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"Where'd he go?" Ron asked, incredulously. "Why does this keep happening to everyone in our immediate group of friends?"

Hermione shrugged. After a couple minutes of squabbling, and worrying, Harry reappeared. The tree tipped over and they heard a grunt. Seconds later Millie emerged, covered in pine needles.

"Why'd I end up there?" She asked. She picked a needle out of her mouth. "Bleh."

"MILLIE!" Ran and Hermione cried, and wrapped her in a tight hug.

"What happened?" Ron asked.

"Well..." Millie began. She spent the next hour or so giving them a detailed report of her exploits, not leaving out a single detail.

"And then, from the other room, I hears someone shout out, 'I AM THE SUGARPLUM PRINCESS!' I thought nothing of it, though, and went back to sleep."

"And then he unwrapped his mani-pedi home kit, and he was sooooo happy..."

When Millie was done droning on, and on, and on, They went down to the Great Hall to get some breakfast.



There were very few people in the Great Hall - It was Christmas - but it felt peaceful. Draco Malfoy was there. He and Pansy were cautiously eating there own waffles. There were one or two unimportant characters, too, at the other tables. But no one cared enough about them to include their names.

All their head turned when Millie slammed open both the doors at once, and cried, "I NEED MY ORGANIC ORANGE JUICE!"

Draco, beaming, stood up so quickly he spilled his own on Pansy. Draco did his Draco-strut all the way to Millie until she was wrapped in his tight embrace.

Harry waited impatiently until Draco let go. He dragged her over to the Gryffendor table. Millie rolled her eyes at him, and Judo-chopped herself out of his grip, then flounced over the the Slytherin table. She told Draco all about her recent debacle.

Once she was back, and using Ron to test the waffles for portkeys, Dumbledore stood up to make an announcement.

"First off, I would like to compliment these fantabulous waffles!" He chuckled. "Second of all, I would like to welcome back Millie Homestead, our very clever witch who was recently captured by Voldemort."

Many people gasped.

"Speaking of Voldemort," A voice hissed. Smoke billowed and then there was a loud POP! Many people screamed when Voldemort showed up. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have people to kill-"

"Ahem. I was in the middle of speaking." Dumbledore interjected.

"Oh, yeah, sorry man." Voldemort said, raising his hands.

"Yes, so as I was saying, Millie escaped He-Who-Should-Not-be-Named in a clever yet ultra-hilarious fashion. Seeing as we have a guest, I shall step down."

He stepped backwards. Then he pulled out his wand and casted the "Expelliarmus" charm. Voldemort's wand flew over to the Slytherin table. Draco caught it.

"Ah, ah, Little Lushe, gimme my wand." Voldemort said, frustrated at his lack of wandiness.

It took Draco a while to figure out that he was "Little Lushe," meaning he was Lucious' son.

It took him even longer to figure out what to do. He didn't want to defy the Dark Lord, you just don't do that. But he didn't want to die either. He finally settled on tossing the wand about half-way, giving Voldemort his wand, but also perturbing him by making him walk all the way down to the wand than all the way back up.

Voldemort gave him a disapproving glare and said, "Oh dude, c'mon. Lift some weights."

He stamped down the steps, muttering to himself the whole way, bent and snapped to pick up his wand, and trudged back up. After huffing loudly, he used a charm to amplify his voice, so that all 5 children could hear him.

"I have come to kill Harry Potter." HE smirked.

Dumbledore rose. "Killing is a sin."

"Shut up, old man." Voldemort hissed.

"Young Tom, do not take this path."

"YOU CANNOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO." Voldemort screamed. "AND DON'T CALL ME TOM! AVADA KEDAVRA!" Luckily, Voldemort missed and hit a painting instead. Many people screamed as the rumpled skinned old man fell over. Paintings fled to the farthest frames and Millie, Harry, Hermione, and Ron ran backwards.

Pansy got a sinister look over her face and Draco had no idea what to do.