He'd already been holding the cookie when the voice rang out behind him, irritated and accusing. It seemed that she knew exactly how to scold him, even when he'd done nothing wrong. Bummer.

"Put the pastry down and reach for the sky."

He ignored the first part, instead holding onto the confection as he raised his hands and turned around, his sneakers squeaking on the worn linoleum.

There stood Abby, eyes narrowed, hands on her hips in the kitchen doorway. The annoyance in her stature increased tenfold as she noticed that he was still holding it and a muscle jumped in her jaw. One slim eyebrow twitched delicately.

Wally matched his eyes to hers as he slowly and very deliberately brought the cookie down to his mouth. With exaggerated movement, and possibly more cockiness than was necessary, he stuck out his tongue, preparing to drag it across the back of the dessert. Her eyes widened and she stepped toward him menacingly.

A light blue blur zipped between them with a cry of "Yoink!" and as fast as it had appeared, retreated through the opposite doorway before they could do more than blink.

Wally looked down at his empty hand and back up at Abby, who was equally dumbfounded, turning her gaze from him to the door and back again.

Gradually, Wally said, "Of course, he knows that this means war."

Good grief, I need get that idea machine fixed. Poor thing keeps coughing up stuff like this and billowing out smoke, it's just a mess.

Definitely not my best work. On a happier note, I saw Toy Story 3 (twice. I have no life.), so there's my little and completely obvious tribute up there, because I love those movies.


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