This is the start of my newest saga, which I believe will be more popular the the current saga I'm doing. I've had this in my head for a long time and have tried to do a series of it on deviant art. Although, I don't have that many ideas to turn it into different stories. They were all stupid, so I'm going to turn this into a saga. Let's see how good it is in a few books. Review please!

I have traveled from town to town hiding from Vlad, my creator. Now that my cousin Danny has defeated him and Vlad is now in outer space to who knows where, I'm free to settle into a normal life. Never in my life have I ever experienced a normal kid life. I know it will be hard since I have no mother or father. At first, I thought about living with Danny and his parents, but if I did that, everyone would know who I am and I will never experience normality. The only way to be normal, was to live a life without family.

After I decided to settle down, I went to the Police and told them my name was Dani and that I did not know my parents. Since I didn't know my parents, I didn't know my last name. It was hard to tell half the truth. I had no relation to my creator, so I couldn't say Vlad was my biological father. I had no biological father. The police asked me why I had no proof of my existence. I could only say that I was homeless and was so poor, I did not have medical insurance or anything. It is possible for a family to give birth to a child without a hospital. Surprisingly, they bought my lie.

The police sent me to foster care and had my birth certificate as Dani McGill. That's where I begin my story. My foster mother's name is Mary Lemon. From what I know about her, she is a single woman taking care of now three foster kids and one she adopted. The adopted kid is Jim Preston and the two other foster kids are twins, Kenny and Lenny. Jim Preston is sixteen years old and the twins are nine years old. That's all I can say about the family I'm currently staying with. I guess for me, this is as normal for a life than it's gonna get.

The next day would be my first day of school. I was excited to finally experience a normal school life. I did testing so the school system could see what level to put me in. Surprisingly, to them, I was smart enough to go to a freshman year in High School. It didn't surprise me one bit since my cousin was at the same grade and I was a messed up clone of him. Vlad obviously made his clones just as smart as the original, or me anyway. I chose to go to the same grade with other kids my age. I would be the nerd since I was smart, but at least that was a normal life.

My alarm clock went off like a train whistle. I rubbed my eyes with the palm of my hands before turning my alarm off. I sighed before walking slowly down the stairs in my pajamas with my hair almost covering my face. The first person I saw was Jim. He shot me a glare and I shot one back. He was never my most favorite person in the whole wide world. Jim was always rude.

"You need anything?" Jim asked negatively.

"I'm looking for Fruities," I answered him emotionless.

"They're on the top cabinet."

"You think you could get them down? I can't reach."

"Why don't cha get a chair and get it yourself!"

"Jim, be nice. You know Dani will be living here for only a little while unless she becomes adopted, which is highly unlikely," Mary rebuked Jim.

"Aw jeeze, Mary! Why do I have to do everything for this little brat?" Jim complained.

"It's Mom, Jim and I don't like your attitude."

"You're not my mother. You just signed some stupid papers that say you're my mother. You didn't conceive me! I'm going to school."

Jim marched out the house while Mary put her hand on her face. I couldn't help, but feel sorry for her. Jim was always a big jerk and I hated him for that. If someone adopted me, I'd be more than happy to let him or her in my life. I looked up at Mary and smiled.

"Let me help you," Mary said to me before taking the curial from the cabinet and pouring it in my bowl. I got the milk myself.