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Four months after Anna, Aribella and Sabine were born she was standing in front of her mirror. She'd worked tirelessly, exercising twice per day. She would've never thought she was so vain as to want her body back, but she did. She looked at her new curves. Stomach flat again, but with bigger breasts still heavy with milk for her daughters and the flare of her hips were more pronounced; she was still slender and toned, but very womanly body – hourglass shape is what she had now. She loved it and so too did her husbands, though she had yet to engage in relations since her daughters' births.

Tonight would be the night. She was planning on surprising Gideon. He had been her cuddler, comforter and made her laugh all the while acquiring his medi-wizard certification so he could assist with the practice.

She sighed happily, please with how she looked and set off downstairs where she knew they were all sitting.

All of her husband's plus Draco had established a routine of the evening Brandy. It gave them time to bond as family as well as talk about 'men stuff' as Draco so eloquently put it.

She stepped quietly downstairs feeling the swish of her short skirt brush against her thighs. She walked in and the conversation stopped. She felt their desire wash over her in waves of intensity. Apparently Gideon isn't the only one with the school girl fantasy, she thought. After spending hours thinking of ways to make him feel special she had finally realized that their connection would allow her some insight as to how to please him. She'd focused her energy on him and the answer had come to her in flashes of pictures; various scenes of her wearing a slightly sluttish version of the Gryffindor uniform.

She'd promptly pulled hers out and made a few modifications.

Lucius' breath caught as he watched his wife smile knowingly at her husband's. She was wearing a gray school skirt shortened to just above mid-thigh and it hugged her hips in a way that made him feel like a teenager seeing his first pair of naked breasts. She wore black knee high socks with heeled Mary Jane shoes.

Her white button down shirt was tight and didn't meet the band of her skirt revealing a thin, pale show of smooth skin across her unmarred stomach.

Her shirt was only buttoned up to stretch across her breasts tightly. It was thin enough that her crimson lace bra showed through and peeked at the top where the rest of the shirt lay open.

Her tie was wrapped loosely around her neck and her Gryffindor vest was buttoned to emphasize her small waist.

Gideon had looked up to see why they had stopped talking only to meet the warm amber eyes of his wife. "Hermione…"

He couldn't breathe as he took her in. She smiled seductively and leaned forward placing her knee in between his legs and pressing her thigh roughly against his bollocks.

His breath hitched.

She nuzzled his neck softly and bit his earlobe before she spoke. "Daddy…" was the only word she whispered.

He groaned and pulled her to him abruptly. He stood with her in his arms and walked out without a word.

They spent a night in breathless heat as they pleasured each other with ardor; naked and sweating.

Though, the vision she made in her school girl uniform was forever branded into his mind. He'd made sure he fucked her first while she was wearing her uniform by bending her over and flipping her skirt up revealing her bare bottom and wet folds before ripping it from her body.

That night Glory and Griffin Prewett were conceived.


Thirteen years later she and her husband's plus Draco and Ginny found themselves at Kings Cross awaiting the arrival of their children from Hogwarts. It was the end of the year and they were all excited to see them come home.

Artemis and Aries Malfoy were the first to step off the train with their trunks floating behind them. They were closely followed by Anna and Aribella Malfoy and Sabine Slytherin.

The mothers' coo'd and smiled as well as look around for the next round of children not really paying attention to the girls chattering to their fathers and Aries rolling his eyes and making his way to his father and grandfather.

Glory and Griffin Prewett came out arguing along with Trestan Malfoy, Ginny and Draco's middle son.

All the Hogwarts children were chattering and carrying on when a dark haired boy in front of a gang of other boys – all handsome, boys – walked passed Artemis, Anna, Aribella and Sabine smiling and leering. "Hello Ladies. See you over the summer," they all said smirking quite proud of themselves.

All conversations stopped as the fathers, all of them, scowled at the boys now walking towards their families.

The leader turned and looked at Aribella Malfoy bowing his head slightly and turning to his father who nodded a greeting as well to Hermione. She laughed and Aribella blushed.

"He won't leave me alone, mum. Always taking my books and walking me to class even if it means he's late to his," she clucked her tongue and Hermione smiled at her beautiful daughter.

Abraxas' and Salazars daughters looked like feminine version of their fathers. Malfoys through and through with Platinum locks that fell in waves down their backs and silver gray eyes. Salazars daughter had jet black hair with gray green eyes and a petit form.

Glory was the spitting image of her mother with only slightly lighter auburn hair. Griffin looked like his father.

Hermione turned to the rest of her children and the one on the way, she was blessed.


Six years later the oldest girls were at university and were planning to meet with some former house mates this weekend from Slytherin.

Glory and Griffin were seventh year Gryffindors.

Savannah Snape was placed in Ravenclaw along with her sisters (another triplet's case) Leah and Lucy Malfoy, Lucius' daughters.

Sirius and Hermione didn't have any daughters and had another five years before the twin boys would start Hogwarts. Soren and Regulas were still being privately tutored at home and were the light of their fathers' eyes.


Sirius was the first to go. He'd been diagnosed with cancer and passed away one bright winter morning. Hermione hadn't left his side for weeks before his death.

Severus had passed away one night, only waking long enough to squeeze her hand and thank any deity listening that he had been able to pleasure his wife once more before he left this plane for another. She awoke beside him in the last second feeling his soul promise to wait for hers in the afterlife.

They all fell one by one leaving Hermione last.

She opened her eyes ones morning recognizing the faces of all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She smiled and felt warmth and peace.

In the corner were her husbands, young and strong, beckoning her.

She died that morning with her family present and was buried in the middle of her husband's forming a semicircle around her.

They never moved from Malfoy Manor, each Malfoy child whether it be Abraxas, Lucius or Draco's child was raised in the house along with numerous half siblings and cousins.

The end.