was dribbling down the right side of Marcus' face.

By the end of it Diggory was panting roughly, feeling as if he had gone high into the sky, above the loud thunder that had begun to crack amidst their little session. He felt weak, as if he had briefly left his body, and clung to Terence with what strength he had, his hot breath washing over the already heated flesh.

"Can't say I've ever done that before," Marcus said after a moment, standing up and wiping some of Cedric's come off of his face. He sounded amused. "Damn, Diggory. You know how to bust a nut."

Cedric didn't say anything. Instead he just smiled tiredly, biting his lip afterward.