E/O Drabble Challenge, challenge word: mark

Word count: 100 each

Set: In the past? In a possible future? You choose...

Rating: K+

Summary: Dean loves a nice sundowner—if he isn't the one who has to supply the ingredients...

"How sweet of you to bring along a welcome drink for my new family", she said in a mellow voice,

and he swallowed, glancing at her companions, seeing the look of pure adoration turn into voracious greed, as they encircled him.

"You're gonna be my best... hunter—and you'll enjoy it. Mark my words."

"Mark my ass, sweetheart", he grated, grabbing the sickle from his waistband and beheading the nearest bloodsucker,

"I think I'll keep my own family."

And he watched with prideful joy as Sam and Bobby entered the barn, their axes gleaming in the light of the sun.