Something Wonderful

A/N: It takes place a couple of weeks after their first kiss on the rooftop from IM2.

Chapter 1: Long Day

"Tony, I need you to sign these." Pepper said as she closed the door behind her with her foot.

Tony looked up at her from his latest invention and frowned when he saw her with her BlackBerry in her hand.

"I told you to take it easy for at least a week." He said and approached her.

Pepper held out some papers and kept her eyes glued to the screen of her phone.

"Sign these and I'll be out of here before you get mad at me."

"Why would I get mad at you?" Tony asked and grabbed a pen from his desk before scribbling his signature on all three papers. After signing them he held them out for Pepper to take them back and he crossed his arms.

"Tony… I don't have time to deal with you being a child. Mary called. She said the meeting had been canceled. In that case I'll have to move it somewhere next week."

"That's irrelevant." He mumbled.

"Do you know what's irrelevant?" Pepper asked and looked up at him briefly. "You acting like a child. That's irrelevant."

"Come on, Pepper. It's your first day back as my PA. Can you please not insult my intelligence by calling me a child?"

Pepper nodded and tried hard not to break into laughter. Tony, on the other hand, looked unimpressed. An idea popped up in his head and he went along with it.

"I have an idea." He said and wrapped his hand around her wrist. "I'll help you finish your work here so that we can go out for dinner or something."

Pepper raised an eyebrow and smiled at him. She closed her phone and set it aside on a nearby stool.

"Tony… do you realize how stupid that sounds?"

Tony blinked at her rapidly.

"Why does it sound stupid?" He asked her, frowning.

Pepper looked at him then turned serious.

"You've never helped me with anything, Tony, and even more so, you've never cared about your company. I know your intentions are good, but I think you'll get bored with helping me."

Tony nodded and looked away.

"Okay, fine. If you don't want to go out to dinner with me, I get it." He walked back to his desk and sat in his stool. A piece from his gauntlet caught his attention and he took it in his hands to study it.

"I want to go out to dinner with you." She said and walked to him. "But Tony…"

Tony looked up at her and realized she was standing behind him. He rotated in his stool so that he was facing her.

"What?" He asked and resisted the urge to put his hands on her hips.

"You know I don't like people seeing us together and you know what they think."

"Yeah, Pepper. I know." He replied and looked down at his hands. "We could stay in."

Pepper looked down at him and tipped his chin up with two fingers.

"If I finish everything at the office, I'll call you, okay?"

"Okay." He nodded eagerly and smiled up at her.

His hands went to her hips and held her there for a moment. Pepper bit her lip and leaned down to brush her lips against his briefly.

"More." Tony whispered when she pulled away, but to his disappointment, she pulled away completely.

"You'll get more tonight if I manage to finish my work at the office."

He smiled at her and nodded. It was going to be a long day without her…

To Be Continued…