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Chapter 7

A mystery revealed

Edward's Point of View

When the school bell rang at four o'clock, Alice joined up with me in the school parking lot and we waited for Angela's arrival. I had unfortunately been pacing for quite some timer and Alice took the liberty to make fun of me for doing so. But there was nothing to laugh about. Bella's disappearance today… worried me. I might not have known her for very long but she had quite an impact on me… almost as if we made a connection. I wanted to know her, understand her better.

But that couldn't happen if she wasn't here… wasn't around to talk to her.

Alice stood beside me as we waited for Angela to arrive. "You should sit still Edward. She's gonna be here soon. We'll know what's happening soon," Alice reassured, trying to help me as much as she could. But somehow, it didn't help me at all. My nerves were on end and nothing seemed to calm me down. All that could ever calm my nerves would be the touch of Bella's skin under my hand… her soft hair in between my fingers… her eyes looking directly into mine…

God… I really was getting attracted to Bella Swan.

Suddenly, as a retort was going to escape my mouth, Angela's body came out of the school, walking quickly towards us. Her backpack was slung over one shoulder as she hurried over to us, looking from me to Alice and then back to me. "Are you both ready? We don't have much time before I need to meet Bella for the rest of the afternoon. I don't want her to know that I'm showing you this. She wouldn't trust me again," Angela explained, unlocking the back door to her car so that we could enter.

"You don't have to show us if it will endanger your friendship with her," I said, placing my hands in my pockets, trying to do something with them. Honestly, my heart simply wanted to know what was Bella's mysterious secret but if it would cost Angela a friendship… then I could wait.

"No… it's either that she tells you herself or that I tell you. She won't be mad at me… for long I hope," Angela said before entering her car and letting us enter through the back. Alice and I both looked at one another before entering and let Angela drive us out of the school parking lot.

The ride to wherever we were going was quiet. Barely anyone spoke. Angela tried to keep her attention to herself and locked her eyes on the road, her fingers twitching on the steering wheel. It seemed as though something was bothering her, like she shouldn't be doing this. This could, in fact, jeopardize her friendship with Bella and we were grateful for what she was doing but Angela didn't seem to think so much about that. She seemed to have a lot of faith in Bella's trust. We all should…

We drove for another five minutes before arriving on the outskirts of Seattle. What exactly were we doing here? Alice seemed just as confused as I was and her—and my—confusion grew as Angela parked in front of a cemetery. Angela got out of the car and let us get out soon afterwards, looking around the grounds. "What exactly are we doing here, Angela?" I asked confusingly. What was going on around here?

Angela looked at me and placed her hands in her pockets, fidgeting a little and so she was trying to hide her hands. But finally, she sighed and began speaking and walking into the cemetery, the two of us right on her heel. "Bella might have a few secrets but she has a very kind heart, which means that she keeps her secrets hidden to help others, not to beneficiate herself. Since I've known her, Bella hasn't had a shred of happiness in her life but since you came along, Edward… it's like she's a whole different person. A happy person. She hasn't had many people in her life that she can trust with her secrets or even her own life. I'm one of those two people. She only trusts me and her father… And you have to understand that I can't tell you everything about her now. But… you might be one of those people who she can open up to. So, if you can really change her that much and Bella can begin to trust you enough, then she'll tell you her secrets when the time is right. But for now, I can only do so much without her completely hating me for the rest of her life…" Angela explained, stopping shortly in front of a tombstone, making us stop along with her. We turned our heads towards the tombstone and began reading the inscription:

Renée Dwyer; 28/11/1958 – 29/4/2006; Beloved wife and loving mother; She will always be remembered and loved, even in the afterlife.

What was this..? "Who is—"

"There was one good thing about Bella's life before she came to Forks. You see, Bella used to tell me all of these stories about her mom… How great she was, what they did together, all the times that her mother made her laugh…" Angela smiled a little at the memories but suddenly, her smile faded and she looked back at the tombstone, her eyes full of melancholy. "But then the accident occurred… That's what changed Bella completely, emotionally and physically. Imagine an eleven year old going through this all by herself for all of these years. Her dad tries to help her but it's no use. When Bella's determined, she can't stop… This accident literally changed her life, made her see things… differently. It also made her block mostly everything out… everything and everyone, except her father and, well, me later on. Bella's been devastated since the accident and she can't stop blaming herself for what happened, especially since she believes that it was her fault. But it wasn't… She just can't seem to grasp that…"

Suddenly, that part of the puzzle seemed to have clicked together, making my eyes widen. "This is Bella's mother's grave…" I whispered mostly to myself, complete shock entering my voice. Looking closer to the date on the tombstone, the last date seemed to hit me harder than the actual news. Today was the twenty-ninth of April… the same date as she had died. "And today is the anniversary of her death."

"Bella always thinks that she should deal with this day alone… This is why she's always away on this day, never at school. First she comes here and places a few fresh flowers, telling her mother everything that's happened recently… Bella could stay here for hours talking to her. That's how it used to is, apparently. But then, then she would go to the diner for lunch with her father before going to gym for the rest of the day… She'd wear herself out and then pass out and no one could stop her. She'd be on the rampage, never stopping for anything. Just trying to hurt herself for what happened to her mother but in the end… nothing will change. Her mom will still be here and Bella will keep blaming herself for this," Angela explained, never taking her eyes off of the grave. Everything that Bella was going through… she never wanted anyone's help, not even her best friend's. How could she want to stay like this? It just didn't make any sense… It would be so much easier if she could let others know so that they could help her… so that I could help her. Angela looked away, cleared her throat and looked down at her watch. "This is all that I can show you. The rest… well, you're gonna have to be patient with Bella. She does mean well but Bells is a little… rough around the edges."

"It's alright. We'll take it easy with her, now that we know some part of her that can help us. We'll help her as much as we can now," Alice explained, looking at me with a sympathetic expression. Nodding to the two ladies, Angela drove us back to the school and throughout the entire trip back, my mind kept reeling.

For six years, Bella has been trying to handle her mother's death without opening to anyone. Angela couldn't even get through to her… It seemed as though they were so close but maybe we were wrong. There are a lot of things we don't know… But if I wanted to get close enough to Bella, then I would have to trust her.

Alice and I got out of the car and watched Angela drive away soon after dropping us off. As we went back to my car, Alice looked at me and seemed to be thinking of something. "What's the matter Alice?" I asked, opening the driver's side door.

"It's just horrible. To think that someone has been blaming themselves for years and not opening up… that's just awful. How can one person stay like this and for this long? I mean, sure, we have our problems as well, being vampires and all for the rest of eternity but that doesn't mean that we don't open up to anyone about our problems. Bella should do the same. Plus, we don't even know what kind of accident it was," Alice ranted, opening the passenger door and stepping inside at the same time as me.

"We'll learn at her pace Alice. We can't force her into anything, especially pushing her about her past. It's not going to help her or us." Starting the car, Alice sighed and began looking out the window as we drove away from the school, going back to our house.

If Bella were to come back to school, I would do everything in my power to help her through anything, even this… She would learn to trust me in her own time.

Angela's Point of View

I drove over to the gym and entered hesitantly, wondering if I should enter in the first place. Bella had trusted me to keep her secrets and I had just told Edward and Alice Cullen one of them… Would she even trust me again? What if she knew what had happened…? I only want to help her… She's my best friend after all. There were a lot of grunting and panting around me, considering most of the students here were still practicing. But my destination was the main gym.

Seeing the double doors in front of me made me force the thoughts of Edward and Alice out of my head. It couldn't bother me while I was with Bella. If it did, then I might tell her what I did… And I can't do that today, not today of all days… Opening the double doors, the first thing that my eyes detected was a large circular platform with two people on it: one of them being Bella. And she was fighting hard against a man with a medium-length white beard, perfectly combed hair and a karate gi. Of what I could remember, Bella had told me that her 'sensei' was of Japanese origin. So of course he would wear the typical karate garment.

The way they fought, it was as if they were doing some sort of tango. They moved gracefully and ferociously at the same time, their moves basically copying one another. But they weren't copies. It was the actual movements that amazed me. Even if Bella couldn't see, she moved with grace and poise. Punches, kicks, dodges, parries… Bella carried them out perfectly. And her sensei blocked them with slight difficulty.

Bella had mentioned that today was her test. It was the last one that she had to face to become an actual sensei in this gym—and probably any other gym—and she seemed to be winning. But it really worried me. Could she actually beat her own sensei in a battle?

My question was answered when Bella slid under his feet and grabbed hold of his left leg, lifting it out from under him and making him spin in the air once. She stood up, raised her fist in the air and, just as it was about to slam it down on his stomach, her hand became enveloped in a blue flame, making my eyes widen at the sight. How could she…? My question was stopped in mid mental-sentence as she slammed her fiery fist onto her sensei's stomach, making him fall to the ground and stay here, his gi slightly burned but nothing majorly injured. She panted as Bella's eyes locked with her sensei's and all I could tell was that she looked exhausted. Bella didn't put in her contacts during her practice sessions because 1) the sweat that formed down her face made a burning sensation form on her eyes and 2) no one but me came to watch her so she was free to look as blind as she felt.

But as she looked down at him, her eyes began to close and her panting slowed slowly as Bella fell on her side, passing out from exhaustion. "Bella!" I ran up to her and kneeled down beside her, checking her pulse—seeing as I just recently redid my safety training, this instinct kicked into me before knowing what I was doing—and seeing if she was alright.

"She'll be alright. She has simply worn herself out from this long day. But she should be fine with some rest," Her sensei, Master Idan, explained as he sat up and looked at his pupil lying unconscious on the floor. "But she has done a remarkable job today. I had a fear that today would be a bad day to do this but it seemed to have given her more resolve than any other day. She has finally surpassed me…"

"You'll have to tell her that when she wakes up," I responded with a slight chuckle, seeing him smile a little in the corner of my eye. But looking down at Bella, what she did… it worried me.

What kind of incredible force was growing inside of my best friend…?

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