Written for the "I have 397 songs" Challenge

Song: Stuck by Stacie Orrico

Pairing: Frank/Marlene

This is the first ever Frank/Marlene fic, so I hope I did justice to it :)

Little bit information about Marlene McKinnon: Order of Phoenix member who died in July 1981

Thanks to mew for the beta work.. Love you loads for it :)

Every now and then when I'm all alone

I'd be wishing that you would call me on the telephone

She kept glancing at her fireplace, hoping that he would appear out of it, say he had made a mistake, and take her in his arms. Whenever she heard the pop of apparition, her mind would immediately think of him, but it was never him.

She knew he had married Alice. She had received the invitation to the wedding, through a certain Sirius Black. But she did not attend the wedding. She couldn't watch him marrying someone else, taking the life-long promises with someone else, with her own eyes.

It had been three years since she had last spoken to him. She had seen him, yes, numerous times, during his Auror training, which was being conducted under her father, Klein McKinnon, but never spoken to him. She would keep going there, hoping, wishing that he would so much as smile in her direction, but that smile, that grin, that "hey," never came.

Say you want me back but you never do

I feel like such a fool

She knew there was no hope. He had made it clear, though very gently and kindly, that he was not interested in her, that he had just dated her to make Alice jealous. But she couldn't help wishing maybe, just maybe, he would come back to her. Maybe he had truly felt something for her during the time they were together.

She knew she was being stupid, dumb and naive, but she couldn't help it. She loved Frank. It was only normal for her to wish that he would like her as well, right?

There's nothing I can do

I'm such a fool for you

She never married. She remained forever and ever Frank's. She knew he never wanted her, had never felt anything for her, but she kept hoping, wishing and waiting.

As Rabastan Lestrange's curse hit her straight in the chest, the curse which had been sent towards Frank, she smiled for the first time in years. If not his love, she had managed to steal his death. His death was forever hers now.

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