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Summary: Word gets out that England is supposedly in love with somebody. America (not because it bothers him or anything, really!) is determined to find out exactly who England's object of affections is...even if it kills him in the process.

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Pairings: UK/?, Ger/Ita, Fra/Can, and more.

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Guessing Game

Chapter 1: Iggy's In What?

America let his eyes droop, the meeting being absolutely boring and no one listening to his rather brilliant (in his opinion, at least) ideas on the economy. What was wrong with building giant hamburgers to get people to be happy and thus colonize world peace? It seemed like a logical plan in his head. But apparently, only in his head.

America's head snapped up as Germany's rigid voice reached his brain. "Meeting adjourned." The American jumped out of his seat and quickly began gathering his things, chomping on a hamburger in the process. Boy, was he glad that was over. He had almost fallen asleep. And a hero doesn't fall asleep during an important World Meeting! No, absolutely not.

America started as he felt a hand clasp onto his shoulder. He craned his neck to see France, smiling that ridiculous fake smile of his. America grinned back for no apparent reason.

"What do you want, France?" America queried. France's smile (if possible) grew to an even more massive size and he jumped up and down. It looked as if he had gotten hold of some delicious gossip; America raised an eyebrow.

"You will want to hear this, Amerique," France placed a hand over his mouth and whispered. Suddenly, America felt like a child again, sharing secrets, even though covering your mouth with your hand didn't necessarily make the conversation private. Nonetheless, America bent down so that France could whisper in his ear.

"What?" the hamburger-lover was getting anxious.

France cleared his throat. He glanced around; most of the countries had left the room. Then, he pointed to an individual one, who was gathering up his notes and talking every now and then to some sort of invisible entity.

"See Anglaterre over there, Alfred?" France grinned. America nodded.

"Yeah. Sure."

"Well, a friend of a friend told me something interesting about our Brit," France kept his voice to a whisper and had stopped pointing. France smiled brightly, and America couldn't help but smile with him. It was sort of contagious.

"What is–?"

France interrupted America with a wave of his hand. Then France said, "Well, it seems that your 'Iggy' is in love with someone." America blinked a couple times before laughing out loud. England glanced over at them once, then rolled his eyes and continued gathering his belongings.

"That's funny, Francis!" America managed to choke out between giggles. The Frenchman cocked an eyebrow.

"Oh? How so?" France looked genuinely confused, and America stopped laughing.

"Iggy? In-in love? That..can't be," America said, pushing Texas further up his nose.

"Why not?" France asked. America stopped to ponder his words. The Frenchman did have a point. What was stopping Arthur from falling in love with someone? Well, England wasn't the most handsome country ever, but he was okay. There was nothing stopping him from falling in love. Me, a voice in America's head butted in. America, surprised, brushed it away.

"Hm. Well, you've got a point, there," the American scratched the back of his head and took a bite out of his hamburger. "But where's the proof?"

France chuckled. "You don't need proof, my naive America! It's written all over his face." France had stopped whispering and was now speaking in a low tone. He gestured towards the Brit with his right hand. "Take it from someone that knows l'amour as well as I do." When America gave France a total 'I don't see where you're going' look, the older nation rolled his eyes.

"It's so obvious. Have you even been paying attention during the meeting, mon ami?" France inquired and the American felt his face flush. "That's what I thought. Anyway, if you had been paying attention, England didn't pick any fights. Not even with me. Don't you think that's a bit odd, mon cher? And he seemed to not have been paying any attention to anything during the meeting. I think he was, as you say, doodling." France smirked at America's bewildered expression.

"England was doodling?" was all the American could really get out.

France nodded.

"During a meeting?" America couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Yes, Amerique," France concluded. "During a meeting."

America's thoughts swam around and around in his head, and his confusion only worsened at France's next statement.

"Anglaterre was blushing, too. Slightly, not obviously, but...blushing." America snapped his gaze from the floor to gawk at the grinning Frenchman. France shrugged.

America narrowed his eyes slightly. "How do you know this?"

France smiled. "Ah, you forget! I sit next to him, remember?"

The American realized France was right. He took a moment to collect himself before saying softly, "So...Iggy's in love, huh?" America was still having trouble comprehending that Arthur Kirkland, England, the personified U.K...was in love with somebody. America's brain was on overload.

The blonde raised an eyebrow at the slightly shorter nation, then immediately thought of a riveting question. "Ne, America."

America snapped his gaze off of the floor once again to look at France. "Yeah?"

France allowed the smirk on his features to further deepen. "Cela ne derange pas vous, il ne? That doesn't bother you, does it? The fact that England is in love?" America felt his face flush, but brushed it away as quickly as he had let it come.

"What are you talking about?" America put on a fake smile. England had already left the Meeting Room, so the two could talk as loudly as they wanted to. "I'm-I'm completely, totally, and completely fine with Iggy being in love with someone."

Before France could tell him that he had said "completely" twice in that sentence, America ran out of the room, saying something along the lines of "Have a great weekend. I just remembered something I had to do. Bye!" France sat alone in the Meeting Room, before sighing and chuckling to himself. So..let's just see where this goes.

The Frenchman pulled out his cell phone and dialed a certain number. He waited a little while, before hearing someone pick up the phone.

"This is Japan," came the response from the other end.

"Japan? Step one is complete," France said, placing his unoccupied hand in the pocket of his pants. There was silence on the other end before the other man finally responded.

"Ah? Ah. Ah!" Japan sounded as if he had forgotten, then France got the feeling that Japan was grinning on the other end. "Well done, France. No doubt our American friend Alfred will go to unspeakable lengths to find out who England's secret crush is. You did use the evidence in which I gave you?"

The Frenchman smiled. "Yeah. They were all true, too."

"Wonderful," Japan smiled on the other end. "Let's just see where this goes. Initiate step two."

"All right. Au revoir, Japan-kun," France hung up the phone and looked at his watch. He still had some time before step two had to be initiated. Walking out of the Meeting Room, the blonde dialed another number and waited for the timid response.

"H-hello? Y-you've reached Matthew Williams, Canada," the voice came. France couldn't help but smile.

"Bonjour, Canada," Francis chirped.

"Ah. Bonjour, France. How-how are you?"

"Actually," France said, still walking, "I need your help with something."

"About?" Canada sounded mildly interested now.

The Frenchman paused to collect himself. He stopped walking. Then, he smiled. "It's about Anglaterre and Amerique." Canada beamed.

"I'd be happy to help," Canada said, his obvious interest taking hold of him, and France laughed.

"I thought so," the Frenchman responded, pleased. "How about I meet you over at the one French restaurant near the hotel around seven? We can discuss it there."

Canada felt his face flush. "O-Okay."

"Impressionnant! It's a date, then!"

France could have sworn he heard Canada do a spit-take on the other end of the line.


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