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The school year was close to being over. I decided to visit Jim after my daily patrol. We have been growing closer in our friendship since we discovered each others' secrets. I was at the point of trusting Jim with my life. Nobody knew our secrets or at least both our secrets. You get the idea.

I flew onto the roof before changing into my human form. Jim was smiling big before changing his expression into a serious one. This meant he was going to tell me something big.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"Not really, but there's something I have to tell you. You know that since I 'caught' you I became a Guys in White officer. Well, I was trying to find a good way to tell you that... I'll be moving after this year of school is over and I won't be back for at least two years. I really don't know how long, it differs," Jim admitted. I blinked in shock and felt like jello.

"You're leaving?" I cried.

"Only for two years. It's just that once a trainee becomes an officer, they have to go through some hard core training, for the body you know. An agent has to have the right body and training for the job."

"But you can't just leave. I'm already starting to get to know you and... you can't just leave."

"I'm sorry, Dani. If I could make this any easier, I would. We'll always be friends no matter how far apart we are. I promise once I get through my training and rank up as a Guys in White agent, I will come back and see you."

"But... that's such a long time and you're the only friend I've got here."

"You can make new friends and we can talk to each other through phone or internet."

"Call me."

"I will. Promise."

I smiled and hugged Jim for a good while. It was hard to see him leave, but once school was gone, he was already packed. I said my goodbyes and when school started again, I was alone. There was nobody who would say hello or anything. I started missing Jim, and then I heard someone opening his or her locker beside me. It was a girl my age with cowgirl boots, a tan vest over a buttoned up white T-shirt, some jeans, and a ponytail. The girl was a dirty washed blond with dark freckles.

"Howdy. I'm new here. What's ya name, hon?" the girl asked.

"Dani McGill. Where are you from?" I asked.

"I'm from Arkansas, sugah. You can call me Jody, everybody does, but nobody ever call me Joe. That's ma daddy's name."

I started chuckling. I started liking Jody. We started talking until lunch time, and then Harold started tagging along. I had known Harold, but we never talked until he saw Jody. That's when my circle of friends started. I now went from one, to three best friends. Although, Jody and Harold didn't start knowing about Jim yet. He still had two years before ever returning here again. Although Harold did ask about him.

"Hey, I haven't seen Jim around here. You used to hang out with him a lot. Where did he go?" Harold asked.

"He moved. His dad sent him to military school," I halfly lied.

"Awww, that's so sad. Ya think he misses you too?" Jody asked.

"He does. If he comes back, I'd like for you to meet him. He's the bestest friend in the whole wide world," I answered.