Ed slowly opened his eyes, struggling to open them fully due to the blaring lights. He looked at his surroundings. Every wall was white, and even the floor and ceiling was white. He was lying on a bed, and there were strange machines next to him, one of which he was attached to. He spotted a young woman looking at the machine, and then scribbling some notes.

"Hey," Ed croaked, slightly taken aback by how horrible his voice sounded. "Where am I? Is this… heaven?"

The young woman giggled. "No no, Mr Elric. You're in the military hospital at Central."

"Huh? But – I died –"

"Well it seems not Mr Elric. That wonderful Brigadeer General was able to plug the wound, buying you enough time before our surgeons could stitch you up. You had a lucky escape. Now lie back young man, while I fetch the doctor. You have been out for a few days!" The woman quickly left the room, leaving a rather stunned Ed.

A few minutes later, an older man in a white coat entered the room carrying a clipboard, followed by the woman from before. "Nurse Smith," he barked, "please contact Colonel Mustang and inform him that Major Elric has decided to grace us with his presence. But first find that brother of his and that young lady with the spanner. Hopefully when they see that young Edward is awake they might leave this place and stop hassling our staff."

"Yes doctor," the nurse bowed her head and left the room almost as soon as she entered.

"Al's here?" Ed asked the rather intimidating doctor.

"Yes Major. And he is quite the nuisance! I am not sure he, or his girlfriend, realise that I have other patients to worry about as well. He expects me to drop everything and sit by your bed 24/7 until you wake up. It's a relief that you are awake now, I don't know how much more of that I could take! I wanted to throw them out, but that damned Colonel insisted they stay. Such stress."

Ed couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry about that, but that's Al for you!"

Suddenly, a loud voice could be heard from the hall. "Dr Bartholemew! Is it true? Is he awake?"

The doctor sighed. "Yes Alphonse, he is."

Al ran into the room with a large grin on his face, followed by Winry. "Brother! You are awake! It's good to see you!"

"You too Al! And you Winry!" Ed smiled as Winry approached him. He assumed she was coming to hug him, to go on about how relieved she was that he was OK, so he sat up in preparation. But much to his surprise, the young mechanic turned angry and smacked him in the head with the spanner.

"OW! What the Hell?" Ed screamed in pain.

"You bastard Edward Elric! Do you know how worried we have all been? First you speak to Al as though you were about to die, and then you don't wake up for about a week! You are so selfish!"

"Hey, it's not like I meant it! I genuinely thought I was about to die! In fact until that nurse told me what had happened I thought I was dead, in Heaven or something! I didn't stay unconscious intentionally you psycho!"

"Stop it, the pair of you!" Dr Bartholemew yelled. "I am ashamed of you young lady! He has just recovered from a rather severe stabbing, not to mention saving the lives of several military personnel after breaking down Trinity. I do not condone putting any of my patients under unnecessary stress whilst they remain in hospital! And Mr Elric, please keep your voice down, you are not the only one in this hospital!"

"Sorry sir," the two youngsters muttered in unison, glaring angrily at each othe.

Al had to laugh. "Haha, still the same old Ed I see!" He jumped on to his brother's bed and gave him a hug. "In all seriousness though, I am so glad you are OK. As Winry said, we have all been really worried. I really thought I'd lost you in that cave, but Mr Hughes was brilliant! He saved your life."

"Thanks Al. I'll have to thank Hughes when I see him as well. I am sorry for making everyone worry, but like I say, it wasn't intentional…"

"We know Ed. And so does Winry. Right Winry?"

"Yeah, I suppose. Sorry Ed. I just didn't know how to react. I thought you were… well… you know…" Winry paused and looked away, both embarrassed at her outburst and a little upset at the memory of that phone call from Al. Despite their arguments, she and Ed were best friends, the thought of losing him was just unbearable.

"It's fine Winry. Just – please refrain from attacking me with that thing in future. Anyway, what happened with Trinity? Have they really stopped?"

"Ahem, before you three start discussing business, I really must take a look at you Ed. You have just regained consciousness. I need to check your vitals."

"All right Doc, but I honestly feel fine now!" Well, that was a bit of a lie – Ed's stomach still hurt like hell, and his head was throbbing after Winry's attack. His muscles ached in general and his automail didn't feel right – although he wouldn't mention that to Winry until the spanner was out of reach. He lay back onto the bed and Al moved out of the doctor's way.

After several minutes of poking and prodding, the doctor had finished his examination. "Well Edward, you are certainly in good shape considering your injuries. In fact, I think I only need to keep you here for a couple more days for observation. You have made a pretty fast recovery, it seems the rest did wonders for you! I will of course set up a range of pain medication – don't look at me like that, I have enough experience in this job to know when a patient is in pain, especially when for some reason they wish to keep it a secret. Anyway, I will give you three some space, I have other patients to deal with."

"Thanks doc," Ed groaned – he really hated being examined, especially with an audience. The doctor nodded and left the ward.

"So Al, tell me what happened."

"Well, after you passed out, this man came running towards us, saying he was a doctor and could help. But of course, we didn't trust him, so Mr Mustang kept him away. Turns out he was in Trinity, but he claims he wasn't directly involved with any of the murders. He says his brother forced him to join and he couldn't work as a doctor. He had been suspicious of the priest after he had murdered another member of Trinity, so he followed him to the cave. He saw everything that happened, and he agreed to give the military the names and addresses of everyone in Trinity, plus the location of their lair. He was very apologetic, and wanted to do everything he could to help. I felt a little sorry for him to be honest. Mr Mustang told me of how his brother bullied him into working for a group he hated. Anyway, once you were in hospital, Mr Hughes and Mr Mustang organised a raid, and captured every member of Trinity. They are all locked up in prison now, and a little shocked after discovering the true nature of their leader."

"What about the man, the doctor? I mean, he did work with Trinity and should be punished for that, but he did help us…"

"He was arrested as soon as he gave himself up – I mean, he may not have carried out any murders but he didn't do anything to stop them. The military agreed, however, to show some leniency as he did give up the identity of the other members. I heard he now helps out in the prison hospital, and he will probably continue to work there once his sentence is over."

"That's good then." Ed nodded as though in thought.

"Honestly you two, why are you sticking up for him, he is a terrorist!"

"I know Winry, but he didn't actually hurt anyone. He just happened to have a horrid brother."

"Glad we get on, Ed!" Al laughed.

"Well, most of the time Al. I have to say your choice in women does disappoint me slightly…" Ed managed to duck in time before Winry was able to strike another blow to his head. "I'm just kidding Winry! Honestly, I don't think Al could have picked a better person to be his girlfried." Ed gave her a look that made her melt. Damn Elrics and their puppy eyes!

"Aww! Thanks Ed!" Finally, Winry gave Ed that long awaited hug, and the three began to reminisce about the wonderful moments of their childhood.


The next couple of days went by incredibly slowly as far as Ed was concerned. A few hours after he had first woken up, he managed to persuade Al and Winry to go back to their hotel to get some sleep (and frankly, to have a shower) and not return until the following afternoon. That evening, Roy had come to visit along with the team and Hughes. All congratulated Ed on destroying Envy and stopping Trinity, and he was offered substantial time off to relax back in Resembool. The following morning, Hughes came back with Gracia and Alicia in tow, and the three chatted for a good few hours. Ed had made sure to thank Hughes several times for saving his life, successfully annoying Hughes as much as Hughes had annoyed Ed with his ramblings about his daughter. Ed was secretly pleased with himself for this revenge, although he was genuinely grateful for everything Hughes had done throughout this whole affair. Al and Winry came for a short visit after the Hugheses left, but once Dr Bartholemew had agreed to discharge Ed the next morning, they decided to get Ed's apartment ready. He spent the rest of the night alone, but was happy for the peace and quiet.

Ed was getting dressed the morning of his discharge, when someone barged into his room.

"Hey! I'm trying to get dressed!"

"Argh! Gross! A naked Ed! Someone pass me a sick bowl!" mocked Roy as he wandered into the room.

"Very funny. I look far better than you, even with metal limbs!"

"Ah you're probably right." Roy conceded, which made Ed feel a little awkward. Does that mean he thinks I'm good looking?

"Oh for goodness sake Ed, I thought we were passed the childish awkwardness. Your hot, accept it. Oh don't look so shocked, you know I have preferences for men, and I happen to own eyes. Deal with it. And frankly, you're about as transparent as a piece of glass; I think you have similar feelings for moi."

Ed turned bright red and stared at the floor – there was a dirty mark that had suddenly become very interesting. Roy walked over and lifted his head up to look at his face. "Thought so. Granted, it took me a while to realise my own feelings. But when you almost died that night… well… I knew then that I didn't want a life without you."


"Yeah. So, what do you think? I like you, you like me. Let's not beat around the bush anymore. Why don't I come over tonight for a nice dinner? And don't worry, I cleared it all with your brother."

"Wait, you told Al?"

"It was his idea to be honest. Seems he knows how you feel better than you do! So, what do you think?"

"Well… OK. But on one condition!"

"Sure, name it."

"You are NOT cooking!" The two men laughed, wrapped their arms around each other and shared a rather passionate kiss.

Well, that's it guys! Finished! I hope you all enjoyed my story! I apologise to all of my followers that it took so long to write, but I hope the wait was worth it! Sadly, I doubt I will be writing another FMA fan fic any time soon. I will probably stick to Supernatural for a while. But I had fun with this story and I will return to it one day!