Everyone pleaded for him not to in seconds but Chris refused to hear them, the voices echoed in his head as he moved his finger up and down the trigger of the gun and as he closed his eyes the court room echoed with a sound of thunder.

Everything happened so fast, those involved questioned weather what had just happened was real, something so horrible seems to surreal to have happened. To those who witnessed the tragedy and those who had to be told were affected greatly, how do you tell the siblings of the deceased what had occurred? How do you tell children that their brother is gone forever?

Kate tried to convince herself that what had happened in the courtroom was a dream, that she would wake up to her twelve children smiling at her but that never happened. Every time she closed her eyes she would imagine herself back at the courtroom, watching her son walk down the courtroom aisle, she enjoyed those seconds because it was the last time she could see her son alive. But a few more seconds she watched as the other boy stood up with malice and confusion in his eyes, point a gun at her baby, and pull the trigger. Every time she would jump at the site of the gunfire towards her son, she watched herself standing with her husband being showered with their own son's blood; she saw the terror in her own eyes.

The boy with the gun panicked, shouting things but she couldn't hear, after the gunshot all she could hear was it ringing in her ears and a thunder like crash as her son's body fell to the floor. She kept her eyes on Jake the whole time but once she looked up she saw the boy holding the gun to his own head, everyone yelled for him to stop, even Tom but she didn't. She just watched as the boy ended his own life but as soon as that bullet contacted his own skull her heart quaked as she was filled with a tremendous sadness, that's when she would open her eyes again, back to reality.

Tom and Kate were unsure of how to tell their other children that Jake would no longer be with them but they knew it would be no easy task, it was nearly impossible for them to accept it so how could they expect their children to take it any better. Tom orchestrated a family meeting with Kate, Nora and himself leading the way. Everyone was eager to find out what happened to their brother, when they would be able to see him again, they bombarded Tom with questions but he didn't know how to answer, suddenly the children saw tears forming in his eyes as they all became silent.

"Jakes…..gone" Tom said weakly, everyone just stared at him, not understanding what he meant by 'gone'

"What do you mean 'gone'?" Charlie asked

"There was an incident at the courtroom, Jake…didn't make it" Tom said in a cracked voice as Kate held on to him.

"Your joking, you have to be jo….aww sh…" Charlie wept as he stood up trying to hold himself back from cursing or breaking anything.

Sarah, Lorraine, Henry, Mark, Mike, Kim and Jessica began to shed tears. Kyle and Nigel did not understand, they had a idea but that idea was so horrifying that it couldn't be true.

"So where is he?" They asked simultaneously

"He's dead! Jake's dead!" Sarah screamed as she ran up to her room crying.

Things didn't get better for a while, there was no way to shift our minds form the situation, nobody wanted to. They chose to bury Jake in Midland, his home. The funeral of Jacob Baker was hard on everyone, nobody wanted to say good bye to their brother. How could someone die so young? It didn't seem fair to them, and it wasn't. During the burial nobody wanted to say good bye, nobody wanted to see a 13 year old boy lowered into the ground, never rising but that was the reality of the situation.

As everyone stood in front of the tomb stone they recalled moments, moments that had just happened of them spending time together. He was just by their side and in one instant he was gone, they all said a prayer in the name of their deceased brother and bowed their heads to Jake's tomb stone.

Jacob M. Baker


We will remember

Not the words of our enemies

But the silence of our friends

It took months just for the Baker family to get through a morning without morning over their brother or spending moments saddened by what once was. Bye he end of the school year things started returning to normal, minus the fact that there was missing one Baker but the children started to have fun again and smiled more. Kate and Tom didn't want Jake to be forgotten and they knew he wouldn't but they knew that it was important for the family to get along without him.

The Wheeler family took the deaths of two of their son's hard as well, their brothers felt like they aided in the destruction of their family. They knew what they did was wrong but if they had known that the situation would have escalated to this level then they wouldn't have even given their actions a thought. The entire family was relieved to hear that the Baker family was going back to their old home, not because they hated them but because it brought back unwanted memories that they hoped would recede.

When the Baker family found out that nobody had purchased their Midland house everyone was ecstatic, as they arrived to the house they were eager to get back to their old rooms. They all flooded out of the family van as they arrived and everyone sprinted to their old rooms that would soon be their new ones.

Sarah jogged up to the house and moved herself up the stairs and to the door of her room and then it hit her, she shared a room with Jake. She stood frozen outside of her closed door and slowly reached for the door knob, as she made contact with it her whole body quaked as she reminisced moments of her deceased brother. Sarah gripped onto the handle tighter and twisted it.

The door opened slowly as Sarah peered in and as she did her eyes widened, she looked on the other side of the room across from the door and at Jake's bed and there she saw him, Jake, sitting on his bed with his ski hat on and his brown hair hanging out the back and a skateboard on his lap. He was working on it for a couple seconds and looked up at Sarah and smiled.

"Jake" Sarah whispered but as she blinked she was now looking at the empty mattress that used to be Jake's bed. Sarah's face dropped as she slowly walked inside the room with tears filling in her eyes. She made her way to the empty mattress and knelt down before it, she moved her hands across the mattress before she laid her head down on it in her arms as she mourned her brother Jake.

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