Cold Hands, Warm Heart

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Summary- Crash and Nina finally meet as people not enemies but what will happen next.



Chapter 1

Nina didn't understand why she was even doing this. It was early on a Sunday morning and instead of sleeping in like normal people, she was standing on a beach wondering what the hell she was doing here. Then again her heart knew why and had been telling her so ever since she met certain orange bandicoot all those years ago.

It had been a couple of years since she had last seen him. At this time her mind was swirling with thoughts about him 'Coming here was ridiculous! I have no way of knowing where he is or what I'm supposed to say if I find him.' She also began to reflect on why she ran away from Madame Amberly's Private Academy, where she was clearly the top student, and from her father. She realized she would never go back as she looked down at her metallic hands. This was the price she paid for showing a kind heart to her father. She sighed still looking at her hands. It was yet another thing she had lost and she thought on what Dante, her one and only friend, had told her. "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost." She laughed humorlessly. "I have yet to gain anything for what I've given." She didn't know that that would soon change.

The moon was slowly rising over the sea near an island, bathing the watery landscape in a soft, gentle light. As the moon shimmered in the sea, Crash began his short run across the beach. It was most beautiful view he had ever seen in his opinion...well the second most beautiful, the first in his opinion being Nina. He didn't know when he fell in love with her but he just knew that she was all he wanted. He would tell her so whenever he saw her again. He wasn't a mute as everyone suspected. No one knew, not even his own sister, Coco, which was most unusual because she knew everything. The bandicoot smiled at the thought of his secret and continued to run. As he continued he noticed someone standing there as if they were waiting for someone. To his astonishment, it was Nina!

Nina had waited all day hoping that she might meet Crash somehow. She was now very tired and started to doze off when she heard someone or something coming towards her. She quickly decided that she didn't want to wait for this mystery thing or person to hurt her. 'Looks like I'm going to have to bring them to me' Nina thought as she pulled her right arm back then she shot her fist forward. The springs in her wrist were automatically activated and made her fist go all the way to this person. The moment she grabbed it she immediately retracted her arm and bought the person towards her and was immediately shocked at who it was. It was Crash!

"Hey Nina" Crash said in a quiet tone, a smile slowly appearing on his face. Hearing Crash's voice for the first time shocked Nina, but seeing Crash smirk caused her to smirk a little too. 'She's so beautiful,' Crash thought. 'I can only imagine how much more beautiful she could be with a full blown smile on her face, but she needs to put me down first.' "Uhh...could you put me down?"

Nina quickly placed Crash back on the ground and petted down the fur she just grabbed onto, not noticing that Crash had begun softly purring. Once the girl noticed she abruptly stopped and looked away blushing madly. She quickly forgot her embarrassment as she realized that Crash had just spoken to her. "You can talk?" Nina practically shouted forcing Crash to cover his ears.

Crash looked over at Nina sighing before he replied in a happy tone "Yeah, I can and guess what?" Nina simply shook her head not knowing how to reply " are the first person I have spoken to." Crash said sitting down on the beach. Nina also sat down and said in a quiet tone "Doesn't your sister know?" Crash shook his head in response.

Crash sat contentedly with the girl of his dreams not too far from him. He was happy to see her but his mind began to wonder. 'What is she doing here and what will her father do to her if he finds out she decided to come here?' He was roused out of his thoughts as he felt Nina lean against his shoulder. She had fallen asleep. Picking her up, Crash decided to take her to his home. It was the safest place he knew of, but a thought crossed his mind. 'How am I going to explain this to Crunch and Coco?' He quickly shrugged his doubt away as he made his way home.

'Oh well. Only one way to find out.'

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