Rating: PG-13
Summery: I've finally attempted the iPod shuffle challenge. Ten songs. Ten drabbles involving our favorite pseudo-psychic and uptight detective.
Warning: Mild language. Mentions of sex. And in order to follow the rules, not all of the drabbles are finished. Drabble rules are below the cut.
Disclaimer: Psych and all related characters are the property of USA Networks and a bunch of other people in suits. Please don't sue

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance! Here's where I kinda cheated. I have no idea how to make Shassie work in the context of Schoolhouse Rock.)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.

You make me feel so young | Frank Sinatra
Shawn was everything Carlton wasn't. Young, hip and attractive. He won the attention of everyone in any situation he found himself in. And when Carlton found himself with Shawn, he felt that he could do that, too. When the other man linked his arm in his, he felt attractive. When the other man laughed at one of his lame jokes, he felt hip. And when the other man pulled him down and ground his lips into his, he felt young. He felt powerful. He felt wanted.

Under the sea | Samuel Wright, Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid
Carlton hated the beach. Sand made him feel grimy. The ocean water stung the multitude of cuts and scrapes he had all over his body. The sun burned his skin and turned him a painful scarlet red. But Carlton had developed the habit of joining Shawn at the beach every evening to watch the sun set and eat warm giant pretzels.
"Hey, Carly. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?"
Carlton thought.
"On top of a mountain."
Shawn snorted "A mountain?"
"Yep. It'd be peaceful. Quiet. Safe"

Regresa a Me | Toni Braxton
Shawn Spencer wasn't one to beg. He made his way through life on a giant show of pride and swagger. Begging had no part in that. When his father arrested him and threw him in jail, he didn't beg to be released. When his mother packed up her things and moved halfway across the country, he didn't beg her to come back home. And when the police department finally learned the truth, learned that his "psychic" ability was nothing more than the product of a terrible childhood and a damn good memory, he didn't beg them to let things continue on as they had been.
But, when Shawn saw the look on Carlton Lassiter's face, a look that somehow managed to combine disgust, condescension and hurt all in one heartbreaking glare, Shawn had to fight back the urge to pull at the man's sleeve and beg him to forgive him.

Monster | Super Junior
You're boring. You're too ordinary. She left you, what makes you think he won't?
When Carlton comes to work each day, he's never alone. His demons always make themselves known.
You have no friends. You're awkward. Why did you say that? No one believes that.
They're usually quiet when work is actually being done, and for that he's grateful. But the minute Shawn Spencer comes busting through the station doors with Burton Guster in tow, the beasts, the demons and the monsters make themselves known.
Look how happy he makes everyone. Can you do that? He's certainly fond of taunting you in front of the others isn't he. It's so easy

Confessions | Usher
"There is nothing to say, Shawn"
"There's plenty to say. We can work this out. We're better than that."
"Who was she?"
"Who?" Shawn plays like he's confused.
"You know who the fuck 'who.' The woman who keeps blowing your phone up."
"You don't know her."
"I didn't ask if I knew her, I asked who she was."
"She's…a client. Gus and I helped her out. Her boyfriend was cheating on her. It was a bad situation. I was just trying to help her. I didn't mean—"
"Please spare me the cliche, Shawn. Just get your stuff and get out my house."
"Carlton, please—"
"Get. Out. Shawn. Get out now and don't ever come back."
"Don't do this. We can fix this. We're better than

The Beautiful Ones | Mariah Carey, featuring Dru Hill
Victoria was everything Carlton had dreamed about: beauty, brains and a spirit that could stand up to his. He'd done everything he could think of to make her happy. But in the end, everything hadn't been enough. He knows he should get over her. He knows that pining after someone who clearly has no interest in getting back together will only leave him hurting and alone.
So, he tries to move on. Shawn Spencer proves to be a great distraction. The man is gorgeous, charming and perfectly willing to be a squirming body underneath him.
Shawn has no expectations from him. Victoria expected a husband, a father, a charming man to hang on her arm when hosting her friends.
Shawn expects him to call before coming over, to remember the condoms and to bring some drinks if they don't have to work a case the next day. Carlton couldn't meet Victoria's expectations; however, Shawn's seem to be manageable.
Victoria was everything Carlton had ever dreamed about. And as he lies on Shawn Spencer's bed, his heart still beating fast from the night's activities, he realizes he still does dream

Smooth Criminal | Michael Jackson
Shawn knows that stealing from Carlton will only end with him either getting threatened with bodily harm or actually receiving bodily harm. Nevertheless, the opportunity to go and mess with the other man's head has never been one he could turn down.
Shawn creeps to Carlton's desk while the other man is in the restroom. Previous spying/observation tells Shawn that Carlton will be in the bathroom for exactly thr mintues and 29 seconds. Shawn doesn't care what Gus says; that knowledge is in no way creepy.
Shawn pulls open a drawer and begins digging around. Carlton is downright Spartan in the organization of his desk. There are few objects on the desktop or in the drawers that aren't absolutely needed for police work: two framed photos, a pack of gum, a letter addressed to 'Shawn'

Baby, Baby | Brandy
Gus doesn't consider himself "homophobic," nevertheless, there are certain things he doesn't want to hear his best friend say about a certain uptight detective.
"Dude, you've been my friend for almost 20 years; I can't believe there's still something I can do that could surprise you." Shawn says one day while playing with his car radio.
Gus slaps his hand away. "I'm not surprised by your sudden man-crush on Carlton, Shawn. I'd just rather know as little about it as possible."
"Oh, come on, Gus. What's the fun of getting it on with a cop if I can't gossip about it with my girlfriends?"
"I'm not your girlfriend, Shawn."
"Aren't you at least interested in that side of Lassie."
"No! I never have been and I never will be."
"Oh, you're so missing out, dude. Lassie is one fine specimen."
"Shawn," Gus begins with a warning in his voice. "I'm serious."
"You'd think a man that lanky would be lacking, if you know what I mean…"
"Shawn! I will stop this car and push you out of it if you don't shut up now."
Shawn just laughs. "Oh, dude, you are too easy."

Super Freak | Rick James
"What are you gonna do with that?"
"Now, now, Carly. It's no fun if you question everything. You've just gotta trust me."
"I trust you about as much as I can trust a naked man holding a cooking utensil. Now what are you gonna do with that?"
Shawn just smiles and straddles the other man. Carlton wants more than anything to push him off, but is unable to thanks to the fact his arms are now bound to his bed posts with his neck ties.
"What are you gonna do with—"
Shawn leans forward, hiding his hands and the utensil with the top of his head.
"Shawn? Answer me—"

One More Try | George Michael
Carlton wants to be everything Shawn wants him to be. He's done being alone. Done being the only officer at the station on Christmas Day. Done being the only man his age he knows with such a pathetically small social circle.
But he knows being with Shawn will have price. Officers in the station will talk. His own mother could disown him. The comfortable habits he's developed could serve to hinder the only chance at happiness he could ever have.
But he's willing to try. So when Shawn drags him to some stupid 80s movie marathon with him and Guster, he goes without complaint. And when Shawn dresses him and preps him with note cards on what to say and what not to say for dinner with his father, he wears the purple tie without complaint and studies the cards like any good pupil.
Carlton isn't afraid of losing himself in the process. He's been with himself long

AN: That was fun! I must apologize for any incoherence; the two to three minute time limit really stifles my attempts at forming a logical storyline. But, I'm happy with the result. I'm curious to what others think. I really want to finish the "Under the Sea," "Monster," and "Super Freak." What do you think of the drabbles? Comments equal love!