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Bonus Chapter: Why Can't We Just Celebrate Like Normal People?

As promised, Hungary and Japan had indeed organized a party in celebration of the newly found couples of US/UK and Franada. They had invited everyone they knew and hosted the party at Hungary's house once all of the World Conferences were over. There was karaoke, drinking, games...everything a typical party should have. The party was occurring on a Saturday night.

Upon arrival at Hungary's residence, England stopped short at the door. America turned to him and rose an eyebrow. "Iggy, you okay?" The Brit looked down at his feet and shoved his hands in the pockets of his vest thoughtfully.

"I'm fine, America," England sighed, kicking at the ground with his feet. "I'm just kind of afraid to know exactly how many people expected us to become..you know, um..."

The American blinked. "A couple?" England, embarrassed, shoved his black newsboy cap in America's face and blushed furiously.

"How can you say it so easily...?" the Brit yelled, and America laughed.

"How can I not? I'm dating the most incredible person on the face of the earth," the hamburger-lover gushed, taking England's newsboy cap and placing it back on the Brit's blushing head. "Except for maybe me," America added.

England rolled his eyes and punched the American playfully. "You're terrible," he snickered. "You're the definition of terrible." America held up one finger and wagged it in the Brit's face.

"I've already deciphered all of your tsundere language, Iggy," America said. England rose an eyebrow.


"Long story. Involves Japan and a comic with a lot of porn in it–"


"Anyway," America cut in, "I've already deciphered all of the meanings behind everything you say to me. For example, you just insulted me." The Brit placed his hands on his hips.

"Yeah. So? I always do that," England responded, not getting the point.

Wrong thing to say.

America captured England's lips in his own, and then, after parting, said, "Exactly. England's Tsundere Language Rule Number One: Every single insult is the equivalent of 'I love you'." The American grinned idiotically, and England felt heat creeping into his face.

"It...it does not! Bloody wanker–!" America kissed him again.

"That's another insult," the American said, grinning. "I love you, too." England scowled.

America rang the doorbell to Hungary's home repeatedly.

"I'm still scared to know how many people thought we were going to end up together," England muttered, pulling his hat down over his eyes. America hummed.

"Then I guess where about to find out, aren't we," he said. It was a statement, not a question.

Hungary opened the door, finally, and smiled brightly at the two. "America! England!" Said nations waved at her, and, before the Hungarian woman could even say 'Come on in', a million other voices erupted. Poland swung the door open.

"So, like, you guys are finally going out?"

"Ve~! Congratulations, America and England!"

"Congratulations, you two. Italy, stop throwing meatballs!"

"Hey! The awesome me wants to know if you've done it yet!"


"What, I can't ask? I can never get you in bed 'cause Hungary's guarding you twenty-four-"

"Prussia, stay the hell away from my boyfriend!"

"You two are gonna be great, aru! I just know it! Best wishes, aru!"

"So was my haunted house helpful to you two in any way? If you need anything else, I've also got handcuffs and whips...kolkolkolkolkol..."

"Ah! You're creepy, aru!"

"Is that an invitation...?"

England and America sweat-dropped as nearly everyone came and bombarded them with questions. "There's your answer," America muttered under his breath. England twitched.

"Really? I never would have guessed," he muttered back, gritting his teeth.

America and England started when France and Canada came out of nowhere and clamped them on the shoulder. "It's okay," France whispered. "They did this to us too when we walked in."

Canada nodded. "It was nice to be noticed for once, but...this was just creepy."

America held up his hand to silence the screaming crowd. "Can we come in?" The crowd all blinked in unison, then responded with several 'oh's, 'yeah's, and 'Wait, I still have a question!'s. The crowd moved over, and England and America made their way into Hungary's large house. They sat down on the couch, and everyone else followed suit.

"One question at a time," England said, rubbing his temples. Poland raised his hand.

"So...you guys seriously started going out?" the blond Pole asked. He was hit upside the head by an annoyed Lithuanian. Silence for a little while.

"...Yeah. So?" America said. The room was once again silent, before everyone broke out into rashes of 'Congratulations' and 'I'm so happy for you's.

Japan came into the room at that moment, Greece not far behind him. "I have set up the movies we will be watching," the Japanese man said, smiling. "Have you all eaten?" Everyone nodded. Japan smiled. "Then come into the Theater Room; yes, Prussia-san, you may bring beverages in as well."

"Hells yeah!"

"Um, ex-excuse me?" Canada said, raising his hand. Japan nodded towards him.

"Yes, Canada-san?" Japan asked, ignoring all of the 'wait, who?'s.

"What exactly will be watching, Japan?" the Canadian asked, hugging Kumajirou close, who, in turn, dug his head into his master's red button-up shirt.

Japan smiled. "Glad you asked." He and Greece went back into the Theater Room for a little while and came out with a single DVD case. "It's a romantic comedy. It's called Guessing Game." The Japanese man held it up, and Canada, France, America, and England all gasped as they saw the cover, which will not be disclosed to the readers because of its massive amount of vulgarity. "In other words, how you guys got together!"

Japan began humming and walked back into the Theater Room with an insane amount of calmness, followed by everyone else except America, England, France, and Canada.

"Mon Dieu! I knew they were video-taping some of it, but..."

"I am mentally scarred for life now, eh..."

"I must not strangle Japan, I must not strangle Japan, I must not strangle Japan..."

"...Iggy, I want a copy."

"Hell no."

~Bonus Chapter!~

America and England sat uncomfortably as the supposed movie began to show the part where the two had been in the Haunted House. Russia smiled so sweetly that the room almost froze over. Canada and France then began squirming in their seats as it showed their conversation at the fair.

"When...when did they record that?"

"I do not know."

Now, you have to admit, it's pretty disturbing to be in a room, watching yourself on a television screen and having people saying 'Awwww' or 'Oh, that's so sweet' or 'How sad...' every two seconds.

England lay his head on America's shoulder. "What kind of lot celebrates people getting together by watching Boys' Love?" America chuckled.

"Apparently, this lot," the American answered.

The four nations watched the rest of it (and endured the other nations's drooling and fangirling/fanboying) until it got to the credits. England sighed.

"Thank God that's over," Iggy sighed, almost getting up from his spot on the couch.

"It's not over yet," Hungary smiled.

England and Canada were about to ask why, when several moans were heard on screen. The Englishman and the Canadian slowly turned towards the screen and ended up mind-raped. France and America, however, seemed to be enjoying every single second of it.

England and Canada made up their minds right then and there that they would never let their boyfriends go to the video store alone ever again.


"How could you do that, Japan!" England whined. He, America, Japan, Greece, France, Canada, Austria, Prussia, and Hungary all sat in the kitchen, just talking. Everyone else was either playing Spin the Bottle, Truth or Dare (or rather, Dare or Dare), or doing something that really shouldn't be disclosed here either.

Japan sighed. "I...couldn't help it. It was you, in a maid's outfit, and..."

"That is not the point!" England yelled. Japan frowned and looked to the floor.

"I'm sorry, England-san..." he said, but that wasn't what he was thinking. No, I'm not. That was well worth it and I don't care if you lecture me about it...

The Brit's eyes softened. "It's okay."

It was Canada's turn. "I think I deserve an apology, too." Japan pointed to Hungary, who scratched the back of her head nervously.

"She recorded yours," Japan said.

"Sorry, Canada...I won't ever do it again..." Yes I will. "Like Japan, I couldn't help myself. I mean...hand cuffs, you know? Anyway, I'm really, really sorry..." Nooo, I'm not. It was hot, so who cares...Canada smiled.


America and France were busy shoving the copies of the DVD Japan had sold to them in their bags. No one needed to know about this...

Prussia snickered. "Guess that answers my question. Had no idea you could be so horny, England." England felt his face flare up.

"Sh-shut up!"

"I agree with England," Austria said, grabbing a random newspaper and whacking the Prussian on the head with it. "Shut up, Prussia."

Said Prussian smirked devilishly. "Make me."

As everyone began arguing (and Hungary began beating Prussia up with a frying pan) Canada took this opportunity to sneak out onto the balcony. Inhaling the fresh scent of the night air, he sighed contentedly. It was kind of nice to be noticed for once, even if it was only because he had hooked up with France.

The Canadian started as he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Are you all right, Canada?" Canada smiled and leaned his head back against France's chest.

"Yeah," he said, "just thinking."

The Frenchman wrapped his arms around the Canadian's waist, pulling him closer. "About what?"

Canada let out a satisfied sigh. "I...I won't say it."

France placed his head on the Canadian's shoulder and pouted. "Say it," the blonde demanded. "I...I want you to say it." Canada blushed and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and tried to focus on the stars above.


The Canadian sighed. "I just...was kind of sort of thinking about...wanting to stay with you forever..."

France smiled into Canada's shoulder. "That can be arranged."

The Canadian smiled. "Pervert."


"I love you."

"Me too."


America and England were now alone in the kitchen, the rest having gone to play Truth or Dare..err, I mean, Dare or Dare or something else. Suddenly, America got a thought.

"Hey, Iggy?" he asked. England turned to him.


"What's the most important thing in your life?" America asked. The Brit forcibly spat his Earl Grey tea right back out.

"Wh...what? I...where's this coming from...?" England stuttered, quickly cleaning the mess he had made.

America shrugged. "Just curious."

The Englishman threw away the towel he used to wipe the mess and sat back down at the counter. "Curiosity killed the cat," England grumbled, scowling. America blinked. Then he grinned cheekily.

"But satisfaction brought him back!" the American cheered.

England blinked, sighed and rubbed his temples. "I won't tell you." America frowned.

"I'll tell everyone at this entire party everything we've done since getting together. And I'll tell them about your little doodles, too," the hamburger-lover jeered, crossing his arms. England felt heat creeping into his face.

"Th-that's blackmail!" the Brit stammered, and America smirked and rose an eyebrow.

"Then tell me. 'The most important thing in my life is...'?"


"Hey, Hungary!"

"No, agh, fine!" The Englishman crossed the room and placed a soft kiss on America's lips. Then, blushing scarlet, whispered, "The most important thing in my entire life is you, you stupid American idiotic dunce! And don't you forget it!" America blinked, then pulled England in for another kiss. After parting, America smirked.

"Would it make you mad if I said 'I knew it'?" the hamburger-lover queried. England growled.

"Yes. Immensely."

America shrugged. "I knew it."

"Bloody git! I hate you!" The Englishman yelled, kissing him again. America laughed once it was over.

"No, you don't. Everyone knows you don't," the American said, and England blushed, grabbing the newspaper that Austria had earlier hit Prussia with and hit America with it.

"You're right. I don't," England said. "But I wouldn't be caught dead admitting that to anyone other than you."

Suddenly, Hungary was heard upstairs. "Hey, everyone! Guess what! Junjou Romantica's on right now in my room! Anyone wanna come up and watch with me?"

Literally everyone ran upstairs to watch, except for France and Canada (who were still on the balcony) and America and England. The latter of the two sighed.

"Why can't you all just celebrate like normal people?" the Brit yelled upwards, and was received with various comments, all having to do with yaoi being so amazingly awesome. Just then, France and Canada walked back in.

"What? What's happening?" France asked. America jumped up and down.

"They're watching Junjou Romantica upstairs!" the American chirped. France's eyes widened.

"Are you kidding me? Let's go, Canada," France grabbed the Canadian's hand and hauled him upstairs. England sighed and turned to America, who looked at him with pouty eyes.

"Wha–? Oh, God, no," England denied, sighing. "You are a pervert." He yelped when America hauled him upstairs in a similar manner as France, despite the Brit's protests.

I think it's pretty safe to say that none of the couples that night actually watched.



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