"So, Monday was it? oh do you know my son?" Jackson's mother asked.

"I got to know her last time I spent time with aunt Azalea mom," Jackson explained.

"Oh I see! So where are your parents Monday?" Jackson's mother asked.

"Well you see i-its hard to talk about them after. . . " Monday said

"They died mom," Jackson told his mother

"Oh I see. . I am so sorry! who are your staying with?" his asked

"Mom! she's very traumatized about the whole thing! I don't think she can take anymore!" Jackson

"Oh I see sorry Monday," his mother apologized.

"Oh no! its fine," Monday told her

"No its not I'll just stop talking! sorry Monday,"

~For the rest of the drive none of them talked to one another, but after that would you? I know I wouldn't! Well back to he story. Monday was amazed when she looked out the window and saw the Black Marshes. Everything was prefect! From the smell right down to the bugs. It was everything Monday thought it would be. For one in a long time, Monday was able to take her mind of the things that bothered her. For now her mind was set on what she was going to do after that day~

"OK here we are," Jackson told her.

"Ok! Jackson sweet heart! I will pick you up in a week!" his mother told him.

"well Freakday this is it, now tell me we your here!," He commanded.

~With a deep breath Monday told him about the pills and how she felt like she had to leave. That was followed by her explaining the book to him and finally how she got the mondey to come this far.~

"So your trying to tell me anut Azeala was kidnaped by fairys, her sister went looking for her, her sister killed a witch, she found the fairy king, she stole a tagger, and somehow in the end became god?" he asked Monday

"I'm happy you understand!" she said to him with a cheerful voice.

"I bet you $10 that that whole thing never happened," he told her

"That's great Jackson! I could use the money"

"oh whatever! I know this is all just some story!"

"Well I guess we'll just have to find out!"

~And as Monday expected Jackson did give her the $10. Azalea acted like she didn't know what Monday was talking about at first, but when Monday asked about her older sister she told them everything. When Monday told Azalea she wanted to do what her sister did and would like it if Azalea would come along her answer was quick.~

"No!" she said to Monday, "There is no way I will let you do that!"

"well why not?" Monday asked

"Yeah it sounds cool!" Jackson told his aunt

"You kids could die if you do something like that!" Azeala explained, "I spent so many years looking for my sister! and I'll be damned if i let the same thing happen to one of you!"

"But poison didn't die aunt Azalea!," Jackson tried to explain.

"Jackson! I won't have anymore of this! When your mother comes back for you in a week I want Monday to go back home with you!" Azalea comannaded them, "This is the last time I want to talk about this you two!"

"no. . . NO WAY! ! !" Monday yelled as she stormed out of the room, soon to be followed by Jackson.

~This was not what Monday thought would happen at all! She was heart broken. How could the sister of poison not want to see where she went? How could she just say no to going? How could Monday go now?~

"Hey! Freakday! wait up!," Jackson yelled as he ran after her, "Its OK."

"OK? OK! I came all this way just to be taking back? I should have known something like this would happen! I feel so stupid!"

"No! I mean its going to be OK! I want to help you Monday!"

"Help me? why would you help me?"

"Hey! if those places that you said Poison went to are real hell! I want to go! and to tell you the truth I would much rather go with you the stay with my dear aunt."

"Really?" Monday said with a hopeful smile

"yeah! lets leave tonight Freakday!"

"Yeah!" Monday said with agreement.

~With that said the began to plan~